Lockdown Photography Competition

We want to see your best shots from the past few weeks!

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The last few weeks have been strange for everyone. Being stuck at home, we’ve not been able to get out and do the things we took for granted before. Many people have been staving off the boredom by turning their attention to their creative side…

We'd love to see your best photos from the last few weeks

rest less lockdown photography competition

It doesn’t matter what the subject matter is. It could be nature, family, food, work, artistic, poignant, reflective, hard-hitting, optimistic. The only rule is that it has to be a photograph taken by you during lockdown.

We’ll publish the best shots on our website and feature them in our weekly newsletter, which is seen by 150k people!

How to enter

Please email your best shot to [email protected] with your name, location and a brief explanation if you’d like to say what your shot is about.

Entries are limited to 3 shots per person. By submitting your entry, you confirm that you are happy for us to publish your photograph/s on our website and social media.

Good luck, we can't wait to see what you come up with!