Menopause consultations

Menopause marks an important transition in any woman’s life and it’s important that you feel supported on your journey. We’ve partnered with My Menopause Centre to bring you personalised menopause treatment plans to help you feel like you again.

My Menopause Centre

Rest Less is delighted to partner with My Menopause Centre and its Founders; Dr. Clare Spencer and Helen Normoyle, who are both in their fifties. Through their website and their online menopause clinic, Clare and Helen empower women with evidence-based information and advice. 

At My Menopause Centre, women will receive professional care, kindness, and support on their menopause journey. The service is available across the UK. 

My Menopause Centre was recently rated ‘Outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). This is the highest possible rating and is rarely awarded.

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How it works

All of the doctors and nurses in the My Menopause Centre clinic are very experienced in treating the symptoms of menopause and are ready to listen to your story. During the video consultation, your doctor or nurse will take a comprehensive medical history, talk through your symptoms with you, arrange any necessary tests, and discuss various evidence-based treatment options. By the end of the session, you’ll be given a personalised holistic menopause treatment plan designed to help you feel like you again.

It takes just a few minutes to book an appointment with My Menopause Centre. All you’ll need to do is follow the simple steps below.

  • Select the type of appointment you want from the two options – a doctor or nurse-led initial video appointment – and a time that’s convenient for you.
  • You can then enter your details and confirm payment.

After submitting your information, you’ll receive an email confirming your appointment details, as well as information on how to join the call.

What's included

  • A 45 minute consultation with a highly experienced menopause doctor or nurse.
  • A detailed and open discussion about your symptoms and the range of evidence-based treatment options that you could consider.
  • A personalised treatment plan designed to help you feel like you again.

Price: For an initial consultation, the price is £290 (doctor-led) or £190 (nurse-led). Follow-up appointments cost £170 (doctor-led) and £110 (nurse-led).

menopause consultation
Menopause consultations

Also get access to My Menopause Centre’s free…


  • Knowledge Centre. Here you can find lots of evidence-based information and advice on menopause topics. These include:
    – The three stages of the menopause transition.
    – Different symptoms and advice on how you can manage them.
    – Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) – the different types, benefits and risks, and the myths.
  • Symptom Checker. This covers 38 different symptoms of the menopause; what causes them, how many other women experience them, and advice on how to manage each one.
  • Menopause Questionnaire. Taking just 4 minutes to complete, you’ll receive a free personalised assessment explaining if, and whereabouts you are, in your menopause transition, as well as advice on how to manage your symptoms. 

Patient testimonials

"I cannot recommend My Menopause Centre highly enough. It enables you to fully understand yourself better and so many truly informed decisions.

I have personally battled with acceptance and so taking action but through this knowledge I have done so and feel so so much better. A must for every woman who wants to make a difference to there health and wellness."

Mel Berry

"It was a revelation being able to talk openly and honestly to an expert who really understood what I am going through. Really great advice and reassurance around managing my perimenopause symptoms. So happy to be on the right HRT too. Can't recommend My Menopause Centre enough."

Michelle Sharland

"I feel very lucky to have found Dr Clare Spencer at My Menopause Centre. I was suffering menopause symptoms for more than 3 years while on my previous HRT treatment and I couldn't get through to my GP. Dr Spencer is very attentive and knowledgeable. She offered a different HRT treatment and the result was like recovering from a long illness and a return to normal and happy life. Thank you very much Clare."

Ella Salanius

"I can't recommend My Menopause Centre more highly. After taking their brilliant and totally free questionnaire I was able to read up on the specific symptoms I have been experiencing over the last 12-months. I went into my 121 consultation with Dr Clare much more informed and with a bunch of questions that related to me and not general menopause. A 'golden' hour later I came away feeling totally reassured and armed with the knowledge of how to manage my symptoms into the future. Thank-you."

Holly Woodford

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My Menopause Centre was rated ‘Outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). This is the highest possible rating and is rarely awarded.

MMC was rated ‘Outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

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