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Whether you’re thinking about switching providers or looking for a broadband deal for the first time, you can compare and find great deals here. 

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*Annual Savings based on average monthly bill of £33.99 from nationally representative sample (1000) vs our cheapest monthly cost for superfast broadband (>55Mbs), £18.95/month, May 2022.

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How can I find the best broadband deal?

The best broadband deal is the one that ticks all the boxes for you. Here are a few things you need to look for so you get the best deal:

  • Speed – If you stream content or are into online gaming, you will need fast internet speeds.
  • Data – If you need to download large files, or stream in 4K or have a large household, you will need unlimited data allowance.
  • Budget – The cheapest broadband deals start from £18 a month. While some deals don’t charge set-up fees, it’s good to compare installation costs and any other upfront costs too.
  • Bundles – Going for one provider for your broadband, tv and phone needs takes out the hassle of dealing with multiple providers and could also be cheaper for you.
  • Contract length – Broadband deals typically last from 12 months up to 18 or 24 months, so think how long you want to be tied in for before you sign up.

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What broadband speed do I need?

The speed you need depends on your usage and the number of people in your household. 

10Mbps (for light users) – Works best if you only use the internet to check the news, shop online or send emails.

30-60Mbps (for families) – If you’re living in a household with three or four people using the internet, this broadband speed should work for you. 

60-100Mbps (for student sharers and streaming households) – If members of your household stream content all at once, you need speeds that are over 60Mbps. 

100Mbps+ (for online gamers or if you work from home) – Ultrafast speeds are useful for online gamers, households where people stream in 4K, and for people who work from home.

Frequently asked questions

What are the costs of broadband?

While some providers don’t charge installation fees, you could come across the below:

  • First year costs – How much it’ll cost before any introductory deals run out.
  • Line rental cost – If your broadband is connected to your home phone, you’ll need to pay this.
  • Upgrade costs – You can check if it is cheaper to upgrade instead of getting a new deal.
  • Installation or set-up fees – Most providers don’t charge a fee and you can set it up on your own.
  • Monthly bills – This is how much you’ll be paying every month. 

How can I switch broadband providers?

If you’re nearing the end of your current contract, you can switch your provider whenever you like. 

Switching broadband providers has never been easier, so if you’ve stuck with the same supplier for several years, it’s well worth seeing if you can find a cheaper deal elsewhere.

You can read our simple step-by-step guide to switch broadband suppliers.

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