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Introduction to Falck

As a global organisation, Falck has an operational footprint that spreads far beyond our origins in Denmark. With more than 37,300 employees all around the world, our activities across 35 countries are testament to the fact that diversity matters and this has been critical in helping shape the dynamic, innovative and inspiring working environments we provide for all of our employees.

Without a doubt our approach to diversity reinforces our ambition to be a positive representation of the communities in which we serve.

The beginning of our story dates back to 1906 when Sophus Falck founded the Falck Rescue Corps – today The Falck Group. His mission – first and foremost – was to ‘help’ and is still the core of what Falck symbolises today – more than a hundred years later.

Since then we have been successfully transporting ill and vulnerable patients, delivering 10 million+ patient journeys annually. Because of our history we embrace the philosophy that ‘with age comes wisdom’. Our longstanding experience in this industry, combined with our commitment to social, ethical and environmental concerns, has been a fundamental element of our daily operations and has established Falck as a recognised leader in the delivery of patient transport services.

Across our UK division our ambulance crews are deployed in direct support of the NHS 24/7 365 days of the year. Our patient transport service supports clinical Commissioning Groups, Welsh Health boards and NHS Trusts across the UK and currently delivers over 800,000 journeys a year, ranging from walking patients to high dependency transfers.


Why we’re working with Rest Less

Falck are working with Rest Less because as an organisation we welcome the idea that older adults from a wealth of experience are returning to the workforce and we recognise the value in the knowledge, maturity and work ethic that this generation possess.

Our recruitment process strives to tackle the skills gap and ageing bias, which is why we remain an attractive employer to all.

Over 45% of our workforce represent the over 50s, who are a key asset to our business and are the backbone of the team that ensures we deliver a high quality led service.

We have a diverse group of employees and we know it’s this great mix of individual qualities and diverse viewpoints that allows our staff to naturally connect with the vulnerable people we transport and care for.

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Real-life stories

Arthur Gardner Falck

First Response Division, Arthur Gardener, 56, Emergency Care Assistant

Arthur Gardner, 56, is a key example that it’s never too late to start a new career. Arthur joined Falck in May 2015 to pursue a career in Patient transport having been a hair stylist for a number of years. Since then with the support of Falck, Arthur has progressed in his position which is a testament to his own work ethic.

Over the last 5 years Arthur has developed from a role as an Ambulance Care Assistant to a Senior ACA and shortly after this he has now successfully been promoted as an Emergency Care Assistant joining our First Response division.

On completing his 8 days Senior Training Programme, Arthur spoke fondly of his new qualification and career in Falck stating:

“I wanted to have the ability to help coach and support ambulance care assistants both old and new. The appeal for this role was to further myself within the company and I think it’s a great stepping stone.

You are never too old and this has been reinforced having worked for Falck, if I’m honest I’m more concerned about my age than anyone else.”

“If I was to give any advice to people my age looking to try something new it would be – if you can do it, do it!”

Julie Hexter Falck

Office Based and Managerial, Julie Hexter, Patient Liaison and Hospital Manager

Coming up to 11 years service, Julie Hexter is truly a ‘woman of many hats’ having undertaken 7 different roles in total throughout her career in patient transport. Starting in the company as an Ambulance Care Assistant, Julie has also held office based and managerial roles and has most recently taken on a new position as Patient Liaison and Hospital Manager within Falck.

Julie said: “I’ve not had to move employers as Falck have invested in my progression and helped me to develop my own personal career.

With each role I have been given full training and continued support to achieve my potential.”

Raymond Neville Falck

Patient Transport Services , Raymond Neville, 60, Bank Ambulance Care Assistant

Raymond Neville, 60, works as a Bank Ambulance Care Assistant for Falck.

Ray said: “I started in March last year and I hadn’t done this before, having worked as a chauffeur for 20 years. I chose to work as a Bank Ambulance Care Assistant because I’m passionate about helping people, but I’m also passionate about acting. This role gives me the flexibility to do both.”

“Falck provide a great level of support and I’m privileged to work with a fantastic manager and controller. I’ve learnt so much having completed the training and I know there is a lot more to learn and I’m hoping to complete my blue light training to progress from an ambulance care assistant to an Intermediate Care Technician.”

“I’m extremely happy with the job. I go home happy and I return to work smiling.”

Falck Volunteer Car Service Scheme, Dave Williams, 70, Volunteer Driver

Dave Williams, 70, from Telford has been working as part of Falck’s Volunteer Car service Team providing transport services for patients in Shropshire.

Part of a father-son duo, both Dave, 70, and his son Paul Williams, 48, work part-time transporting patients whose conditions allow them to sit in a car to and from non-emergency medical appointments across the county and further.

Dave, who is now retired, used to run a convenience store with his son but now works from Falck’s base in Shropshire. When asked what this opportunity has meant for him, Dave said:

“Volunteer driving is rewarding and we have made some really wonderful friends over the years as so many people rely on us to transport them to and from their appointments.

We choose the hours that we work and our costs are fully covered. It is always good to chat to people and perhaps take their minds off where they may be going so we have complete job satisfaction in what we do and I can fully recommend the scheme to anybody”

Jacqui Rodgers, interim Head of Recruitment added “Falck Volunteer Car Service Scheme gives our employees the chance to give back. It’s individuals like Dave and all of our volunteers who dedicate their time to brighten up a patient’s day, and support Falck in making a real difference.”

Example roles at Falck

Working for Falck means you will have the opportunity to join our winning teams in Emergency Medical services, Patient Transport Services and our Administration and Support services.

Our diverse roles are matched to suit individual needs and skill set, regardless of age.

Ambulance Care Assistant​

This exciting opportunity is perfect for a proactive, reliable and driven individual seeking a fresh new challenge in a rewarding and trusted position.

Bank Ambulance Care Assistant (Relief)

In this role no day will be the same, which allows you to enjoy the versatility of the job. Our Relief Staff are planned to cover for staff absences at our various sites.

HR Business Partner​

Our administrative and support service departments also play a crucial role in our ability to deliver efficient operations of high quality.

Volunteer Car Driver​

You may have worked in this sector before or this may be a completely new adventure providing a change of pace…


Falck brand values

Falck has six corporate values which are at the heart of all employees:


We look for solutions rather than problems


We repay your faith in us by always keeping our promises


We constantly make an effort to retain and improve our skills


We want to make people safer in their everyday lives


We are always available and ready to help


We respond quickly and with dedication whenever people need our help

Falck diversity statement

Falck considers it essential to attract a di­verse group of talents possessing the right competencies and attitude and the com­mitment to contribute to Falck’s strategy in providing high quality and caring patient transport to vulnerable people.

To aim to achieve and promote an inclusive workforce with different backgrounds, introducing an updated global Diversity and Inclusion Policy in 2018. We have reinforced communication around the policy, ensuring that all entities are aligned and that the global HR community act as gatekeepers and enforce diversity standards together with country management.

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