Lifetime mortgage calculator

Get a quick indication of the costs involved with this helpful calculator and compare different types of lifetime mortgage.

People have told us that it can be difficult to understand how much equity release might cost them or their family. We built this calculator to try and give you a sense of how much a lifetime mortgage might cost over 10, 20 or even 30 years.

Crucially, it allows you to compare the costs of a lifetime mortgage where you are making monthly interest repayments vs instead choosing to roll up the interest without making any monthly repayments.

Equity release repayment calculator:

Rolled-up interest This is where interest is not paid monthly, but instead is added to the outstanding amount of the loan (hence the phrase "rolled up"). Interest will then continue to accrue on both the total amount of money you borrowed and also any rolled-up interest being charged - creating a compounding effect where interest is charged on previous interest.
Monthly interest payments Interest is calculated as a percentage of the amount borrowed and is paid by you at the end of the monthly interest period.

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Important Information

We have built this calculator to try and provide a simple way of giving a general indication of costs. To do this we have had to make a number of assumptions that may, or may not be, correct for your circumstances and any specific loan product you are looking at.

It’s vital to get a specific quote from the lender and speak to a qualified financial adviser before making any decisions regarding equity release.

We cannot accept responsibility for any errors. If you do notice any, or have any suggestions for improvements please do let us know at [email protected].