Pesticides Enforcement Officer (PEO) (CRD Band 4/HEO)

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Civil Service

Job Description

The UKs implementation of the new Official Controls Regulations 2017/625 (OCR) requires the establishment of a new inspection and enforcement capability within HSE to put into effect Official Controls on the manufacture, supply, storage and use of Plant Protection Products (PPP).

This is a frontline role where you will need to be able to influence duty holders, identify material breaches of regulations, act to remedy breaches and check compliance with duties defined in a range of chemicals regulations. You will work closely with CRD inspectors to gather evidence for prosecutions and to serve enforcement notices. You will also be expected to work independently upon demonstration of the required competencies.

You will be trained to support HSEs work with the chemical industries.

You will be required to undertake a combination of proactive and reactive duties, including involvement in investigations; and there will be a need to acquire an understanding and knowledge of relevant operational procedures.

The posts will provide you with significant opportunities to develop knowledge of enforcement practice and policy and working collaboratively with a range of internal and external partners and stakeholders.

The role will continue to evolve and you will need to remain flexible to adapt to new challenges as the Enforcement Team grows, including developing new online investigation tools and techniques; and prepare for the major changes required to implement under the Official Controls Regulation 2017/625, a programme of controls at GB operators.Responsibilities Visiting workplaces to assess compliance with specific requirements of the pesticides regulations

Exercising powers under the relevant pesticides legislation - you will be provided with a certificate of authorisation (i.e. a warrant) setting out these powers

Making judgements about matters of concern and identifying where an inspector intervention may be required - consulting with the operational team leader or regulatory inspector as necessary

Taking enforcement action as appropriate

Interacting with a wide range of duty holders, employees, trade union representatives, Local Authority Officers, other government agencies, members of the public and other interested parties

Securing and processing evidence and contributing to its proper management

Data analysis and inspection targeting

Providing advice and guidance to duty holders, members of the public, other government departments and policy and enforcement colleagues

Given that HSE regulates sites across the whole of GB you will be expected to spend short periods working away from home which will include overnight stays

Person Specification To excel at this role, you will need to:

Develop awareness and knowledge of HSEs work and organisational structure

Acquire an understanding and knowledge of relevant operational and legal procedures and become familiar with pesticides hazards from manufacture, through supply to their eventual application and use

Work as part of a team with colleagues to deliver the key responsibilities of the post in a flexible and responsive manner responding to changes of priority as work demands dictate

Demonstrate competence across a set number of modules in a defined training programme within an 18-24 month period; Including successfully passing and obtaining a NEBOSH Certificate in Health and Safety.

Note: In the event that you dont achieve the necessary standards, we will support you and provide an opportunity to re-take the certificate. You should understand that if you fail, after two attempts, you will not be able to continue in this role as an enforcement officer.

Essential Requirements Evidence of working independently and an ability to make decisions about priorities and appropriate action on a day-to-day basis to achieve planned outcomes

Experience of influencing and dealing successfully with difficult people/situations

Evidence of good communication and customer relation skills and an ability to develop and maintain good working relationships with customers and adapt to different people and situations

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