Site Checks and Maintenance Volunteer (Fence Maintenance)


Job Description

We need Site Check and Maintenance Volunteers to help look after our reserves. This role offers the opportunity to use your practical skills to make a real difference for nature.

Site Check and Maintenance Volunteers (Fence Maintenance), play an important role in helping to keep all of the reserves fences stock proof and operational. These fences are vital in ensuring we can graze the right fields at the right time and provide the ideal conditions for a variety of wildlife including wintering, passage and breeding waders, bumblebees, butterflies and insects.

Our nature reserves are very special places for people and wildlife. Right across the UK the RSPB manages woodlands and wetlands, heathlands and meadows. A real mosaic of different kinds of habitats for a wide range of wildlife.

This role can include:

-Repairing and maintaining stock fencing,

-Checking fences

-Maintaining electric fences

-Scrub clearance to permit stock fence repair

-Changing batteries on electric fences

Training and support will be provided but for this role the following are essential:

- Excellent attention to detail

- Problem solving skills

This is a really rewarding role. You will enjoy doing your role in a beautiful wildlife rich setting, the great outdoors will be your place of work and you will be able to take it at your own pace. By talking to visitors as you go along, you'll have the pleasure of helping people learn more about the reserve and the work of the RSPB, or just be a familiar friendly face to our regulars.

You will be making a genuine contribution to nature conservation, and you might find it rewarding to safeguard nature in the area you are working to protect. This role will involve a reasonable amount of physical activity, so it will enable you to keep your fitness levels high.

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