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If you’re thinking of learning something new but need some inspiration to get started, we’ve pulled together the most popular course topics in the last month.

Whether you want to get creative, learn a new language, or something else entirely, see what popular courses other people are studying below.

Popular Gardening & Floristry courses

Floristry Academy Diploma

New Skills Academy

> £31 (reduced from £100, 69% discount for Rest Less members)

Have you been dreaming of opening your own florist or you want to kick start a career in floristry? Maybe you’re already working in the industry and want to fast track your career, then this online Floristry Academy Diploma is the right choice for you.

Growing Food in Small Gardens

International Open Academy

> £19.80 (reduced from £99, 80% discount for Rest Less members)

If you always thought your space was too small to start a garden, we’re here to prove you wrong! Why grow your own fruit and veg? Ensure that they truly are organic and pesticide free teach children about food sources and care for plants reduce your carbon footprint the joy of harvesting and cooking something you grew yourself!

Garden Design and Maintenance Diploma

New Skills Academy

> £31 (reduced from £100, 69% discount for Rest Less members)

Whether you are thinking of starting a career outdoors as a gardening expert or you are already working in the industry and are thinking of starting your own garden company, then the Garden Design and Maintenance Diploma is the right choice for you.

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Popular Creative courses

Crochet for Beginners

International Open Academy

> £19.80 (reduced from £99, 80% discount for Rest Less members)

Who would have thought you could create so many beautiful things for you and your home with just one hook and some yarn? Crocheting is a great skill to have. It’s easy to start with our course by your side. You can get stuck in and make something straight away from a crocheted rug for your mug to a snug coat.

World of Wine

From Grape to Glass – EDX

> Free

Perhaps you like a specific wine, but can’t pinpoint the reason why. The finer details can take years to learn, but in a matter of weeks this course will give you a broad understanding of the principles and practices used to grow grapes and make wine, and their impact on wine appearance, aroma, flavour and taste.

Digital Photography Masterclass

Lead Academy

> £25 (reduced from £399, 90% discount for Rest Less members)

Whether you are self-taught and you want to fill in the gaps for better efficiency and productivity, this Digital Photography Masterclass course will set you up with a solid foundation to become a confident Creative Photographer and develop more advanced skills.

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Popular Language courses


British Sign Language for All

International Open Academy

> £19.80 (80% discount for Rest Less members)

In this video course, you will meet YouTuber and Deaf role model, Jazzy. Watch and copy each sign, body movement and facial expression perfectly to hold meaningful conversations with the Deaf community. 

French Level 1, 2 & 3 Certification

New Skills Academy

> £37.20 (69% discount for Rest Less members)

French is one of the world’s most spoken languages, spread out all over the world and spoken in many different areas. From Canada to France to many different countries in Africa, French truly is a global language. 

Spanish Level 1, 2 & 3 Certification

New Skills Academy

> £37.20 (69% discount for Rest Less members)

Learning Spanish gives you access to hundreds of millions of Spanish speakers across the globe. As one of the liveliest cultures and most spoken Romance languages, Spanish is a useful and fun language to learn. 

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Popular Teaching courses

The Complete SEND Diploma

New Skills Academy

> £31 (reduced from £100, 69% discount for Rest Less members)

Are you interested in working with people who have special needs, especially when it comes to dealing with their education? Would you like to experience the amazing feeling of knowing that you have helped an individual with specific needs to overcome adversity and to be able to teach them brand new skills? If so, then our Special Education Needs course will be perfect for any individual seeking a brand new career change allowing you to work within this field to a satisfactory standard.

Teaching English Online

Future Learn

> Free

Is it time for a new online direction in your teaching career? Join our 4-week course to learn how to adapt your face-to-face teaching skills to an online environment. Teaching English online is now becoming increasingly important all over the world, giving learners and teachers flexibility to work and learn wherever they want in the world.

SEN Teaching

Lead Academy

> £25

The main aim of SEN teaching is to ensure that students with disabilities are provided with an environment and an opportunity to be educated effectively, to develop their fine and motor skills and to fully explore their potential. This online course aims to provide a glimpse into the world of Special Education Needs (SEN) teaching, management of the special needs students in class, teaching approach and policy designing of these special needs students.

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Popular At Home courses

Udemy - get 25% off all courses

Natural Home Cleaning

International Open Academy

> £19.80 (reduced from £99, 80% discount for Rest Less members)

Are you tired of cleaning your home with harsh products full of chemical ingredients? Make your own green cleaners which are easy to make, kind to your home, child-friendly, pet-friendly, and smell naturally delicious.

Introduction to Independent Living Certificate

New Skills Academy

> £6.20 (reduced from £20, 69% discount for Rest Less members)

Independent living allows the disabled to live comfortably in their home and partake in their communities with ease. This course will go into detail about independent living, the principles and the prospects of independent living.

Thrifty Interior Design Magic with Liz Fenwick

International Open Academy

> £19.80 (reduced from £99, 80% discount for Rest Less members)

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Find out how much fun it is to take someone’s cast-offs and give them new life. If you want your home to be big on style but little on budget, follow the tips in this Thrifty Interior Design Magic course with Liz Fenwick.

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