As the seasons change and you begin to dig out warmer clothes for the colder weather, it can be challenging to find interesting looks that show your identity, while still being practical and “age appropriate”.

The rule book for how older women should dress is a thing of the past and it is exciting that all generations can dress in a modern and creative way, but nonetheless, it’s always important to remain comfortable and find the styles that represent you, while still being flattering.

Colours and prints

Some colours are synonymous with autumn, we see them in the stores year upon year as the leaves begin to fall, the burnt orange hues, wine-like burgundies and deep forest greens. These key colours are always worth investing in as they recur almost every Autumn/Winter season. A good way to integrate these colours into your wardrobe could be to get a coat in these colours, such as this gorgeous orange coat that Carole Middleton uses to brighten up an otherwise rather dark outfit, while keeping it classic and simple. Another example is this rich looking purple coat from Monsoon.

Neutral, earthy colours are also key wardrobe essentials for autumn, and are versatile enough to be styled in various ways to represent you, and be adaptable for different occasions. While brown tones such as camel and tan are popular for outerwear in the winter, neutral transitional pieces can also be used throughout the whole year, so they aren’t just an investment for the cooler months. Cream and ivory are seasonless colours which can be paired with a statement pop of colour as an easy way to create an eye-catching outfit, for example, pairing a cream knit with this bright pink hat from M&S.

There are some prints that we see time and time again as the seasons transition. Generally inspired by nature, we often see animal print, particularly the ever-popular leopard print, implemented in various ways in people’s outfits. Whether it’s a subtle hint on a bag or gloves, or a whole coat, such as this one that Jane Fonda fashions, leopard print is a great way to create a more exciting and dynamic look. If you aren’t keen on going full leopard, you could try finding a print that is animal-like, like this blouse from Phase Eight.

If leopard print isn’t your thing, other timeless autumn prints include checks of all sorts, from houndstooth to plaid, these prints can always be spotted on the highstreet in the cooler months. Houndstooth comes in all sorts of variations, this year Hobbs has had a collection of pieces in “micro-houndstooth”, a great way to make a statement if you aren’t confident with colour. Houndstooth is often found in monochrome, and is a great way to make black and white pop more. Classic plaid patterns can easily look old and tired, to keep that from happening, make sure it is the perfect fit and try a more modern cut.


Layering is crucial for practicality in the transitional autumn weather. Being able to remove part of your outfit and still look stylish doesn’t have to be hard.

As a cosy, warm outer layer, chunky cardigans are a great option rather than fleeces, which are much harder to make appear fashionable. For your underneath layer, try and find sleeveless or short sleeved tops with simple details to allow for airflow while avoiding seeming like undergarments, such as this sparkle knitted vest from Hobbs.

To make the most of your wardrobe, try using long-sleeved button up blouses as outer layers, by leaving them undone over a simple top. Sheer blouses used in this way look modern and elegant, and are a great way to layer without being overly insulated.


Accessorising is a great way to jazz up a simple look, and can help you create a statement without having to invest in any loud clothing items that are harder to style. Scarves are great in the autumn and winter as they are a practical layering piece, while also providing an opportunity for adding print or colour to a plain outfit, such as these options from M&S. 

Scarves are also really versatile, depending on the size of the scarf, it can also be worn as a shawl, or if it gets too warm to wear around your neck, it can be tied to a bag strap to brighten up other accessories.


There are plenty of older style icons to look to for inspiration, with women over 60 being seen in magazines, TV and film today more than ever. While it’s great to use celebrities as an influence, it’s important to experiment and try and find your own style that represents YOU.

Women in their later stages of life can continue to express themselves through the way they dress, their hairstyle or even a signature lipstick colour, and aging doesn’t have to mean that you lose this part of yourself.