10 tools that can make gardening easier

Whether you’re an expert gardener or a complete beginner, having the right tools can make gardening all the more comfortable, enjoyable, and productive. Choosing tools that are purposefully built for both effectiveness and comfort can also help prevent certain injuries, for example, backache or sore knees, that can appear after leaning over to tend flowerbeds all day.

With this in mind, we’ve partnered up with home and garden retailer Coopers of Stortford to put together a list of some of their most useful and innovative garden tools.

From strain-reducing secateurs and scratch-proof gloves, through to aerator sandals and electric weed burners, we hope that some of these tools can make for a smoother and more comfortable gardening experience.

1. Thingamadig tool

The Thingamadig is a great multi-purpose gardening tool. Its generalised name is symbolic of the fact that it’s probably one of the most versatile garden tools around, covering a range of different tasks including digging, weeding, scooping, and cutting. As a result, it’s about the only tool you’ll need for planting small pots and containers.

This tool is built for effectiveness as well as comfort. It features a curved stainless steel scoop with a sharp-pointed tip which is perfect for digging through even the toughest ground, and the serrated edges also mean you’ll be able to cut through stubborn roots and tough compost bags with ease. Plus, the comfort-grip handle means you’ll be able to do all of this while avoiding hand strain or soreness.

2. Aerator sandals

A pair of aerator sandals probably aren’t the first tool you’d think to add to a must-buy gardening tool list. But these strap-on sandals can make looking after your garden lawn much easier. Put simply, aerator shoes have thirteen spikes attached to the underneath, which are built to penetrate into the ground.

Aerating your lawn can be beneficial because overly compacted soil can have an impact on how well lawn grass copes in stressful weather, such as high heat or intense rainfall. As a result, it can begin to lose its rich, healthy colour, and can even result in bald patches. The spikes help by penetrating the ground and loosening the soil, which means oxygen, water, and fertiliser can reach the roots more effectively. This in turn will encourage healthy grass growth and improve the look of your lawn. You can read more about the benefits of aerating your lawn on BBC Gardeners’ World.

These spiky sandals are also fitted with three sturdy and adjustable straps that’ll keep the sandals securely in place, so all you need to do is walk around. Aerating your lawn has never been easier!

3. Four-piece long handled garden tool

Common everyday gardening tasks that are known to every gardener such as weeding, digging, raking, and hoeing are covered with this four-piece set that includes a fork, a rake, a trowel, and a cultivator.

The tools feature a comfort-grip handle and two extension poles, which allow you to choose between three different lengths and adjust to different jobs. As you’ll know, some gardening jobs are better done standing up, for example, hoeing, while other tasks like digging small flower pots, are better done sitting or kneeling. Luckily, this versatile set will help you do them all with ease and avoid unnecessarily putting yourself out, and risking injury or discomfort.

4. Swivel shears

Whether you’re cutting back bushes and hedges, or maintaining the appearance of your lawn, garden shears are a must-have tool. These lightweight swivel shears in particular, will extend your reach by almost one metre, so never again will you have to uncomfortably climb up ladders or put out your back to reach tricky places.

Plus, with extra sharp blades that are angle-adjustable, you’ll be able to reach all the gaps and cut everything from the top of a hedge, right down to perfecting the edges of your lawn. And when you’re done, the stainless steel blades are locked closed so that they can be put away for safe storage.

5. Cutting edge weeding tool

If your garden is looking a bit overgrown with weeds and in need of some TLC, you might be interested in this cutting edge weeding tool. Made from extremely tough chrome-plated steel, the super-sharp spade features serrated edges on both sides which make short work of even the most stubborn weeds and branches. Essentially a spade, hatchet, and root saw all in one, it’s the perfect companion to help you weed, dead-head, dig out new flower beds, and plant new bulbs.

Plus, not only does the V-shape structure make digging easy, but the tool is also engraved with measurements so you can plant bulbs accurately. Appropriate to use both left or right-handed, this weeding tool comes with a free storage pouch so that you can put it away neatly when you’re finished.

6. Step lawn edger

No matter how perfectly you weed, rake, and mow your lawn, not paying attention to the edges can leave it looking sloppy. But when it comes to taking care of these thin grass edges that surround your flower beds, patio, or driveway, regular lawn mowers are too wide for the job, so it’s useful to get your hands on a lawn edger.

And often, the simplest tools are the best. With this step lawn edger, all you’ll need to do is place your foot on the wide one-size-fits-all wooden platform and walk along. Your bodyweight will do all the work for you as you press down on the strong stainless steel cutting blade, which will slice through lawn edges and create a perfectly defined border.

Plus, with no need to bend down, and an easy-grip handle, this tool will cause no strain on your back, shoulders, or wrists.

7. Two-handled lightweight bow rake

A rake can come in handy for a lot of different year-round gardening tasks and for many people it’s a must-have tool. Different kinds of rakes suit different jobs, and having the wrong rake can make tasks hard work and unenjoyable. But luckily, this bow rake offers a lot more versatility than others as it can be used for a range of jobs including gathering leafs, tilling soil, composting, and gravel-spreading, as well as more heavy-duty tasks like hardscaping projects.

Its ultra-lightweight structure and double handle also means that there’s less risk of it causing strain on your back, so you’ll be able to work for longer. Plus, you’ll be getting fit on the job too as raking is a great form of exercise, with studies showing that you can burn between 200 and 224 calories per hour.

8. Palm fit dead headers

Dead-heading plants, cutting flowers, and pruning roses are a key part of any keen gardener’s yearly schedule. Pruning and cutting back plants is important because it helps to display the best crop by removing damaged branches, helping plants keep an attractive shape, and encouraging bushier, healthier new growth.

These secateurs are made from high-quality stainless steel and make precise cuts with every stroke. Gardeners and flower arrangers alike will enjoy the comfortably designed handle that fits perfectly in the palm of a hand. Plus, the springs in the arm of the secateurs will help take some of the pressure off your wrists too, so you’ll be able to snip away for hours without suffering from unwelcome aches and pains.

You can read more about how to prune and cut back plants in our list of 12 garden checklist ideas. You can also find out more about why it’s important to prune plants on BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine.

9. Gardener’s Support Belt

Essential gardening tasks like digging, raking, lifting, and tending flower beds – as every gardener knows – can begin to take their toll on your back. If you’ve suffered from backache after a long day’s work in the garden before, then you’ll know how frustrating and limiting it can be, especially when you just want to get back outside. To help avoid you having to take any more unwanted days of rest from garden work, you might be interested in this gardener’s support belt.

All you need to do is wrap the belt around your lower back region, where it’ll provide added support and warmth as you take up different positions on the job. The extra-wide waistband and cross-over shoulder straps will not only help you avoid injury, but will also improve your posture, which is important for overall health and comfort.

This support belt also features two handy tool-holder straps, so you’ll be able to carry tools around with you, and avoid unnecessary back-and-forth trips to the garden shed.

10. Electric weed burner

Most gardeners would agree, there’s nothing much worse than the arduous chore of weeding. But what if there was a tool that destroyed weeds at the push of a button? Enter the electric weed burner. Never has it been easier to get rid of those pesky weeds that slip through the cracks on garden paths, patios, and driveways, as well as in flower beds and on lawns.

Super lightweight and easy to use, this weed burner is accessible and anyone can enjoy its benefits. Plus, the super long handle also means that there’s no need to bend in order to reach tricky areas. This can help you avoid injuries like backache or sore knees.

Finally, this weed burner lets off no toxic chemicals or flammable gases, so you won’t have to worry about any adverse effects on pets or surrounding wildlife.

Final thoughts…

Having the right gardening tools can make all of the difference to your gardening experience. With handy and versatile tools that are built for comfort and productivity, you’ll be able to enjoy ticking off your gardening checklist while also taking steps to look after your health, and avoid dreaded gardening injuries such as backache or sore knees.

Everyone from the most experienced gardener through to complete beginners who are just starting out will be able to appreciate the difference that versatile tools such as long-handled swivel shears and electric weed burners can make to their gardening experience. You can browse various other gardening tools on the Coopers of Stortford website or check out some of their garden decoration ideas

If you’re seeking more gardening inspiration, head over to the home and garden section of our site. Here you’ll find garden checklist ideas, guides on how to grow plants and superfoods both in and outdoors, as well as information about other interesting garden hobbies like beekeeping and bird watching.

Have you got a favourite gardening tool? Have any of these tools caught your eye? We’d love to hear from you. Join the conversation on the gardening section of the Rest Less community forum, or leave a comment below.


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