If you enjoy cooking and trying out new recipes, there’s a good chance you probably already know how brilliant the internet can be for finding inspiration. While leafing through a glossy cookbook or watching your favourite cooking show is always fun, the beauty of the internet is that there’s an endless amount of culinary inspiration out there – and it’s all absolutely free. 

So whether you want to browse mouth-watering recipes, are looking for sites that will inspire you to eat more vegetables, or love reading about the origins of culinary traditions, here are 15 of the best food blogs and websites to tempt your tastebuds.

1. Tan Rosie

We might be in the midst of winter right now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring some sunshine into our homes. If you love the warmth and colour of Caribbean food, head over to Tan Rosie, which is chef Monica Cudjoe’s food and cooking blog.

The word ‘tan’ means ‘aunt’ in the Caribbean, and Rosie was the name of Monica’s grandmother who taught her to cook – so this is a family-inspired blog that’s packed with great recipes.

After moving to the UK in the 1960s, Monica missed her home country of Carriacou, an island parish of Grenada in the southern part of the Caribbean. So, she decided to recreate her favourite flavours over here, and bring a taste of home to everything she cooks. The site has a whole array of delicious recipes, from sweet potato, aubergine and spinach curry to the Caribbean classic jerk chicken.

Monica also makes a range of handmade Caribbean food products which you can purchase from her online shop. From jerk rub to garlic and pepper sauce, you can buy all kinds of tasty products that will add authenticity to your Caribbean cooking. And if you enjoy sweet treats, her rum and raisin fudge is a must-buy!

Head over to the Tan Rosie YouTube channel to find out more and try some delicious recipes. Or check out the Tan Rosie Instagram account to get inspired.

2. Olive

Olive is one of the most popular food publications in the UK – and its website is just as good as the monthly magazine.

Created by the same team as BBC Good Food, the Olive website is more user-friendly, and there’s a strong focus on seasonal eating, quick and easy recipes from around the world, and learning how to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Aside from the thousands of recipes, there’s a whole section on Olive dedicated to inspiration – so whether you want to learn about London’s best new restaurant, are planning a foodie-focused holiday and want some ideas, or would like to start growing your own produce, there are many ways to get inspired here. There are also separate sections dedicated to coffee and cocktails!

Recipes are very varied: they’re often internationally-focused, like Argentinian risotto, Peruvian stew, or prawn gumbo – and there are also plenty of tasty one-pot dishes, like turmeric and butter bean ginger stew and beef goulash.

Olive’s Instagram account is also perfect to skim if you’re looking for some quick inspiration. Or, their YouTube channel has lots of short, fun recipe videos too.

3. Serious Eats

Serious Eats is an award-winning food and drink website for people who are – as the name suggests – very serious about food. In this case, ‘serious’ doesn’t mean highbrow or exclusive. It just means being happy to put time, thought, and effort into the art of cooking. And the site takes pride in never publishing a new recipe until they’re sure it’s better than any others you might find.

Serious Eats contains thousands of recipes, and you can browse categories including course, ingredients, method, diet, holidays and seasons, and world cuisine. While there are plenty of classic recipes onsite, Serious Eats is known for demonstrating trailblazing techniques and science-driven cooking methods, and publishing stories that explore the cultural and historical context of food.

Popular recipes include perfect egg fried rice, lamb biryani, and stovetop butter chicken. If you’re interested in food science, you might want to check out the articles on the science behind yoghurt marinades or read the investigation into which flour is best for sourdough starters.

You can follow Serious Eats’ Instagram for more inspiration, or check out their YouTube channel.


If you have a passion for fine food and gourmet gastronomy, SAVEUR might be the site for you. Known for its naturalistic food photography, vivid writing and emphasis on culinary traditions rather than fleeting food trends, this is a site that celebrates the culture and history behind certain foods, values authenticity, and shines a light on different dishes from around the world.

SAVEUR also digs deep into certain food-related topics and features moving and thought-provoking essays and articles from top food writers. From learning about how indigenous women are sharing their culture through seed repatriation to exploring the importance of jerk in Jamaican cooking, this is a site that aims to educate as much as inspire.

SAVEUR is all about enjoying food without worrying about health, so expect indulgent recipes like coffee-crusted beef tenderloin, hazelnut cream cheese brownies, and five-spice roast duck – though there are some healthier recipes too.

The SAVEUR Instagram account is also chock-full of decadent recipes and beautiful food photography. Or, to see more from SAVEUR, why not check out their YouTube channel?

5. Budget Bytes

If you’re interested in cooking delicious meals but don’t want to spend lots of money on expensive ingredients – or don’t fancy spending all evening in the kitchen – check out Budget Bytes. Created by Beth Moncel, the site aims to help people shop, cook, and eat smartly while saving money at the same time.

This is a site geared towards anyone who believes good food doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate. Even though the meals here are simple and cost-effective, they’re all still meals that will make you feel satisfied and healthy – and get you looking forward to your leftovers! Each recipe on Budget Bytes comes with a cost analysis, preparation time, and step-by-step photos of each recipe.

Aside from recipes, there are also sections for meal prep and meal planning which help you shop more intelligently and use your ingredients more wisely.

Recipes include leftover stuffing muffins, crunchy kale chicken salad, and baked barley with mushrooms – though there’s also a How-To section, with articles on making the perfect hard-boiled eggs or the best veggie sandwiches.

To check out Budget Bytes on social media, you can head over to their Instagram account or YouTube channel.

6. Oh She Glows

If you’re looking for slightly healthier food inspiration, Oh She Glows might be more up your street. According to this vegan website, their recipes will help you glow from the inside out and are packed with meal ideas that are also free from gluten, soya, and any processed foods. This can be especially helpful if you’re looking to become more mindful of what you’re putting into your body.

Oh She Glows is the brainchild of New York Times bestselling author Angela Liddon, and the website – just like the book – is aimed towards helping people eat more energising plant-based foods without feeling in any way deprived. Just as popular with people looking to drop some weight or reduce their cholesterol as with veggies and vegans, this is a site that will get you excited about eating healthily.

Some of the site’s most popular recipes include sweet potato and black bean enchiladas with coriander cream, cauliflower and butternut Thai curry, and cheesy lentil bolognese casserole – though there are also sweet treats like flourless peanut butter cookies. For more healthy eating ideas, check out the Oh She Glows Instagram account.

To see examples of these nourishing wholefood dishes, watch the video below. Or why not check out the Oh She Glows YouTube channel?

7. The Curry Guy

If you love curry, you might want to check out The Curry Guy. Launched in 2010 by Dan Toombs, the website celebrates Indian food and culture, and explores why the food in British Indian Restaurants (BIR) is so delicious and unique. If you want to learn how to cook restaurant-style curry and tandoori dishes in your own kitchen, this is the site for you.

Part of Dan’s inspiration came from trying to recreate his favourite dishes from his local Indian, but then being disappointed when they were never as good as a takeaway. After travelling around the UK, sampling hundreds of dishes and learning the tricks of the BIR curry house trade, he learned how to replicate traditional Indian dishes – and his site will show you how you can too!

The Curry Guy has sections for meat, seafood, and veggie recipes, as well as curry house favourites – including tikka masala, korma, pasanda, madras, vindaloo, and jalfrezi. Expect BIR recipes like chicken methi, lamb dopiaza, and saag paneer. Plus, there are recipes for all the usual sides, from pickles to pakoras. If you want to know how to make perfect pilau rice or soft, pillowy naans, Dan will show you how!

To see an example of Dan’s cooking, head over to his YouTube channel or Instagram account.

8. Minimalist Baker

If you enjoy making delicious, healthy, great-looking food but don’t like fussing over multiple ingredients or cooking meals that take hours to prepare, you might want to check out Minimalist Baker.

As the name indicates, this site is focused on minimalist cooking, and every recipe falls into one of three categories; 10 ingredients or less, one bowl recipes, or 30 minutes or less to prepare.

The creator of the site is Dana Shultz, and her passion for good food shines through in her recipes – and while ‘baker’ might be in the name, the site includes all different types of food – from sweets to starters and snacks to sides.

Minimalist Baker has a focus on gluten-free, plant-based meals, but it also has plenty of recipes that contain animal products and gluten, so it’s a site everyone can enjoy.

Some of the most popular recipes onsite include one-pot West African chickpea tomato peanut stew, cosy Thai-inspired chicken noodle soup, and protein-powder free chocolate protein shake.

If you’re looking for quick inspiration, check out the Minimalist Baker Instagram account, which has more than two million followers, or head over to their YouTube channel.

9. Cooking with Sukhi

Another site that you should definitely check out if you love Indian food is Cooking with Sukhi. Describing himself as a food editor, bespoke caterer, food critic, food consultant, Masterchef and Food Glorious Food contestant, Sukhi Singh is ultimately an expert in classic Indian cooking. His blog showcases the best of his abilities and mouthwatering recipes.

There’s a recipe for everyone on Cooking with Sukhi. If you want to make traditional dishes that have been passed down in Sukhi’s family, why not make Mummy’s lamb kebabs, or onion and potato pakoras? If you have a sweet tooth, you might want to make cardamom and saffron kulfi, which is an Indian ice-cream – and if you just fancy a refreshing drink, why not make Sukhi’s watermelon cooler?

Aside from recipes, the site also features interesting blog posts (Did an Indian omelette really cure my hangover??) and Sukhi shares his thoughts on the best Indian restaurants in London.

Head over to Sukhi’s YouTube channel to see him in action, and check out his Instagram account for more delicious Indian food inspiration.

10. The Kitchn

One of the biggest and most popular food sites around is The Kitchn; a daily online food magazine that’s all about celebrating home cooking and life in the kitchen. With over 17 million readers, this is a site that’s geared towards people who truly care about the quality of their food, and are passionate about cooking meals that are beautiful as well as delicious.

Some of the most popular recipes from The Kitchn include slow cooker brisket and onions, fish tacos with quick cabbage slaw, and broccoli and feta pasta salad. Plus, there are plenty of other articles that focus on perfecting different cooking techniques – from explaining how to cook moist and tender chicken breasts every time to show you how you can bake bread in under an hour.

The Kitchn’s Instagram account is also full of beautiful pictures that will get your mouth watering, and its YouTube channel is home to dozens of helpful videos that will give you plenty of inspiration. There’s everything from how to cook perfect farro to how to carve a turkey like a pro.

11. Neil’s Healthy Meals

If you’re on a mission to live more healthily but like simple, fuss-free meals – and also don’t want to give up treats entirely – then check out Neil’s Healthy Meals. After becoming tired of living a sluggish and unhealthy life, Scottish food blogger Neil decided to join a gym, get active, and live by the 80/20 rule: 80% of the time he eats healthily, and the other 20% he’s more relaxed.

As a certified nutritionist, Neil’s meals are well-balanced and nutritious, and all his recipes are clearly demonstrated and come with a full nutritional and calorie breakdown. The site also has a Healthy Living section, where you can learn the facts about nutrition and better understand which nutrients your body needs, as well as how you can get them.

Expect simple, wholesome recipes like skinny tomato soup, red pepper and spinach frittata, slow cooker sausage and vegetable soup, and roast potato and green bean salad. Although there are some lovely dessert recipes too, like baked vanilla and ricotta pudding and no-bake summer fruits cheesecake.

For more inspiration, check out Neil’s Instagram – or you might want to head over to his YouTube channel.

12. Deliciously Ella

One of the biggest food websites in the UK is undoubtedly Deliciously Ella. Launched by Ella Woodward in 2012, the site was originally a collection of healthy recipes. After being diagnosed with digestive issues, chronic fatigue, and a series of infections, Ella wanted to see whether a change in diet and lifestyle could help. So, she moved towards a diet containing more whole and plant-based foods.

After her health improved significantly, Ella was inspired to develop her platform. And today, Deliciously Ella isn’t only a website; it’s a restaurant, a range of plant-based food products, an app, a series of best selling recipe books, and a podcast. Deliciously Ella’s success is a testament to the quality of recipes onsite, which show you don’t have to compromise on taste to eat a healthy diet.

Some of Ella’s most popular recipes include sweet potato and black bean shepherds pie, pesto lasagne, and sesame and broccoli noodle salad – though she’s also known for her sweet recipes, like dark chocolate coconut bites.

For more inspiration, you might want to follow Ella’s Instagram (which has over two million followers), check out her YouTube channel, or even try one of her popular energy balls, which are sold in most supermarkets.

13. Food52

Another excellent website for passionate foodies – particularly those who take real pride in making their food look just as beautiful as it tastes – is Food52.

Regularly voted one of the world’s top food websites, Food52 launched over a decade ago, and though it originally set out to bring keen cooks together, it’s now packed with recipes, articles, and food-related home decor ideas.

Food52 celebrates every step of the food journey – from purchasing more sustainable ingredients to choosing the right plates for different dishes and understanding how small touches like candles and flowers can make the dining experience even more special. With over 13 million site visitors, several best-selling cookbooks, and super popular social media, Food52 serves up plenty of inspiration.

Recipes are diverse and creative: think creamy kimchi gratin, apple cider chicken with butternut squash and quinoa salad, and pear confit with cardamom crème fraîche. There’s also an excellent family recipe section, where writers celebrate their most important culinary experiences and traditions.

Known for their beautiful food photography, Food52’s Instagram is also a joy to browse.  Or for videos, it’s worth checking out their YouTube channel.

14. Cookie and Kate

If you love nothing more than gazing at beautiful photos of food that quite literally get your mouth watering, then be sure to check out Cookie and Kate. Created by food photographer Kathryne Taylor, this award-winning blog is packed with fresh and flexible vegetarian-focused dishes, and the simple yet attractive website makes it super easy to find inspiration.

Cookie and Kate is a site that celebrates real, sustainable food that’s also seasonal – and to be featured on the site, each recipe must also delight the taste buds while nourishing the body. Because you can search for recipes by course, cuisine, diet, every day, ingredient, or season, it won’t be long before you find something you want to make.

Recipes include mango burrito bowls with crispy tofu and peanut sauce, veggie corn chowder, and halloumi tacos with pineapple salad. The breakfast section of the site is especially popular and features recipes for foolproof shakshuka and the perfect healthy homemade granola.

Cookie and Kate’s Instagram page is also a dizzying array of colourful and creative photos that will have you raring to get into the kitchen. Or, if you want to cook along with Kate, why not visit her YouTube channel?

15. Thelmzkitchen

And finally, if you want to learn more about authentic African cooking, check out Thelmzkitchen. British/Nigerian food blogger Thelma may be young and self-taught, but her culinary talent belies her youth and lack of professional experience – and if you’re interested in making delicious, comforting meals, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Thelmzkitchen focuses on Nigerian food, and Thelma’s mouthwatering recipes will definitely get your taste buds going. Why not try making her coconut Jollof bulgur, which puts a wholesome and tasty twist on classic jollof rice? Or, if you fancy making something new for breakfast, these fluffy plantain pancakes will definitely hit the spot. Alternatively, if you just want to make a quick and delicious dinner, why not make this creamy tomato and baked prawn pasta?

Thelma is active on Instagram and Twitter, where she not only showcases her gorgeous cooking but also shares her favourite cooking tips and tricks – and does frequent giveaways too!

Final thoughts…

When it comes to food and cooking, the internet is a limitless treasure trove of inspiration. Whether you’re looking for tasty recipes you can make on a budget, are trying to be healthier or eat more veg, or simply want to make a rich and indulgent meal you can savour, there are thousands of excellent websites and blogs out there.

Because so many of these sites also have social media accounts, it’s even easier to get inspired. Simply scroll down an Instagram feed and see which photos jump out at you, or browse a site’s YouTube channel and see which videos pique your interest.

Have you visited any of these food websites – or are you planning on checking any out? Or maybe you have some of your own favourite sites and blogs you’d like to share with our readers? We’d love to hear about where you get your cooking inspiration from in the comments below.