In February 2022, Her Majesty The Queen became the first British monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee after serving our country for 70 years.

The Platinum Jubilee is to be marked with an extensive range of events and celebrations in May and June, as well as a bank holiday across the UK (on Friday 3rd June), to commemorate Elizabeth II’s historic reign.

If you want to get involved in the occasion but you’re not sure how, then hopefully you’ll find some inspiration in our list of ideas below. From organising street parties and making Platinum Jubilee-inspired meals to attending beacon light shows and exhibitions at the Queen’s private estates, here are 14 ways to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

1. Organise a street party or take part in the Big Jubilee Lunch

Organise a street party or take part in the Big Jubilee Lunch

Street parties have long been a popular way of bringing communities together to celebrate big events – and the Platinum Jubilee is a perfect opportunity to organise your own.

If you’re unsure where to start with planning a street party, then you might like to have a read of our article; How to organise a street party for the platinum jubilee. Here you’ll find tips on everything from street party rules and regulations to be aware of, to fun food and drink ideas.

You might also like to consider turning your street party into a Big Jubilee Lunch. Since the idea began in 2009, The Big Jubilee Lunch has encouraged communities to get to know each other better and come together in the spirit of friendship and fun. In 2022, The Big Lunch is intended to bring the Jubilee Celebrations to the heart of every community.

Your Jubilee Lunch can as big or small as you like, with people hosting everything from a street party to a picnic, afternoon tea, or garden barbeque. Whatever you decide to do, The Big Lunch website provides plenty of tips and ideas for hosting an event. So why not join the over 1,400 people who have registered already?

2. Find an event or activity happening near you

Find an event or activity happening near you

If you’d prefer to attend an event than host one, you won’t be short of choice.

According to HM Government website, over 1,000 public events, and 1,500 street parties and other private events have been shared so far – and this number is ever-growing.

From arts and crafts events to jubilee fairs and medieval jousting festivals, the range and choice of events being held is quite astonishing.

You can search for events happening near you with this interactive map, or by entering your town or postcode into this search tool on the Platinum Jubilee section of the website.

3. Watch the Platinum Jubilee Celebration at Windsor

Watch the Platinum Jubilee Celebration at Windsor

From 12th to 15th May, the Royal Windsor Horse Show Platinum Jubilee Celebration is taking place in Windsor.

The celebration includes over 500 horses and 1,000 performers who will tell the story of Elizabeth II’s reign, from her coronation to the present day. Expect everything from artists and dancers to international military and global equestrian displays.

You can find more information about this event and how to book tickets on the Platinum Jubilee Celebration website.

4. Attend a beacon lighting event, or host your own

Attend a beacon lighting event, or host your own

In celebration of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, more than 2,022 beacons will be lit throughout the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, and UK Overseas Territories – and one in each of the capital cities of Commonwealth countries on 2nd June 2022.

The idea is to allow individuals, local communities, and organisations to pay tribute and thanks to Her Majesty.

Communities with existing beacon braziers are encouraged to light them and you can search for beacon lighting events happening near you using the events search tool on the website.

Alternatively, if you wish to take part and light your own beacon, you’ll find information on how to register and how the ceremony works on page 21 of this Platinum Jubilee leaflet.

5. Take part in The Queen’s Green Canopy

Take part in The Queen’s Green Canopy

The Queen’s Green Canopy (QGC) is a unique tree planting scheme created to mark and celebrate the Platinum Jubilee. QGC invites people from across the UK to “Plant a Tree for the Jubilee”.

Everyone – from individuals, to villages, cities, counties, corporates, and schools – are all encouraged to take part in the celebration. The initiative hopes to contribute to the environment and leave behind a legacy that will benefit future generations in honour of Her Majesty’s leadership.

While the official planting season between October and March is now over, tree planting will recommence in October 2022 through to the end of the Jubilee year.

You can find more information on The Queen’s Green Canopy website, or search for tree planting events happening near you on the website.

6. Get in the spirit with some Platinum Jubilee at-home activities

Get in the spirit with some Platinum Jubilee at-home activities

There are plenty of ways to get in the spirit of the Platinum Jubilee from the comfort of your own home.

For example, you might like to fill your home with some on-theme decorations, such as bunting, to help set the tone. You’ll find English, Welsh, Union flag, and commonwealth bunting templates on HM Government website, which you can download for free.

There are also a variety of fun activities and exercises that you can download, which are particulary great for getting children and grandchildren involved too. For example, you could spend an afternoon colouring in royal corgis together, decorating a royal crown, or finding your way out this royal maze.

And as you do so, why not play this Platinum Jubilee Celebration playlist from Spotify in the background? It’s been put together by the Department for Digital Culture Media and Sports – featuring artists who have performed at previous jubilee concerts.

7. Attend a Platinum Jubilee exhibition

Attend a Platinum Jubilee exhibition

From July 2022, three special displays, each marking significant occasions in Her Majesty’s reign (the Acession, the Coronations, and the Jubilees), will be staged at the official royal residences.

For example, at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, between July and Sepetember 2022, visitors will be able to see a display of outfits worn by Her Majesty on occasions to celebrate the Silver, Golden, and Diamond Jubilees.

And at Windsor Castle, the Coronation Dress and Robe of Estate worn by The Queen on her Coronation at Westminster Abbey will be on display.

For more information about what’s on and how to book, you can visit the Royal Collection Trust website.

8. Spend some time reflecting back on Her Majesty’s reign

Spend some time reflecting back on Her Majesty’s reign

For a more peaceful Platinum Jubilee celebration, you might like to spend some time reflecting on how the UK has changed during the Queen’s 70-year reign, using this Then and Now article from the website.

The article compares how iconic landmarks looked at the time of Elizabeth II’s coronation in the 1950s to how they look now.

From London’s Tower Bridge to St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh, these fascinating comparisons are a lovely, peaceful way to reflect on the Queen’s historic reign.

9. Tune into the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations on the BBC

Tune into the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations on the BBC

Across its television, radio channels, and on-demand platforms, the BBC will be airing special programming in celebration of Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee across May and June 2022.

There’ll be plenty to keep you entertained – from live coverage of the Platinum Party, to gripping documentaries and Jubilee specials of much-loved programmes like Bargain Hunt and The Repair Shop. BBC Radio 2 will also be broadcasting news archives and music from 1952.

You can find a full line up of what to expect from the BBC Platinum Jubilee programming schedule on Radio Times website.

10. Take a trip to the Tower of London to visit Superbloom

Take a trip to the Tower of London to visit Superbloom

The Tower of London moat has been sown with over 20 million seeds which will burst into bloom at the beginning of June – just in time for the main Jubilee weekend.

Superbloom marks the first stage of a programme to install natural landscape throughout the centre of the City of London. It’s open to the public between 1st June to 18th September.

For more information, including how to book tickets, head over to the Tower of London website.

11. Whip up some fun British recipes in the kitchen

Whip up some fun British recipes in the kitchen

The Platinum Jubilee is a great excuse to have some fun in the kitchen and celebrate with some classic British recipes.

BBC Good Food have a fabulous selection of Platinum Jubilee recipes – some of which are just as impressive to look at as they are to taste. This fruity union jag flag traybake and these bunting biscuits are our personal favourites.

Whipping up some delicious on-theme food is also a great way to share company with your community and get in the spirit of the Platinum Jubilee together.

If you wanted to, you could also add a touch of fun competition by hosting a lighthearted bake-off competition with your friends and family, Mary Berry style.

12. Attend celebrations at Sandringham and Balmoral

Attend celebrations at Sandringham and Balmoral

Over the Platinum Jubilee weekend there’ll be various celebrations taking place at the Queen’s private estates of Sandringham and Balmoral for local residents and visitors to enjoy.

Usually closed to the public, this is a real treat and one worth making the most of. From outdoor concerts and vintage fairs, to aerial displays and afternoon teas, there’ll be something for everyone to enjoy at Sandringham and Balmoral.

You can find out more on the Sandringham Estate and Balmoral Castle websites. Some events are free while others are ticketed and will need to be booked in advance.

13. Invest in some Platinum Jubilee memorabilia, or give some as a gift

Invest in some Platinum Jubilee memorabilia, or give some as a gift

If you’re after something that you can look back on in years to come, to hand down to your family, or to gift to a loved one, why not invest in some Platinum Jubilee memorabilia?

There’s all sorts on offer, including commemorative mugs, tote bags, kitchen accessories, crystal champagne flutes, and limited edition teapots. You can get a better idea of what items are available in Country Living’s article; 25 Platinum Jubilee souvenirs and gifts to celebrate the Queen.

You can purchase memorabilia on the Royal Collection shop website, and Amazon have a good selection too.

14. Attend the Platinum Jubilee Pageant or host your own

Attend the Platinum Jubilee Pageant or host your own

Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant will take place on Sunday 5th June 2022 against the backdrop and surrounding streets of Buckingham Palace. The event is open to the public and no booking is required.

The Pageant will be played out in four parts – each one celebrating a different era of the Queen’s 70-year reign – and is intended to bring all the excitement and energy of an international parade and carnival.

The spectacular event will include artistic performers, dancers, musicians, and a military display celebrating the UK Armed Forces.

You can find out more about what to expect on the Platinum Jubilee Pageant and HM Government websites.

Final thoughts…

This year, Queen Elizabeth II will make history by becoming the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, after serving our country for 70 years.

To mark this once-in-a-lifetime event, why not start planning how you’ll be celebrating? With such an extensive range of activities and events, there’s a way for everyone to get involved and enjoy themselves.