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Good Friends Are Like Rivers

Good friends are like two parallel flowing rivers,
We live separate lives but when we meet, we quiver.

The joy we get, when we hug and kiss each other,
It’s beyond description only our faces can tell.

Our smiles and warmth in our heart just melts,
We had so much to share with each other when we met.

So many pleasant – unpleasant moments to share by phone, e-mail, or by tweet,
Can’t wait for the week, day, hour, and that moment when we meet.

Brings back many sweet memories of when we were together,
Reminds us of many occasions when we helped each other.

This friendship is so sacred and so beautiful,
When we meet we make a rainbow, so colourful.

We share some good, sad, and also some bad news,
We eat and drink together with some happiness and sadness.

In this life, what will we do if we didn’t have good friends?
Thank you God, for giving me some really nice mates.

Who always think about me even when I’m bad,
I always get a shoulder to cry on, when I’m sad.

Please accept my gratitude for giving me, my lovely friends!
No matter what happens in our friendship, we can always make amends.

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