Cardiovascular Risk Lipid Specialist Practitioner (Pathology)


Job Description

Have responsibility for managing the care of a case load of patients.

Assess, diagnose, discharge and refer patients with a defined area of competence.

Order/co-ordinate appropriate investigations within a defined area of competence and/or refer onto the relevant personal or multidisciplinary teams.

Participate in outpatient services for patients and adjust practice to meet the changing demands of the service.

Be a visible point of contact for patients and relatives as a resource for problems and able to clearly present the patients/clients point of view to others. Receive and investigate any complaints received.

Provide counselling to patients with cardiovascular disease.

Be an effective leader and role model and will have a particular responsibility to ensure that patients and users are involved in their care, are able to feedback and see improvements made as a result.

To provide regular direct clinical care using the experience to support the implementation of both clinical and non-clinical governance and to modernise patient services.

Work flexibly as a member of the bone and cardiovascular health teams to ensure standards are being maintained, evaluated and where necessary improved.

An understanding of budgetary and financial controls affecting the services


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