While we once may have associated metallics and lustre with evening wear, this year the trend has transitioned to daytime too, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Think ‘metallic’ and your mind may go to gleaming golds, sparkly silvers, and glittery textures – but there are many more sides to the trend than these. Metallics have never been more wearable – and they can elevate an outfit in an instant, no matter the occasion.

They can also be playful or sophisticated – or both – depending on how they’re styled, making them a useful and versatile addition to your wardrobe.

Still not convinced? Just head over to Instagram to see one of the ways that style icon Anna Wintour has worn the trend – choosing fabrics with a soft sheen, rather than a high shine.

And to discover just how effortless metallics can be, here are eight more ways to style them.

1. Keep lines simple

If you’re nervous about embracing metallics, perhaps you might consider easing your way into the trend via clothing with uncomplicated lines. For example, if you want to try a metallic trouser, you could try a classic straight-leg, rather than a flare.

In the same way, a pencil or pleated skirt which falls just below the knee might feel more doable than something long and billowing – and a blazer in a chic cut may be less intimidating than, for instance, a bomber jacket.

To keep your silhouette and overall look clean and uncomplicated, try pairing your metallic pieces with basic, but stylish, items, such as a plain white t-shirt, a crisp tailored shirt, or a black polo neck.

2. Tailor your look to the occasion

As mentioned above, the new trend in metallics means that they can be worn by day or night. The key is in the styling. Consider shoes, for instance – while a pair of plain white trainers can help to make metallics look more casual, a heel might be more indicative of a nighttime look.

You might also wish to think about the finish. A shiny, glossy silver or gold may create more of an evening feel than a matte finish, which will look great during the day.

Denim is a daytime staple, so consider pairing a metallic shirt or knit with a pair of well-cut, figure-flattering jeans. By night, you could embrace a modern look by swerving a dress in favour of a metallic jumpsuit or matching skirt and blazer.

“I have a silver jacket, which looks great over a t-shirt with a pair of jeans and trainers,” says Nicola de Burlet, PR Studio (theprstudio.co.uk) director and face of Instagram’s @silverstylepages.

“Putting something that’s very ‘eveningy’ or dressy with a pair of ripped jeans brings it into a more wearable space,” she continues, “yet you can also elevate a piece like this for evening, by pairing it with a velvet trouser and a strappy heel.”

3. Allow your metallics to take centre stage

If all-out metallics seems like a step too far, you could try choosing one statement piece and styling it with simple basics. As mentioned above, a tailored white shirt or classic t-shirt looks great with a metallic piece and keeps the overall look bold without being too flamboyant.

In the same way, a metallic top or blazer with an elegant pair of black trousers is a stunning evening look, and can also elevate a pair of daytime denim jeans. A metallic skirt can be dressed down for the day with a jumper, or denim or leather jacket, to give the outfit some edginess.

Even when choosing to wear more than one metallic piece, you may feel more comfortable if you style the outfit down with simple lines and one or two basics. For example, look at Kate Moss: below, she’s wearing head-to-toe metallic, but has kept the cut of the suit classic, and the t-shirt is a timeless scoop-neck style.

Keeping the metallic fabric as the central focus of your outfit can help to make the trend less overwhelming.

Stylist Brittany Taylor (brittanytaylor.co.uk) is a fan of mixing textures and blending colours to bring a softness to metallics, making them easier to wear.

“A shiny midi skirt is a great way to do metallics,” she says. “One of my favourite fashion combinations is a metallic leather skirt with a soft wool or cashmere jumper. A silver midi skirt and a grey wool jumper is a stunning combination, as is a gold midi skirt with a camel knit.”

One of Brittany’s top picks is this gold, vegan leather, wrap waist skirt from Never Fully Dressed.

4. Embrace shimmer and sparkle

Embracing the metallic trend doesn’t need to involve all-out heavy metal: there are many other ways in which you can add shine to your outfit.

Lurex and sequins are both key players here. For instance, this Pure Collection dress (available at John Lewis) is wonderfully luxe without being too shiny, and this slouchy Zara sweater would look subtly sparkly paired with jeans.

Pieces shot through with metallic thread provide a stylish and barely-there way to get the look, while sequins can also add a playful, glimmering appeal to an outfit. This Yumi sequinned tank top, for example, would look fabulous with a tailored suit.

Another option is metallic jacquard, like these Monsoon trousers. Worn simply with a black jumper, they’ll look opulent but relatively low-key; while wearing them with the matching jacket blends luxe with chic.

You could think about embellishments, rather than all-out shine too. This James Lakeland jumper features lurex detailing at the collar and cuffs, giving just a hint of metallic shimmer; while these Love & Roses trousers, with their side stripe of sequins, give a ‘wow’ factor to a classic wide-leg style.

5. Think beyond silver and gold

There’s more to metallics than the colours we associate with precious metals – you might also like to experiment with metallic blues and greens, or with bronze and pink.

But what about if you’re keen on silver and gold?

“Think about what metallic colour works for you,” says Nicola. “Generally speaking, people with cooler tones (for example – paler skin, blue eyes, and blonde or silver hair) suit silver tones, while warmer complexions with darker eyes and hair suit gold tones.

“This isn’t a hard and fast rule, however,” she continues. “Play with metallics if you’re not sure.”

See below for Nicola having a play with metallics and showing just how fun – yet classy! – they can be.

6. Lean into accessories

Still not convinced that metallic clothing is right for you? Silver, gold and other metallics have long featured in the world of shoes and handbags, so these can be an easy way to incorporate the trend into your outfit.

And, yet again, there are ways of working these items into your wardrobe without looking like you’re headed out for the evening: the key is in the style and styling.

As an example, these gold La Redoute trainers would work the trend perfectly in a daywear setting, as would one of these slouchy metallic bags from Etsy. Paired with jeans and a jumper or sleek activewear, they combine casual with cool.

You could also try a pair of lace-up brogues, like these from White Stuff, to smarten up a pair of trousers and give your footwear a luxe edge. In summer, a simple cotton dress can be sparkled up with shiny sandals – or given a rock’n’roll edge with silver cowboy boots, like these from Office.

It’s the same story with evening wear. While metallics look great by night, it’s not a look that everyone will be comfortable with during the day – but classic black or a block colours can still be elevated by a shiny pair of shoes or purse.

A sky-high heel, like this pair from Mango can add drama to your outfit. However, something we love about metallics is that they can add oomph to a look all on their own, so comfort can remain the focus.

For instance, these Marks & Spencer silver flats would look fabulous by night – something that black shoes in this style wouldn’t achieve in quite the same way. And the same may be said of these Ralph Lauren block heel sandals.

Pair with a high-shine clutch or evening bag and you’re ready to go!

7. Consider wearing metallics you can remove

If you like the thought of wearing metallics but also want options, wearing them as an outer layer could be a handy go-to.

“I recently bought a metallic silver trench coat,” says Brittany. “I love a statement coat because it means you can wear the simplest of outfits underneath, but you’ll still always make that first impression. It means your core outfit, underneath, will feel most like you, yet you’ll still be able to add this statement pop.”

To enhance the effect, she says, “I’d go for one with a texture to it, like a mock-croc print, a crackle, or a slightly oversized/creased look. I love this one by Ghospell as it’s more on the matte side, but still packs a punch.”

For someone wondering whether they can pull off the metallic trend, this is a win-win: you get to make the entrance and the statement, yet still feel comfortable in your familiar style.

8. Try metallic makeup

A clever way to wear metallics without overhauling your wardrobe is to incorporate them into your makeup.

“Bronze, gold, and rose gold can be very flattering on the eyes,” says makeup artist Kit Hall (kithallmakeup.com). “I would recommend using a cream colour rather than a pressed powder, because creams blend better and are less likely to drop or shed onto the rest of the face, and don’t collect in any creases.”

She recommends Gen See Mixed Media Metallic Liquid Eyeshadow and says, “You can use the metallic shadow as eyeliner, just giving it a cat-flick at the end. Alternatively, you might like to create a smokey eye and just add a pop of the metallic colour on the centre of the eyelid, which gives a subtle look.”

“Another look to try would be metallic green, blue or purple eyeliner on the top eyelid. Keep the rest of the makeup muted and understated so that the eye ‘pops’ and the overall look isn’t too overwhelming.

“I would recommend Victoria Beckham’s eyeliners, which have a lovely creamy texture and are really easy to use. Another favourite of mine are Charlotte Tilbury’s liners.”

She adds, “If metallic makeup isn’t for you, how about trying a metallic nail, or a touch of metallic glam to your hair?” She points out the recent campaign that session stylist Guido Palau did for Zara, using Zara’s ‘Give Me Glitter’ spray.

Final thoughts…

Not only are metallics a hot trend right now, but they’re also a fresh and contemporary way to brighten up just about any outfit, regardless of when you’re wearing it. From well-worn jeans to slick evening wear, adding some glimmer and gleam will take dressing to the next level.

And, despite seeming like a tricky trend to master, they’re very easy to wear. Whether you choose to don a piece of metallic clothing, play it safe with shoes or a bag, or add some shine to your makeup, there are many ways to incorporate metallics into your look, both day and night.

Worn close to the face, they’re also very flattering as they reflect light and cast a glow. Think of it as having your very own reflector board.

Metallics offer many opportunities for playing with textures, too, which always helps to create a stylish look. Paired with crisp cotton or cosy wool, the contrast can add a fresh and interesting look to your outfit.

This is a trend that you can really make work for you, creating a look that’s as subtle or as dazzling as you like. And what could be more versatile than that?

For more inspiration, head over to the fashion and beauty section of our website. Here you’ll find articles on everything from 6 ways to wear statement jewellery to How to bring life and vibrancy to your face with minimal makeup.

Do you wear metallics? Are you thinking of trying any of these looks? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.