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Rest Less is the UK’s fastest growing digital membership community, built to inspire the over 50s – through jobs, advice, volunteering, courses, health, lifestyle and more.

If you’re looking to recruit age diverse candidates from our talent pool of 850,000 members, we’d be delighted to help you.

  • Solve your recruitment challenges – get access to an experienced, motivated and rapidly growing talent pool
  • Join some of the most progressive firms in the UK – support age-diversity and inclusivity
  • Low cost, bespoke solutions – with a wide range of options tailored to meet your requirements

If you’re an inclusive employer looking to attract and retain talent of all ages, we’d love to show you how we can help:

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Who we've worked with

We’re proud to work with some of the most progressive employers in the UK. We help organisations of all sizes – from large corporations to small local businesses – and across a range of industries. Our members are diverse, and so are our employer partners.

We’re working with Rest Less because we know that for Co-op to be successful, our teams need to represent the diverse communities we serve.


Some of the ways we can help

  • Branded email feature – send to candidates within 10 miles of job locations. Includes a targeted follow-up to members who click the original email.
  • Showcase page – your own branded page on Rest Less, also featured on our Age Diverse Employers page.
  • Jobs homepage banner – featured in rotating banner on the most visited page on our site after the homepage.
  • Personal stories – a feature article interviewing someone in your organisation. Editorially independent but with sign-off from you. Distributed in newsletter.
  • Featured in career pathways – creation of a “How to become a…” article in our career change guides. Distributed in newsletter.
  • Social media posts – via our Facebook page with over 50k followers.
  • Age Diverse Employer badge – for you to host on your website, careers site and any other inclusivity materials you have.


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UK employment growth from over 50s*


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*Over the last decade. Data from Dec – Feb 2021 (ONS).

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