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Do you feel like you have untapped potential? Do you have a goal that you’d like some help achieving? Are you thinking about making a change in your life? Working with a life coach or career coach could give you a fresh perspective and the impetus to move forwards…

Working with a coach can give you the support you need to make a positive career change or establish a fresh sense of purpose after a change in life circumstances. Maybe you have long standing dreams or goals that you haven’t yet had the time or confidence to pursue – a coach can help you achieve these.

Over a number of sessions, a coach will help you identify your goals and together you will plan how to move towards them.

Free consultation call

Book a free 30 minute ‘chemistry’ call with one of our life or career coaches. Here’s what they’ll typically cover…

  • Understanding what’s currently going on in your life
  • Discussing attitudes, beliefs and
    goals for the future
  • Helping you identify realistic goals and milestones to work towards
  • Discussing how you can overcome potential obstacles or setbacks
  • Working with you on mindset, attitude and approach
  • Keeping you motivated and accountable to your goals, by providing emotional support and inspiration

Book your free chemistry call

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How our coaching works

  1. Complete the brief form above, providing a little more about your interest in coaching and what you expect to achieve (don’t worry, you don’t have to disclose anything scary), just enough to be able to direct your enquiry appropriately
  2. One of our experts will review your answers
  3. If they feel that there are more appropriate avenues such as skills training, specialist advice or emotional support, they will let you know and will suggest some options for you to explore
  4. If they feel that coaching would work well for you, they will set up a free no obligation 30 minute ‘chemistry’ call with you to discuss expectations, how the process will work and your budget
  5. Once you and the coach have agreed that you want to work together, and agreed the number of initial one-hour sessions, their frequency and duration, you will be sent a link to make payment

Or – if you’d like to skip the intro chat and get started properly, take a look at our coaching packages:

Find the right coaching package for you

Specifically designed around your career choices, this also includes targeted skills and knowledge transfer of topics such as networking, LinkedIn, working with recruitment agencies, CV writing, interview techniques etc. Held weekly, fortnightly or monthly.


A standalone, two-hour session to review and recharge your career. Whether it’s identifying what’s important in your work-life, improving your chances of securing your next role or a practical upgrade of your tools (CV, job search, networking, on-lin presence etc) you’ll come away with a clear action plan.

Pricing: £140


Working with your coach over a number of sessions, you’ll define your career options and goals, set a plan in place and acquire the necessary skills to move forward. Includes one x 2-hour ACTIVATE | Career session plus three x 1-hour ACTUALISE | Career sessions.

Pricing: £315

CV rewrite service

With our CV review and rewriting service, we’ll help make your CV the ultimate tool for opening doors and landing interviews. After a 30 minute chat to understand more about you and the kind of roles you’re applying for, we’ll then go away and produce a fresh CV, as well as a free cover letter.

Pricing: £99.95

When life demands that you make changes, or you feel that it is time to do so, it can be hard to see your way through the available options. Working with a life coach can help you discover and articulate your goals, uncover possible blocks and put strategies in place to achieve your desired outcomes. Held weekly, fortnightly or monthly.


A standalone, two-hour session around a specific topic or challenge that you’re facing. Framing it within the context of your whole life, you’ll gain clarity about your options and what you need to do to move forward.

Pricing: £140


Working with your coach over a number of sessions, you’ll define your life goals, uncover possible blocks and set a plan in place. Your coach will help hold you accountable for your actions and provide support as you discover your new path. Includes one x 2-hour ACTIVATE | Life session plus three x 1-hour ACTUALISE | Life sessions.

Pricing: £315

Prefer to talk to someone first?

Book a free no obligation 30 minute ‘chemistry’ call to discuss your expectations, how the process will work and your budget.

If you haven’t worked with a coach before or you’re only just starting to consider it – take a look at our guide: 7 ways that coaching could help you to get more from life.

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