Whether you’re cutting down on your alcohol consumption for a month, or ditching the booze for good, you might be seeking an alcohol-free alternative to replace your favourite tipple.

Fortunately, for the non-drinkers among us, there’s a growing number of alcohol-free beers, wines, and spirits to choose from as more people sign up to the ‘sober curious’ trend that’s sweeping social media.

Some major brands such as Guinness, Becks, and Gordons are already well-known for their alcohol-free options, but there are plenty of alternatives that you might not have considered.

The problem that many people face when choosing to go sober for a while, though, is that alcohol-free substitutes often cost as much as their alcoholic counterparts. This defeats one of the major perks of giving up alcohol, which is saving money – particularly when living costs are soaring.

With that said, here’s our guide to some of the best and most affordable non-alcoholic alternatives.

1. Corona Cero

Accordingto reviewers, if you add a slice of lime, it’s difficult to tell the difference between this 0% drink and the real deal.

Corona Cero receives five star rave reviews, with plenty of people saying it’s their favourite alcohol-free beer, and one they can’t do without when they’re not drinking.

£4 for 4x330ml bottles from Sainsbury’s...

2. Pineapple and Raspberry Old Mout Cider

If you’re usually a fan of sweet, flavoured ciders, this one might be worth a try.

Like its alcoholic peers, this Pineapple and Raspberry Old Mount Cider is fizzy and fruity – and reviewers say it’s a refreshing option for a hangover-free summer.

There’s also a Berries & Cherries version if you want to try a different flavour.

£1.60 for 500ml from Asda...

3. I Heart Zero Sparkling White

I Heart Zero Sparkling Wine is a decent prosecco substitute from a popular wine maker.

Drinks provider Slurp says it’s: “Light and refreshing, with bright apple and melon fruit flavours. Food friendly and great on its own, a fantastic fizz for all occasions.”

It’s also significantly cheaper than many of its 0% fizzy friends.

£3.50 from Slurp...

4. Rock shandy

Rock Shandy is a popular South African mocktail that’s simple to make at home, and a great, thirst-quenching drink for the warmer months.

Recipes vary and you can, of course, adapt it to suit your taste buds. It’s made up of soda water and lemonade in equal parts, fresh lemon, and around a quarter of a teaspoon of Angostura bitters. Add some ice, and enjoy.

Angostura bitters are alcoholic, though the amount used in a Rock Shandy is minimal so this can be classed as a very low-alcohol option.

Make it yourself...

5. McGuigan Zero Sauvignon Blanc

If you like to drink wine, it can be tricky to find an enjoyable alcohol-free substitute. But this cheap alcohol-free white wine receives some good reviews. Reviewers say it’s dry and crisp, making it ideal for the warmer months.

Try serving as a revitalising alternative to white wine spritzer in a wine glass with ice and soda.

McGuigan Zero Sauvignon Blanc is typically found in Sainsbury’s – and McGuigan also offers an alcohol-free chardonnay, sparkling white wine, and a shiraz.

£4 from Sainsbury’s…
McGuigan Zero Sauvignon Blanc

6. Fever Tree Tonic Water

There are dozens of different flavours of tonic water on offer these days, and Fever Tree’s selection is particularly impressive. You can pick from elderflower or basil tonic water, for example, or citrus flavours such as pink grapefruit or lemon.

Tonic water is delicate, and relatively bitter for a soft drink because it contains quinine. It’s also usually mixed with alcoholic drinks such as gin and tonic. But there’s no reason why you can’t simply drink tonic on its own, or use it as the base for a mocktail.

Garnishes – such as rosemary, lemon, lime or mint – can add an extra boost of flavour or try mixing in bitter flavours such as lemon zest, ginger, or sage.

From £1.70 for 500ml from Sainsbury’s…

7. St Etienne Premium Lager 0%

According to the blogger Steady Drinker, St Etienne is a decent alcohol-free option that’s much cheaper than the likes of Becks Blue or other alternatives. So, if you’re after a simple 0% lager, this could suit you – and at under £1, it won’t break the bank. Plus, it’s recommended by members of the Facebook group Team Sober UK.

However, it’s worth being aware that each bottle of St Etienne has 9g of sugar, meaning it’s best enjoyed in moderation.

99p for 500ml from Aldi…

8. Kopparberg Pear Alcohol Free Cider

Another cider alternative, Kopparberg gets plenty of five star reviews. One writes: “This cider is fantastic. Does taste like pear drops as other reviewers have mentioned. It is a sweet cider but not too sweet for my taste.”

Cider fans can try serving it over ice in the summer.

£1.30 for 500ml at Sainsbury’s…

9. Freixenet 0.0% Alcohol Free Sparking Rosé

Freixenet is a fizzy and delicious alternative to sparkling wine that’s particularly pleasant when it’s served really cold.

It receives rave reviews on Sainsbury’s from non-drinkers who say that its tastes very similar to the alcoholic version, but benefits from being cheap and low in calories.

£5 from Sainsbury’s…

10. Trip CBD Infused Fizzy Drinks (Elderflower Mint)

If you want to unwind with an option that’s not trying to mimic alcohol but is supposed to make you feel relaxed, a can of Trip might be up your street. You can choose from three flavours: Lemon Basil, Elderflower Mint and Peach Ginger.

Each can contains 15mg of CBD, which is a legal chemical compound taken from cannabis and hemp plants to make oil and known for its relaxing qualities.

Trip is proving popular among sober individuals who want to chill out in the evening without drinking alcohol.

£15 for 12x250ml cans from Amazon…

11. Nexba Naturally Free Elderflower & Lemon Kombucha

A delicately fruity, sugar-free kombucha is essentially a fermented sparkling tea that’s good for your gut.

But kombucha is also a great alternative to sparkling wine, prosecco or champagne, especially when served in a wine glass.

There are masses of different kombucha brands on the market, but some can be pretty expensive. This low-cost kombucha is full of probiotics, and has a subtle, refreshing taste on its own, or when added to a homemade mocktail.

£3 for 1L at Sainsbury’s…

12. Big Drop Pine Tree Pale Ale

You can choose from dozens of alcohol-free pale ales, though this is one of the best. It’s reasonably priced, but whether you’re on a budget or not, you don’t have to compromise on taste.

Blogger Steady Drinker says: “Pine Trail is a fine example of an interesting non-alcoholic beer. It’s refreshing, full of distinctive flavours and aroma and has a great body/mouthfeel.”

£1.50 per can at Morrisons…

13. Make your own mocktails

If you’re struggling to find an affordable alcohol-free substitute for your favourite tipple, then why not make your own?

You can concoct your own mocktails with whatever ingredients you like, and there’s plenty of inspiration online. For example, check out some of The Mindful Mocktail’s easy recipes with three ingredients, or one of BBC Good Food’s 65 mocktail recipes.

Where can you buy non-alcoholic alternatives?

For more drink ideas, you can search one of the growing number of alcohol-free, online off-licences such as The Alcohol Free CoWise Bartender and Dry Drinker. There are hundreds of options to browse through – from alcohol-free beer, wine, and cider, to CBD, ginger, and chilli drinks, as well as so-called ‘adult soft drinks’.

If you’re planning on staying alcohol-free for a while, it’s worth signing up to their newsletters, as these will flag any offers or particular discounts. For example, Dry Drinker is currently offering a 45% discount on a bottle of Tempus Two’s non-alcoholic Australian Pinot Grigio, which now costs £3.99.