Nothing beats travelling in a motorhome. It provides freedom like no other, as you’re not anchored down by public transport schedules or check-in times.

It’s also far more comfortable and convenient, as you don’t have to unpack repeatedly and you can bring anything you need with you.

But as great as it is to travel in your motorhome, there will still be times when your vehicle is sitting in the driveway unused. And it’s in these exact moments that you could be earning with your motorhome.

Because this form of overland adventure is growing more popular each year, and thousands of travellers are looking for a vehicle to hire for their holidays.

Sharing platforms, like Goboony, help private owners take advantage of this demand, getting travellers in touch with motorhome owners.

So this year, consider making the most of what you already have and joining the sharing economy by hiring out your motorhome.

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How much can you earn by hiring out your campervan or motorhome?

How much can you earn by hiring out your campervan or motorhome

There are many factors to consider in how much you could earn from your campervan or motorhome. Firstly, how many weeks do you want to hire out per year?

One of the benefits of retirement is that you’re not tied to the same summer holidays as other people, so you can travel in the off-season and hire out during the peak months for maximum income. You might also want to block off specific dates to make sure you get plenty of use out of your motorhome too.

Secondly, your potential income is influenced by where you’re located and the amount of supply in the area. For example, there are a lot more motorhomes for hire in the London region, but this is matched by high demand.

Finally, it can be dependent on your type of vehicle. Vehicles with more sleeping places tend to have a higher price, as well as ones with extra amenities. That being said, with the right listing and description, you stand to get a lot of bookings.

You can earn about £650 for a week’s hire in the peak summer months. This money could go to funding your own summer getaway or could slot nicely into your pension.

The average owner on sharing platform Goboony earns approximately £6,000 annually. So when we say that motorhomes provide freedom, it’s also the financial freedom you receive by hiring one out.

Tips for renting out your campervan or motorhome

If you’re thinking about renting out your campervan or motorhome, it might be worth just giving it a go! Most platforms will not charge you to list your motorhome, as travellers pay the service fee if they book your motorhome.

You could always block your calendar after receiving your first booking so that you have time to see how that one goes before deciding if you’ll keep hiring out.

Here are a few points to consider before you sign up…

1. Try it for yourself

If you’re a little nervous about the process, why not try things from the traveller’s point of view? Hire a motorhome for a night, even just to test a completely different model from your own, and see how it feels from the other side.

2. Get some good photos

Having clear photos is essential for a good listing. So next time you’re out somewhere nice with your motorhome, take some extra pictures of it. Also, make sure to take photos of the interior and any special features. Horizontal images are best for your listing.

3. Start low

When pricing your campervan, it’s important to remember that you don’t have any reviews yet. So it might be best to price your motorhome slightly cheaper than the other vehicles in your area. This will ensure you get some bookings, and then you can ask those hirers to leave a good review.

Once you have at least two good reviews, you can raise your price and still get plenty of requests.

4. Chat to the team

The main advantage of using a rental platform is that you’re not doing this alone. So make sure to use this perk and reach out to the platform for advice and tips. They’re there to answer your questions and help you navigate the system.

5. Block out your own dates

Hiring out your motorhome doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your own trips! It just means that you might have to plan ahead a little more. For example, block off any holiday dates in your calendar when you sign up so that those aren’t visible for bookings.

But this doesn’t have to remove the spontaneity altogether, as you could always travel around the UK and beyond in the periods when your campervan isn’t booked.

6. Investigate your insurance options

Your regular motorhome insurance most likely won’t cover self-hire – though it’s always worth checking! But there are plenty of insurance options that do cover this, and platforms often offer their own insurance. Just check the terms to ensure it covers your vehicle so that you don’t run into any trouble later. And if in doubt, simply ask!

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There you have it: everything you need to know about hiring out your campervan or motorhome! This can be a great way to cover the costs of your motorhome, fund your own holidays or even put aside extra for your pension.

Motorhome owners across the UK are hiring out and enjoying the rewards of it. You could be one of them. There is a huge demand for motorhomes as many seek to avoid air travel and journey overland instead. There is also a shortage of vehicles to fill the gap.

Campervan hire is a great way to supply your income because it’s all on your terms. You choose the price, you accept or decline requests, and you set the rules for your motorhome. It’s your vehicle, so you need to feel comfortable with it.

There is no minimum for the number of days you have to hire out your vehicle, so it could be as little as one week a year. Or, if you’re looking to add a lot of pennies to the piggy bank, set it online for several months of the year and enjoy the requests that start rolling in!