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Are you a people person? Do you enjoy making other people feel good? Are you keen to learn new skills? If yes, a career as a Hairdresser could be for you. You will cut, colour and style hair for people of all ages and backgrounds; from children having their first haircut, to people dealing with hair loss as a result of illness. People who trust you with their hair, will often trust you with personal details so chances are, your clients will become valuable friends. If you’d like the chance to get skilled whilst getting social, read on to find out more.

What do they do?

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Hairdressers spend their days colouring, cutting and/or styling clients’ hair with the aim of making them look and feel fantastic. Clients often have a clear idea about what they want their hair to look like, but Hairdressers are still expected to know which hair colours and styles suit specific face shapes and skin tones, so they can make recommendations and provide helpful advice.

Clients will trust their Hairdresser to be honest and use their knowledge, skills and experience to deliver the hair makeover they’ve been dreaming of. As well as colouring, cutting and styling, you will also be responsible for ensuring clients are comfortable, the salon is clean, and that all hairdressing materials and equipment are ordered and stored correctly.

What skills do I need?

The right person will:

  • Have an awareness of current styles and trends.
  • Be sociable and friendly.
  • Be eager to learn new styles and techniques.
  • Be a good listener and communicator.
  • Be comfortable making small talk on a frequent basis.
  • Enjoy getting creative.
  • Feel comfortable advising people on hairstyles.
  • Be thoughtful and honest as clients place you in a position of trust.
  • Be able to stand for hours at a time as you will be on your feet most of the day.

What will I love about the job?

  • Making people feel good about themselves on a daily basis.
  • Socialising whilst on the job; clients often love to chat.
  • Learning new skills and techniques.
  • Getting creative.
  • You will meet other Hairdressers and build connections – chances are you will meet.  someone who can do your hair too so you can also look and feel beautiful.

What are the challenges?

No matter how great a job you do on a customer’s hair, you will still get the occasional client who is unsatisfied which can be a hurtful experience. Over time this can be easily managed and you will learn how to deal with difficult customers as you build up your experience.

How much will I earn?

A Hairdresser has a typical starting salary of £14,000, potentially rising to £20,000 plus. If you become self-employed, you will have the opportunity to set your own rates and many customers also give generous tips.

Are there opportunities to progress?

Once you complete a hairdressing qualification and secure your first job, you will be a Trainee Hairdresser. After some further on-the-job training you will gain full Hairdresser status and can start progressing towards Senior Stylist and Manager positions

How do I get started?

Apply now and train on the job…

In Britain, hairdressing is not a regulated profession, so you don’t need any qualifications to start your career. There are many salons who are willing to train people on the job, whilst they complete a hairdressing qualification alongside, so there’s nothing to stop you applying for trainee roles at a salon near you.

If you know any Hairdressers, they may be able to keep you informed about any trainee openings and submit a recommendation when you apply. If you’re confident and ready to get your new career under way as soon as possible, then why not speak to your local salon today?

…or consider completing a fast track hairdressing course to increase your chances of getting hired

If you’ve got the time and can afford to pay for the training, it’s worth considering that you can increase your chances of getting hired, by gaining some hairdressing skills and experience before submitting your application. Completing a fast track hairdressing course can be a great way to stand out from the crowd and start your journey to becoming a confident and capable hairdresser.

Hairdressing: The Complete Guide is a popular course offered by Of Course for anyone looking to start a career as a Hairdresser. There are no entry requirements so you can get started straight away, whatever your background. The 13-hour online course includes over 600 lectures, split into 15 topics such as treating the skin, hair and scalp, hairdressing techniques, and health and safety. You will learn how to work safely and effectively to give clients the new look they’ve been hoping for, as well as how to promote your hairdressing services to future clients and friends.

This course will allow you to build a portfolio of course projects to show to future employers, and at the end of the course you will receive an industry-recognised qualification.

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