7 of the best kayaking destinations around the world

Kayaking is not only a great way to satisfy your adventure needs, but it’s also a credible low-impact form of exercise that can increase muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. Whether you’re looking to get lost in your own thoughts as you float peacefully through the water, or have an exhilarating rollercoaster experience as you ride the choppy waves – there’s something for everyone.

We’ve selected 7 of the best kayaking locations below to help you find your perfect adventure…it’s time to get paddling!

1. Baja California, Mexico

If you’re looking for a tranquil holiday escape then head to the Sea of Cortez (also known as “the world’s aquarium”) where you can paddle between twelve beautiful islands populated with sea lions and pelicans. The Sea of Cortez is also home to dolphins and grey whales who are known for their friendly nature, allowing you to have an up close and personal wildlife encounter.

2. Alaska, USA

If you’re looking for a holiday packed full of awe-inspiring scenery, then it’s definitely worth taking a trip to the Kenai Fjords National Park, near the Alaskan town of Seward. You’ll be left with plenty of time to relax and unwind as you glide through a magical place where magnificent snow-capped mountains meet the calm, crisp Pacific Ocean. Get your camera ready…you’ll want to capture these moments forever!

3. Kadavu Island, Fiji

If your idea of a kayaking adventure is to sail through warm tropical waters in the hot sun, before lying on the beach to cool off, then give Fiji a try. Sometimes described as “sea-kayaking paradise”, Kadavu Island is an untouched place, covered by luscious mangrove forests and beautiful stretches of white sand. There’s plenty of opportunities for snorkelling once out in the water and you might even spot a turtle!

4. The Dalmation Coast

Explore the remote, unspoilt beauty of Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, which arguably has the bluest sea on the planet. The Coast which stretches between Croatia and Montenegro is also peppered with over 1200 little islands, making your kayaking adventure an endless journey of discovery.

5. The Belize Barrier Reef

This magical underwater world is the second largest on the planet – home to 500 species of fish and 100 different types of coral, which is a kayaking dream for wildlife lovers. And did we mention you’ll be in Caribbean paradise?

6. Halong Bay, Vietnam

The world-famous Halong Bay is a dream-like place, famous for its emerald waters and towering limestones topped with rainforests. This stunning location is also dotted with hidden caves and lagoons which will leave you with plenty to explore by kayak.

7. Crete’s Southern Coast

Crete’s Southern Coast has all the ingredients for a perfect kayaking adventure – with 650 miles of crystal blue waters, surrounding pink beaches and a mountainous landscape, it’s definitely worth exploring!

Have you been on a kayaking holiday that you particularly enjoyed? Where did you travel to? Or perhaps you’re thinking about travelling to one of the destinations above? We’d love to know more! Join the conversation on the community forum, or leave a comment below.

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