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Rest Less is the UK’s fastest growing digital membership community, built to inspire the over 50s – covering leisure, lifestyle, health, travel, learning, money, social connections, jobs and much more.

We partner with advertisers to help them reach our highly-engaged audience of over 1 million members.

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Who we work with

A few ways we can help...

We run multi-touch, multi-channel campaigns. Driving awareness and engagement from our members, nurturing them through to conversion.

  • Sponsored content – bring your brand to life within the core Rest Less experience: our content. We optimise content to drive both engagement and high-intent clicks to your site.
  • Branded emails – reach new audiences directly in their inboxes via prominent inclusion in our emails. Average newsletter reaches ~600k people.
  • Facebook posts – target our 80k+ followers on Facebook with engaging posts and calls to action.
  • Insight and surveys – gather data and intelligence, whilst driving rich engagement.
  • High impact display – drive awareness with our high impact custom banners, which can be placed in relevant areas of the site.
  • Drive sales from our Discounts page – offer exclusive deals to our members and promote your goods and services.

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*Source: Wealth among the over 50s report (CEBR, 2015)