Inheritance Tax & Planning

Protecting against inheritance tax, care fees and the great unknown

About this event

Without the right planning, any inheritance that you hope to leave for your loved ones could be eroded by care fees, inheritance tax or other factors. But there are steps you can take to mitigate these risks and protect what’s important for those who matter most to you. Putting the right legal protection in place puts you in control, no matter what the future holds.

Alex Crate, Head of Estate planning at Co-op Legal Services, helps you to understand these risks and how these relate to your individual circumstances. He also explains what steps you can take to reduce these risks and ultimately provide for your loved ones in the way that you want.

Alex talks about:

  • The common issues families face that can erode inheritance
  • How care fees, Inheritance Tax and changing family relationships can impact the inheritance you hope to leave
  • An introduction to the steps you can take to protect your home, savings, and the people you care about
  • Why estate planning goes beyond just making a simple will

About Co-op Legal Services

Co-op Legal Services is an SRA regulated, full-service law firm that specialises in estate planning (wills, Lasting Power of Attorney) probate and estate administration, employment law, family law, serious injury and medical negligence.

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Meet the host

Alex has worked in the specialist estate planning sector of the legal industry for over 18 years, and brings a wealth of experience of real life issues families experience every day. Alex’s mission is to raise awareness of the devastating impacts of failing to plan ahead, and how simple it can be to put in place effective estate planning. With a proven ability to discuss sometimes complex legal issues in language people can understand, Alex will help you consider your own circumstances and start the process of protecting your home, savings and loved ones.