Black Lives Matter

We are proud to have a diverse member base, and to champion the cause for diversity and inclusion of all – whether that relates to age, ethnicity, religion, sexual preference, gender identity, or any other aspect of how we choose to define ourselves.

Our role at Rest Less will always be to help and support our members. To do this, we need to continue learning from, and understanding our community and the challenges they face.

Being able to learn from your experiences provides us with a stronger platform to educate ourselves and others, so that we can help to change attitudes on discrimination. If you would be willing to share your experiences of prejudice (racial or otherwise), then we will be there to listen, to learn and to use your experience to prompt change.

While we are focused on tackling age discrimination in society, we want to be clear that we are strongly against racism and discrimination in all it’s forms. And if there’s one thing we’ve learnt, it’s that a strong sense of community and solidarity are key to tackling these issues.

We are a small team, but our ever growing community gives us an active voice. We hope that together, we can provide a united front, and attempt to tackle discrimination in all it’s ugly forms.

Please feel free to email us at [email protected] if you have an experience that you’d be willing to share


Stuart, Sara and the team at Rest Less

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