Talking to my landlord about my rent

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Tell your landlord you’re claiming Universal Credit

Don’t rely on the Universal Credit centre or your work coach to tell your landlord you’re claiming Universal Credit.

Contact your landlord to check they know.

If you’re living in social housing there might be help available from tenancy support or income officers to manage the move to Universal Credit.

They can help you work out the best way to pay your rent on time.

Speak to your tenancy support officer or income officer if you need help managing your rent

If you’re getting Housing Benefit now

Your Housing Benefit should stop when you claim Universal Credit.

Check with your local council that they know you are now claiming Universal Credit and that your Housing Benefit claim is stopping.

If you don’t check, your Housing Benefit may continue and you risk being overpaid.

Contact your local council to make sure they know about your Universal Credit claim.

Changing your rent date

When you know the date your Universal Credit goes into your bank account, you might be able to change your rent date so that you can pay it just after you get paid.

Some social landlords offer ‘Any date’ rent arrangements, which makes changing easier.

If you can’t change your rent date

You could set up a separate bank account that you can pay your rent money into when you get your UC payment or wages each month.

This will protect your rent money. You can then set up a Direct Debit or standing order to make sure that the rent is paid on time to your landlord.

Contact your tenancy support officer or income officer and ask if they offer an ‘Any Date’ rent arrangement if you want to switch your rent date.

Documents you’ll need when you talk to your landlord

  • tenancy agreement
  • rent statement
  • confirmation of any rent-free weeks

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