Job Description and Particulars of Appointment

SRCT Form 35
Version 6
Issued May 2011

Issue 01/10

1a. Details of Post

Social Worker

Post Number:
Grade and SCP:
Band 11, SCP 29-33
Function and Group: Children’s Services

1b. Service Area & Team

Shropshire Council is undergoing a large scale transformation programme aimed at
‘Creating a better future’, which puts improving the quality of life of all local people at
the heart of everything we do.

Their satisfaction will drive our decision making and we are committed to changing
for the better, by working together in new ways across the whole council and with our
local partners. Front line services will be empowered to make decisions on the best
form of service delivery and will have control of the necessary resources to do so.

The Safeguarding Group is concerned with promoting healthy and inclusive society
within Shropshire. This will be carried out through partnerships and collaborative
working within health, housing, the private and independent sector.

As a member of the Safeguarding Group within the Children’s Services Area, you will
support the delivery of the transformation programme in line with the Council’s vision,
values and strategic objectives.

2. Level & Purpose of Post

1. You will contribute to the achievement of both the Council’s Vision of “To
improve significantly the quality of life for Shropshire people” and the
Directorate’s Vision and Values Statement. You will also play your part in helping
to deliver the Corporate Director’s service plan objectives and the targets set in
the Performance Assessment Framework. You will carry out your work to the
standards set in the relevant professional and national occupational standards.

2. To assist the Service Manager in providing a community based services for

children and families.

3. To provide the necessary support to service users and arrange appropriate

services in accordance with Council Policies and Procedures.

4. To support the achievement of departmental and divisional objectives as
outlined in service plans and to work to relevant departmental, professional and
national occupational standard.

3. Key Responsibilities

The post holder will be:

responsible to the Team Manager who is in turn responsible for the post
holder’s health and safety, training and development.

4. Main Duties

1. To visit and work with families as required, assessing and re-assessing
children’s needs and to carry out duties under the Children Act with particular
references to Sections 17 and 47.

2. To act as a Case Manager where children are identified as being in need and

co-ordinate Core Groups, as appropriate.

3. To act as Key Worker in cases where a Child Protection Plan is in operation.

4. To provide and contribute to Single Assessments as required.

5. To contribute to and to develop ways of identifying and assessing children
determined to be in need within the criteria set out in the Children’s Services

6. To provide children and families with particular information and advice to assist

in resolving problems.

7. To liaise with other agencies on behalf of service users, to co-ordinate the

various resources and arrange specific types of assistance.

8. To carry out statutory duties as authorised by the Group Manager, Safeguarding

Service and The People’s Director.

9. To present evidence and reports to Courts as required.

10. To attend and prepare for Case Conferences as determined by Directorate


11. To take part in the office duty system as required.

12. To maintain computerised records and documentation in accordance with

approved Policies and Procedures.

13. To work in collaboration with parents, guardians, carers and other professionals
in relation to Children Looked After and to maintain records in accordance with
LAC requirements.

14. The post holder may be required from time to time, to undertake other duties
appropriate to this grade which may not be specifically mentioned in this job

15. In addition to the above duties, the post holder will be expected to demonstrate

the following skills:









to be fully competent over a range of appropriate duties and responsibility;
to demonstrate a detailed knowledge of relevant legislation, procedures and
to show that he/she is fully competent in case recording, administration and
associated tasks;
to establish that he/she is able to recognise situations where it is
appropriate to seek further advice;
to show that he/she has attended the necessary supervisory sessions and
has used these constructively;
to be able to recognise potential repercussion of a decision beyond the local
level e.g. other agencies, political considerations, the media etc;
to comply with safe systems of work in accordance with the Directorate’s
Health, Safety and Welfare policies and procedures;
to develop an understanding and awareness of issues related to equal
opportunities and anti-discriminatory practice and to demonstrate this in
carrying out your duties;
responsible for promoting continuing personal and professional/vocational
development of self through staff development processes.

These duties are illustrative and not exhaustive. The post holder will be expected to
become involved in a range of work to enable the service to respond effectively to the
changing requirements of the Council and changes affecting the workforce.

5. Performance & Customer Focus

The post holder will ensure they:

adopt a customer focused approach when delivering their service, ensuring
engagement with service users and maintenance of an appropriate personal

act as an advocate for their service and work collaboratively with colleagues

across the whole Council to meet the needs of the people of Shropshire.

meet individual, service and personal development targets agreed through the
Personal Development Review Process, learn from experience and are
committed to continuous improvement individually and as an employee of the

work with colleagues to meet the team’s key performance indicators, support a
culture of team working and ensure the team functions successfully in support
of the Council’s corporate and service objectives.

meet the behaviours and competencies adopted by the Council in the way in

which they achieve their objectives and carry out their work.

6. Conditions of Service

a) The conditions of service are those laid down by Shropshire Council, which have
been adopted and amended as necessary from those laid down by the National
Joint Council for Local Government Services.

b) The post is based at Mount McKinley, Shrewsbury Business Park.

c) This post is subject to the following:

The post is permanent, for 37 hours per week.
Normal office hours are 7am to 7pm Monday – Friday and 8am-1pm
Saturday, but actual hours are variable to ensure that proper discharge of
duties. Overtime payments will not be paid, but time off in lieu of
payment for excess hours may be allowed at the discretion of the Service

d) This post carries eligibility to join the Local Government Pension Scheme.

Information about this will be sent with any formal offer of appointment.

e) Annual leave entitlement is pro rata flat rate scheme of 27 days annual leave plus
bank holidays, with 5 days extra awarded to those staff with 5 years local
government service). 2 days of an employee’s allowance (pro rota for part time
staff) must be taken at Christmas for any potential Christmas closures.
Employees who work in a building/service which is required to open over the
Christmas period, the 2 days leave (pro rota) can be carried over into your next
leave year, but must be used by the end of January.

f) The appointment is subject to to two month’s notice in writing on either side.

g) The appointment is subject to six months’ satisfactory probationary service during
which time the notice period will be one week on either side. Probationary service
shall not apply to an officer with previous continuous service with another local

h) Smoking is not allowed in Council buildings, in Council vehicles or in any Council

place of work.


It is a condition of your appointment that you provide a suitable vehicle for the
performance of your duties and that this is readily available for use during normal
working hours. You are entitled to claim for reimbursement of the costs of travel
on council business at the rate of 45 pence per mile. Alternative arrangements
will be made for disabled applicants.

8. Pre-employment Requirements

The appointment is subject to receipt of the following pre-employment checks;

1. Satisfactory employment references,
2. Medical report,
3. Evidence of the qualifications required for the post/listed on your application


This post is exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 and as such all
applicants who are appointed to this post will be subject to an Enhanced Disclosure
from the Disclosure and Barring Service before the appointment is confirmed. This
check will include details of cautions, reprimands or warnings as well as convictions
and non-conviction information. Once appointed, the successful applicant(s) will also
be required to apply for an Enhanced Disclosure at pre-determined intervals during
the course of their employment whilst in this post.


Post holder


Line Manager