The world-renowned Highway 1 – also known as the Pacific Coast Highway – stretches more than 650 miles along the stunning coastal landscapes of California. It links two of the USA’s best cities, San Francisco and Los Angeles. But this is one trip where the journey is just as incredible as the destination, making it a popular bucket list experience.

This curvy, coast-hugging journey begins in Fort Bragg, in Mendocino County, and ends at Dana Point, in Orange County.

Those who embark on it will be treated to captivating views of dramatic cliffs, cascading waterfalls, iconic bridges, and golden beaches with sparkling turquoise seas. Friendly locals and quaint Californian towns with colourful cottages also add a touch of charm – and vibrant wildflowers, towering redwoods, and grassy meadows provide a magical ambience.

So, how safe is it to drive on this scenic US road? And where should you stop along the way?

Join friend of Rest Less, Cathy Bartrop as she sets off on an awe-inspiring, week-long road trip down Highway 1. Joined by travel writer, Amanda Statham, the pair give us a glimpse of incredible vistas, enchanting wildlife, and delicious food – as well as sharing driving tips and ideas for things to do and places to stay.

About Cathy: Cathy Bartrop is an award-winning travel writer, video producer, and founder of Her goal is to bring destinations and products to life, to offer a realistic view of what travellers can expect, and enable them to make informed travel choices.

Interested in driving the world-famous Highway 1 route?

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