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Introduction to Elder

Here at Elder, we believe that nobody should have to go into a care home unless he or she wants to.

The problem: 97% of people say they don’t want to end up in a care home and yet the vast majority of people receiving full-time care end up shoe-horned into a solution they never wanted. Often they are alone and lonely – surrounded by people they don’t know.

The solution: We want your loved ones to be able to stay where they’ll be happy, in their own home. They can stay where their memories are, sit in their garden, keep their pets – all while their needs are being cared for by a live-in carer, perfectly matched to their needs and personality.

We’re looking for carers like you

If you want to be part of our dedicated care team, then we’d love to hear from you. As part of the Elder team, you’ll get:

– A decent living

In return for your hard work, you’ll make a minimum of £550 per week for live-in care. Some carers earn as much as £800 per week.

– Flexibility

Elder carers are self employed, and we can help you to organise your temporary breaks from placements to fit the schedule that best suits you.

– Support you can rely on

If you have any problems, questions or suggestions, you can contact us seven days a week. We’re always on-hand to help you out.

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Why we’re working with Rest Less

With an ageing population, it’s an experience becoming so familiar to us all — an elderly member of our family struggling to cope with elements of life that are often taken for granted, needing some help. The solution has always been a care home, but rarely does that truly solve anything.

Keeping the elderly in the familiarity and comfort of their own home, continuing to live life on their terms, is the solution we’re striving for. No one is better placed to deliver that care, companionship and empowerment than the over 50s. So much of it comes down to life experience.

We’re working with Rest Less to connect with more of you, and introduce you to the wonderful world of caring for someone where they truly want to be — in their own home.

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Real-life stories

Caroline - Elder Live In Carer


Caroline had wanted to become a carer from a young age. After caring for her mother-in-law for ten years, she joined Elder in 2017, fulfilling a professional ambition to help and support people in later life.

“Caring is something I have wanted to do since I can remember, and I have always liked looking after elderly people.”

“Flexibility is important to me and with live-in care I have the choice as to when I work. I have had long-term placements, but now I choose to do shorter placements. I like the fact that if I’m tired after two weeks, I can have a week off, and if I’m looking after someone and it’s too challenging, I can ring up Elder and arrange to have a break.”

“I can honestly say caring is the job that I’ve always wanted to do. Elderly people are amazing. They were all young once and have had a life – and it’s nice to be able to keep that person dignified and their memories going.”


Catherine has been a carer for over 20 years, supporting people in their own homes, first with domiciliary work and most recently with Elder as a live-in carer.

“I started my career as a domiciliary care worker, going from home to home to support people. It was a job that was available at the time – but most importantly, I have the heart to be a carer. It’s in my nature to care for other people.”

“Giving back to another human being from a different perspective than, say, working in a hospital, suited me.”

“I started working in live-in care two years ago and I think it suits my age. I am 53, and it is a much more relaxed environment to work in than domiciliary care. I’m not running for the bus or having to go here and there every day now. This is a work pattern I can control; I decide how I work and how I do my duties.”

“You soon realise that this type of care is not just about being able to do the physical jobs. It’s about having a listening ear.”

Jillo - Live In Carer


Jillo has been a professional carer for five years and was inspired to choose her career path through her personal experience of caring for her younger brother.

“My younger brother was born prematurely and he is deaf and mute – from a young age we were close and I experienced first-hand what it was like for someone who needed care, and what a difference it made to him. It really moved me and I know the impact good care has on someone’s life, so I decided to become a professional carer.”

“The thing that appealed to me about live-in care is that you are able to look after somebody on a more personal basis and understand what they really need.”

“The structure of live-in care appealed to me too. It’s flexible work, which is important, but you also get to see places you would not otherwise see.”

“One of my favourite things about being a carer is the communication element. I cared for a gentleman who served in the war and I learned so much from him. He enjoyed talking about his experience and I enjoyed listening. For me, that communication is a highlight.”

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Elder brand values

You shouldn’t have to go to a care home unless you want to.

Getting older shouldn’t mean sacrificing the control, choice and independence that make you who you are. You should be able to keep the life you know and love, all while getting the care you need.

Freedom is not just a word

We put ourselves in the shoes of those we help. You’ve worked hard all your life. You may have raised a family. You deserve to live your own life, on your own terms in your own home. Free to do what you like.

Family always comes first

There’s no underestimating the importance of family. It should always come first. You should be able to see those closest to you throughout your life. When care is put in place, the whole family should get their lives back.

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