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Popular Gardening courses

The Complete Gardening Diploma

New Skills Academy

> £55.80 (69% discount for Rest Less members)

Whether you are thinking of starting a career outdoors as a gardening expert or you are already working in the industry and are thinking of starting your own garden company, The Complete Gardening Diploma is the right choice for you.

The Beginner's Guide to Vegetable Gardening


> See latest price on Udemy

Imagine harvesting 100’s of pounds of Vegetables from your own backyard! Ripe juicy tomatoes, delicious sweet corn or crisp lettuce. It’s possible for any one that has a small back yard to grow surprising amounts of vegetables. A small 150 square foot plot can produce several hundred pounds of yummy veggies through the spring, summer and fall.

Floristry Academy Diploma

New Skills Academy

> £31 (69% discount for Rest Less members)

Have you been dreaming of opening your own florist or you want to kick start a career in floristry? Maybe you’re already working in the industry and want to fast track your career, then this online Floristry Academy Diploma is the right choice for you.

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Popular Creative courses

Drawing & Illustration for Beginners

International Open Academy

> £19.80 (80% discount for Rest Less members)

Would you love to draw a beautiful picture? You can! Our video course, created by popular YouTube artist Shayda Campbell, shows you how to draw with easy-to-follow videos. You watch and follow her example. Release your inner artist, express yourself on paper and learn to draw with confidence.

Creative Writing & Critical Reading


> Free

This free course, Creative writing and critical reading, explores the importance of reading as part of a creative writer’s development at the postgraduate level. You will gain inspiration and ideas from examining other writers’ methods, as well as enhancing your critical reading skills. Examples will cover the genres of fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry and scriptwriting.

Art Therapy Certificate

New Skills Academy

> £6.20 (69% discount for Rest Less members)

Traditional talking therapies are often effective, but they do not meet the needs of all clients. Art therapy offers a non-verbal alternative that gives people a chance to explore distressing thoughts and feelings using a creative approach in a safe, controlled environment.

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Popular Animal & Pet courses


Senior Dog Care Course

Canine Principles

> £39

Due to improved veterinary care and better diets, dogs are now living longer. This means that owners and veterinarians, are challenged with a whole new set of age-related conditions. This guide has been written with the aim of teaching people how to care appropriately for dogs, into their elder years. It also offers careful understanding of the natural changes that old age brings for our beloved canine friends and family.

Living Psychology: Animal Minds


> Free

Does your pet cat or dog experience emotions the same way you do? Can non-human animals solve complex problems? To what extent do other species have minds that are like human minds? This free course, Living psychology: animal minds, explores these, and other, issues in the psychology of animal minds. Studying animal minds is of great importance to psychologists as humans are, of course, also animals. Researching other species can provide extremely useful insights into how human minds developed throughout evolutionary history.

Animal Training & Pet Sitting

International Open Academy

> £23.80 (80% discount for Rest Less members)

Much as we might adore our pets, very often we are reminded that they are animal and not human. Sometimes, we need to train them to adjust to living in a human world. There are social rules and boundaries that need to be observed so you and those around your pets stay safe and comfortable. Behaviour that could be dangerous must be managed responsibly.

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Popular Counselling courses

Introduction to Child Counselling Certificate

New Skills Academy

> £31 (69% discount for Rest Less members)

Welcome to your child counselling course. This course focuses on the important elements of being a child counsellor and what exactly that means. Counselling is a form of therapy and it is beneficial for both children and adults. However, there are differences between counselling adults and counselling children. This course focuses on those differences and the specifics of working with children.

CBT with Older People

Future Learn

> Free

This online course provides an efficient introduction to cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) with older people. You’ll first cover the basic theory and practice of CBT, before focussing on how working with older people can be different, because of comorbidity, complexity, chronicity, and continuity and contextual factors.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Practitioner Certificate


>See latest price on Udemy

Cognitive behavioural therapy is a time-proven psychological process that aims to advance positive mental health and emotional wellbeing. CBT centres on confronting and correcting inaccurate thinking styles and unhelpful habits or behaviours.

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Popular Design courses

Introduction to Graphic Design Certificate

New Skills Academy

> £35 (65% discount for Rest Less members)

Learning an introduction to graphic design is essential for anybody who is passionate about the vibrant world of graphic design – whether you are already in the industry or are looking to begin your journey. This course covers everything you need to know about graphic design, including a full definition, all the elements involved, as well as the skill-sets and traits required for the job.



> Free

This free course looks at the process of design, from assessing the complexity of design as an activity to exposing the difficulty in making general conclusions about how designers work. You will be able to identify innovation in a wide variety of designed objects and evaluate the impact of this innovation.

Interior Design Diploma

New Skills Academy

> £35 (65% discount for Rest Less members)

The Interior Design course contains everything you need to know in order to prepare to work as an interior designer. Interior design is a popular career choice for many people who have an interest in the visual arts and home décor, and this profession can be both creatively and financially fulfilling. However, it is important to understand not only the fundamentals of interior design but also the practical side of working in this competitive industry.

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