The number of over 50s seeking self-employment has grown in the last 10 years – and, today, nearly one in two self-employed people (48%) are from this demographic.

There are various reasons why self-employment has become more popular among over 50s. But, a key one is that, as people live longer, they’re looking for new and exciting ways to use their skills and life experience – while having greater flexibility and autonomy. Plus, with technological advances, setting up a business has never been easier.

With that said, we asked 65-year-old Roy Sheppard to share some of the top benefits of being self-employed, and some tips on getting started – including how to set up as a sole trader using your own name and how to avoid IR35.

Roy has been a full-time freelancer for 43 years, working as a conference facilitator, speaker, communication coach, and online TV producer and presenter.

Among other benefits, Roy emphasises that, as a self-employed freelancer, it may be possible to…

  • Get paid more per day on a project basis than on a full-time self-employed basis in a similar role
  • Use your business as a side hustle to top up other incomes or fund a hobby
  • Start building a client base using your network of contacts

To find out more about Roy and what services he offers, you can visit his website here. You can also find more information on self-employment and business ideas in the careers section of our website.