Remortgage guides and deals

Remortgaging is where you take out a new loan on a property you own, or replace your existing mortgage with a new deal. When the introductory rate period on your current mortgage is coming to an end, often it’s a good idea to remortgage instead of moving onto your existing lender’s more expensive standard variable rate.

Our remortgage guides are here to help get you started. You can also find the best remortgage rates available now using our remortgage comparison tool or arrange to get fee-free, expert advice on your remortgage.

See the best remortgage deals today

If your mortgage deal is ending in the next 3-6 months, take a look to see what kind of deals and rates are available today today. Enter a few basic details to compare remortgage deals from the whole of market. If you’d like to try out a few scenarios, simply update your options and refresh the results.

Looking for remortgage advice?

If you want to speak to a mortgage adviser about your circumstances, there are a number of fee-free mortgage brokers available. We’ve chosen to partner with Fluent Mortgages to offer fee-free advice on the various options that may be available to you based on your individual circumstances. You can request a free, no obligation callback below.

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