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Introduction to Koru Kids

Koru Kids is London’s fastest growing childcare brand. We’re making it easier and more affordable for families to access high quality childcare.

Our after school service matches parents in London with the top nannies in London and our nanny share service helps families to share nannies with other local families.

We don’t just believe in providing outstanding childcare to families, we are all about using technology to make it seamless for parents. We’ve been blown away by the response from parents and are consistently beating our growth targets.

We’ve been recruiting older adults to work as after school nannies. Here’s why…

Rachel Carrell, founder and CEO of Koru Kids

Finding after school care is hard. After school clubs are in high demand, the number of childminders in England has dropped by 27% since 2012 according to Ofsted, and most of us don’t have friends and family nearby.

Instead, many families want their children in a home environment after school. We want our children to feel safe and comfortable and have someone caring who will cook the tea and get them ready for bed by the time we get home.

That’s why we’re recruiting and training amazing nannies to support families by providing them with after school care. And who better to help than older adults, many of whom have first-hand experience of what it takes to bring up children or grandchildren.

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Why we’re working with Rest Less

We’re working with Rest Less because we believe that over 50s are perfect for our childcare roles. They’re reliable, experienced and are capable of forming wonderful relationships with the families they work with. They’ve been a real hit with our families so far and we can’t wait to continue growing this nanny community.

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Real-life stories

Roberta, mother of two teenage boys

“I feel I have been matched with the right family and the whole process of being hired and start working has been very smooth and pleasant . I also feel confident that Koru is supportive and professional in the way you have addressed everything so far in terms of making me feeling settled with the task”

Nashwah, mother of four, grandmother of two

Nashwah is a mother of four and grandma of two. She has a CACHE qualification and a science degree. She enjoys reading, going to the gym and going out on walks. She has cared for her friends’ children, doing the school run, helping with homework and cooking with them.

“As I am from the Middle East, my culture is different to that of most people in the UK. So, I would like to thank Koru Kids for providing this opportunity for people like me, which has introduced me to a different culture and allowed me to socialise and mix with different people either at school when I pick up the kids or in the park where I take the kids to play. Also, Koru Kids provides very good facilities such as a training course (Boot Camp), a First Aid course, the ability to choose my working days hours, and most importantly being able to choose the family I work with which is not far from home. All Koru Kids staff are lovely, friendly and very supportive. I would strongly recommend Koru Kids for all nannies and families.”

Mathilde, Koru Kids mum

“Our nanny has been extra special everyday since the first day she joined. She is taking care of our 2 sons 5 and 2 yo and managed to keep them both happy ALL the time – Which is something I feel to do!

“She has special attention for each of them, including bringing a poster with all countries flags when my oldest was learning about countries at school, buy them cookies when I forgot to put a snack in their bags, bring balls to play in the park, take books and return them to the library with the kids (without us asking)…her extra efforts are endless.

“She is even joining us for my 5 year-old’s birthday party this Saturday as we are not sure how we will manage without her! She is a precious addition to our family.”

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Koru Kids brand values

Our culture is informal, hard-working and kind. We’re all passionate about our mission and are determined to create a truly fantastic childcare service to help working parents. The team is friendly and we work at a fast pace – we are constantly challenging, testing and adapting the way we do things. We’re also really committed to working with integrity, doing the right thing and building a company we are truly proud of.

We take great care with who we hire and all team members are talented and lovely people. If you’re brilliant AND humble, you’ll fit right in.

koru kids nanny

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