Rest Less Presents – HRT, the facts and myths

HRT is widely viewed as one of the most controversial medications around. Although 8 in 10 women experience menopause symptoms, only a very small proportion of women are currently taking HRT in the UK.

However, HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) can be life-changing for menopausal women and for most, the benefits will far outweigh any risks.

In the video below, My Menopause Centre co-founder, Helen Normoyle, debunks some HRT myths with Dr. Tonye Wokoma in an interactive and informative online session.

The session includes:

  • A quick recap on what the menopause is, the three stages in the menopause transition and the key symptoms
  • The different types of HRT
  • The benefits and risks of taking HRT
  • The most common myths
  • The questions she most frequently gets from patients

For more information on HRT, you can also check out our article here.

About My Menopause Centre

Rest Less has partnered with My Menopause Centre, which was founded by two women in their 50s; Dr Clare Spencer and Helen Normoyle. Through their website and online menopause clinic, Clare and Helen empower women with evidence-based information and advice.

The service is available across the UK, and women will be met with kindness, support, and professional care.

For more tips and information on menopause

Did you enjoy the webinar? Would you like us to hold more menopause-related events in future? Let us know in the comments below.

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