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How To Create A Successful Consulting Business in 2022

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About this event

In this session, we’ll look at the trends of the 2020s in the consulting profession, and how those who are starting consulting businesses this year can take advantage of them to build a thriving business.

We’ll look at how you can give yourself the best possible chance at success when setting out and also reveal the biggest mistake that new consultants make that invariably leads to failure.

The Coaching Revolution

The Coaching Revolution has been teaching professional coaches and consultants how to build financially viable coaching businesses for almost five years. We start by teaching a marketing process that’s comfortable, professional and that works because without paying clients, there is no business. We also cover all aspects of running your own business, from business admin to financial acumen.

Meet the host

Sarah Short has a career spanning nearly 40 years, only 5 years of which have been spent in employment. With a background in business, teaching and sales, she founded The Coaching Revolution in 2017. She and her team of mentors have worked with coaches and consultants since then, to help them stand out in a competitive marketplace by becoming an authority within their niche.

A testimonial from a happy client

“I’m one of the lucky ones. I didn’t lose time and money struggling in the wilderness before I discovered The Coaching Revolution, but I know many who did. I added coaching to my skill set through the Coaching Revolution’s ICF accredited course, at the same time as developing my marketing and business development skills through their mentoring programme.

I can honestly say I never looked back. In the process of finding my target audience I also discovered the perfect place to use my skills and knowledge – helping schools support their teachers through peri/menopause. I won’t pretend it was always easy,
but there has been support whenever I needed it, both practically and emotionally – both from Sarah and the whole community at The Coaching Revolution. I honestly wish I’d discovered The Coaching Revolution much sooner!”

Helen Clare

Watch the recording of the event

How To Create A Successful Consulting Business in 2022