Back to normality?

January 22, 2014

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

Back to normalityWell Grace and Annabel, unlike you I don’t have a long term partner any more, so my priorities are to make the most of my new life as Sassy Singleton.

You’ll be glad to hear I made it through Christmas and into the New Year unscathed. Both were really enjoyable memorable happy occasions – especially as I saw a lot of my children. I never felt overstuffed, overwhelmed or sad and I didn’t overspend – so no overspill of worry – it really was delightful. I went out for lunch with my dear new(ish) single chum on Christmas Day – the food was delicious and I suppose until you venture out you have no idea quite how many people prefer not to cook. We had a lovely time and went back to her house where I had an everlasting G & T, early evening nibbles and then my friend fell asleep during Downton (well it was a bit uneventful!) while I mustered on until the end.

I returned to my cottage in time to welcome my brother and his family – my little house is now officially a Tardis as I managed to feed, water and accommodate a further five comfortably. We played silly parlour games, watched a good film and generally had a hoot. They all love the cottage and want to move in permanently (maybe a tad cramped !). My boys then went to the EH and my BFF and I went to the local pub in fancy dress for New Year’s Eve. We have a blast and at midnight I genuinely do find excitement and hope for the new year and my three resolutions:

1/ don’t be so hard on myself

2/ count my blessings

3/ be happy!

In line with the general theme of these I have a blessings jar which I keep it in my kitchen – every time something nice happens, however small, I note it down – the idea is you open it on New Year’s Eve and look back on your year.

I’m now back at work and back into normality again but my year starts with great positivity. I have planned one lovely thing every month that I can look forward to and although I still have a leaking roof and my front door sticks, I do count my blessings and try and focus on the positives. Who knows what the months ahead hold – but currently calmly excited…

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