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Working with children can be a wonderfully rewarding career pathway. It can of course be challenging, especially if you are working with troubled children or those that are experiencing difficulties in their life. However, the impact that you could have can last a lifetime for those that you help.

There are a number of different career pathways, so browse the courses below to see what might suit you. If you don’t see something you wanted to find here, please do let us know using this form.

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This course goes into detail about working as a nursery assistant to give you all the information you need to enable you to pursue a fantastic career in this growing field.

You will learn:

  • The skills and qualifications you need to successfully obtain employment as a nursery assistant
  • What the prime areas of learning are
  • What the specific areas of learning are
  • Which milestones you should be on the lookout for at each age, from birth to age five
  • The six types of play you should encourage children in your care to engage in

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This course goes into detail regarding child protection. We begin by giving you an introduction to child protection, including the rights that children have, as laid down by UK law and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

You Will Learn:

  • The importance of child protection across every occupation
  • What to do, if you suspect that a child whom you know is being abused or harmed or is in need of protection
  • The specific pieces of legislation and government guidance that you can turn to, for more information, in the case of specific incidents
  • Additional information on the types of discrimination that children in the UK frequently face

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All children deserve to live free from fear of mistreatment, neglect and abuse. Unfortunately, thousands of UK children are exploited and abused on a daily basis. Anyone working with children must understand how abuse occurs, how to identify the signs and what to do if you suspect a child is a victim of abuse. This bundle will equip you with this knowledge, allowing you to safeguard children in your care.

If you work in a school, you also need to know how to physically intervene during a serious incident, without violating the child’s rights or compromising their wellbeing. This bundle will help you understand and implement positive handling in a safe, responsible manner.

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Everyone involved in education must have an understanding of their responsibilities and the role they can play to safeguard students. This Safeguarding Children in Education course will help learners to identify when abuse and neglect may be happening to a student and understand how to respond appropriately to concerns.

Throughout the training, learners will develop an awareness of the general indicators of various types of abuse and neglect, including those that are more relevant to an educational setting, such as bullying, grooming and the Prevent duty. Learners will also develop an understanding of the different roles and responsibilities of headteachers, governing bodies and the Designated Safeguarding Officer.

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If you work frequently with children and their families then it’s essential that you have an up-to-date knowledge of child protection procedures. This Advanced Safeguarding Children course will help to increase your existing safeguarding knowledge through a variety of written text and interactive exercises and teach you more about what’s involved in the safeguarding process.

The course will remind you how to identify abuse and report concerns as well as learn more about the safeguarding structure, recognising risks and what happens after a referral to social care has been made.

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As the Designated Safeguarding Officer you are the first point of contact for staff members, families and other people who have access to your organisation, so it’s essential that your knowledge of child protection procedures is in-depth and up-to-date.

This online Designated Safeguarding Officer course will teach you more about what the role involves and will help you to understand the safeguarding process in more detail. The course uses a variety of written text and interactive exercises to help you review and develop the child protection procedures within your organisation and ensure that all staff members understand their responsibilities towards safeguarding children.

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The highly interesting psychological field of child attachment is explored in great detail in this course. Starting with a look at the main theories and theorists, the course explains the main concepts and principles clearly and we make sure we cover all the fundamental points for you.

You will be taught the signs to look out for when there are any issues in this field and there are tests that can be implemented along the way to better facilitate this.

From working as a social worker, to a child psychologist and even a classroom assistant, this course will prove to you that there is such a huge variety of roles connected with the field of child attachment.

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As someone who works with children, it’s likely that difficult behaviour is one of the most challenging issues that you face. Challenging behaviour can be hard work to manage, but it’s important to consider the situation from the child’s perspective: children rarely misbehave for the sake of it; rather there is an underlying cause that needs to be identified and supported.

This Challenging Behaviour training course provides learners with the knowledge they need to respond appropriately to a child’s challenging behaviour. The course teaches learners how to communicate with children effectively, how to help children deal with any issues, and how to improve children’s behaviour in a confident and constructive manner. The course explains a range of child behaviour management techniques that you can use in your setting.

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Anybody who works with children is responsible for ensuring their health, safety, and happiness. This includes both their physical and mental health.

This Child Mental Health training course provides you with the knowledge you need to fulfil this responsibility. It explains common child mental health difficulties, how to recognise them, how to respond to them, and further steps you should take. Upon completion of the training, you will be confident in supporting any child who is struggling.

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