The Day That She Was Mugged

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The Day That She Was Mugged


Her name was Lucy Armstrong

She was tall with long blonde hair,

Her skirt was short her heels were high.

She knew just what to wear.


She practiced law in London

Spare time spent in the Gym,

She was also good at judo

Which she had started on a whim.


One day while going home from work,

She met a man who looked quite fit,

He was smart with big wide shoulders,

He had muscles in his spit.


She had stopped off for a cuppa

A tea shop close to town,

He sat across the table

Where she decided to sit down.


Their eyes met two or three times

It was very plain to see,

They would both leave at the same time,

When they had finished off their tea.


He smiled and said “is it often that you stop off at this place”

She said “no this is my first time”

She felt the blushing of her face.


“I’m going home from work

Its been a very busy day,

An empty house is waiting

It’s quite far from this cafe.”


“Does that mean that you’re single

Or is your husband out somewhere?”

She said “oh no not married

There is no man anywhere.”


“Well let me introduce myself

My name is Matt Magoo”

“My names Lucy Armstrong

It’s nice to talk to you.”


Matt asked if he could take her out

A drink or meal one day.

She thought he’d never ask

Wasn’t sure what she should say.


Didn’t want to seem too eager

But was glad that he had asked,

She was thinking that she found a man

To take care of her at last.


They arranged to meet that Friday

And they would both go out for dinner,

Then she said “I must get going”

Thinking she is on to a winner.


“Why don’t you let me drive you

My car is just outside”

So she took up on his offer

And had a nice relaxing ride.


She got out of the car as some thugs were walking by.

One grabbed her leather handbag just as Matt had said goodbye.


Her Judo came in handy she grabbed them by the wrist,

Two thugs were sprawled across the floor with a very timely twist.


Matt saw this in his mirror as he went to drive away.

He stopped and went to help her she was shaken but ok.


The thugs had fled, Matt was concerned he could see that she was shaking,

He took her in his arms as the thugs were both escaping.


She felt safer now while in his arms and he kissed her as they hugged.

This was the start of something special.

On the day that she was mugged.

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