Key Results Areas

Main Duties and Responsibilities

To assist in the supervision of the day to day running of the relevant dispensary as required by the dispensary manager(s)

To assist in the supervision of Assistant Technical Officer’s (ATO’s) and pre-registration trainee pharmacy technicians

To deputise for the senior technician(s) when required

Dispensary, Distribution and Production

To ensure that procedures relating to good dispensing practice are followed and to encourage and maintain high standards and orderly methods of working

To encourage and support compliance with the formulary and dispensary policies

To maintain labelling standards

To participate in the dispensing and checking of outpatient, inpatient, controlled drug and stock prescriptions and to support delivery of the NPD scheme

To dispense and check clinical trials as required using the CTMS programme

To participate in the HEE or local London Region checking accreditation scheme after an appropriate qualifying period

To be part of and to provide information and statistical data to the dispensary management teams for analytical and audit purposes

To support the supply of out of hours medicines to the emergency drug cupboards and the Accident and Emergency drug cupboard during relevant rotations

To participate in the provision of counselling and advice to patients on their medication

To be support senior technicians in the delivery of ‘Medicines Return Policy’

To monitor the temperature of fridges in the department ensuring all deviations are reported as necessary in line with Good Clinical Practice

To participate in monitoring liquid oxygen manifold and assisting the senior technicians in maintaining or continuous supply of medical gases

To ensure that ‘to follow” and post medicines are supplied on a daily basis

To participate in sterile, non-sterile, repacking and cytotoxic dispensing as appropriate

To support Patient Services staff in maintaining a continuous supply of emergency drug boxes for all wards and departments at identified sites during relevant rotations following departmental guidelines.

To ensure that procedures relating to Good Manufacturing Practice are followed and high standards are maintained

To ensure the continuity of supply of liquid oxygen and medical gas cylinders by timely ordering and regular monitoring and to train other pharmacy staff as appropriate

Education and Training

To participate in the induction and training of pharmacy assistants, pre-registration pharmacy technicians and pharmacy technicians

To participate in the assessment of pre-registration trainee pharmacy technicians

To undertake CPD and to attend courses in practice areas where needs are identified

To follow competency based training manual and take part in Regional Self Development Programme

To act as a mentor for pre-registration trainee pharmacy technicians as required

To liaise with the Education and Training Department and participate in any training sessions requested for pharmacy staff and other healthcare professionals

To participate in the assessment and performance review of the permanent, rotational and student technicians and ATO’s

To supervise the ward top up service and train staff in set •procedures where necessary

Stock Management Duties

To assist the dispensary manager in maintaining the internal distribution system within the dispensary and to maintain an efficient stock control system

To assist with the daily random stock checks

To participate in the ward top up service and the direct distribution of IV fluids

Other Duties

To maintain high standards of cleanliness and tidiness in all working areas at all times

To understand and follow all departmental standard operating procedures at all times

To observe safe working practices at all times to minimise risk to self, other staff and visitors to the Trust

To participate in a system of performance review

To attend departmental meetings as required including the weekly departmental briefing

To participate in extended day shifts, weekend and Bank Holiday duties pro rata. This may involve working at sites other than potholder’s usual base

To help with making deliveries from the Pharmacy department to wards and other clinical areas when necessary in a safe, secure and timely manner

To prepare emergency drug boxes, replenish used/expired boxes to wards/departments and maintain appropriate records

To participate in duties at any location within the Trust in order to meet service needs as required by the Head of Pharmacy

To file data relating to the dispensary and distribution

To ensure equipment used in the dispensary is clean and ready for everyday use

To replenish stock of medicine bottles, cartons, dispensary bags, measures and caps daily and to complete a weekly top-up from stores

To prepare the ward and department bags ready for delivery by the porter

To assist in the delivery of urgent medication to the wards on an ad-hoc basis

To undertake Continuing Professional Development