Work from home jobs

Thinking about working remotely so you can become location independent? Maybe even work from your favourite holiday destination? Use our new remote work search to find remote working job opportunities that might just open up your world…

Work from home jobs

Working from home jobs, also called remote jobs and online jobs, have become more and more popular over the last couple of years, both with job seekers and employers. While freelance and consultant jobs have worked this way for years, as employers are offering more and more flexible jobs, the opportunities are opening up for more of us to experience of working from home.

How to find a remote job

As working from home is a new trend, there is not yet one clear search term that everyone uses, so you might find jobs listed in the following ways:

  • working from home, work from home, work at home, home based jobs etc.
  • remote jobs or remote work jobs
  • online jobs
  • freelance jobs
  • virtual jobs
  • telecommute jobs
  • digital nomad jobs
  • agile jobs or
  • location ‘open to discussion’. 

The most common terms are around ‘working from home’ and ‘remote jobs’ so it’s probably best to stick with those unless you’re looking for something very specific. There’s one other thing to look out for, which may or may not be a category of job, which is ‘hybrid’ or ‘flexible’ working. This is where you may be mostly working from home, but with some requirement to go into one or more office locations for larger team meetings. You may find this kind of work pattern discussed in the job description itself as often as it may be in the title or category. 

Tips for working from home

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