Though there are approximately 15.5 million women in the UK who are in some stage of the menopause transition, it’s still something that’s not widely understood in UK society. This means that many women feel uncomfortable talking about their menopause symptoms and may struggle in silence – even though their health, as well as their home, work, and social lives may be affected.

However, menopause is everybody’s business and more needs to be done to support women in these areas. So, with this mind, we’ve partnered up with My Menopause Centre and its Founders, Dr. Clare Spencer and Helen Normoyle, who are both in their fifties.

Through their website and their online menopause clinic, Clare and Helen empower women with evidence-based information and advice. My Menopause Centre is available across the UK, and all women are met with kindness, support, and professional care.

In the video below, Rest Less Founder and CEO Stuart Lewis talks more about why Rest Less has partnered with My Menopause Centre and what type of menopause support Rest Less offers its members. 

Clare and Helen also explain why My Menopause Centre was set up, what help and support would be offered during a paid for consultation, and what some of the most common enquiries from people are.

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