Limoncello recipe

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Limoncello recipe


10 organic lemons washed and dried

1 750ml bottle Vodka – the higher the proof % the better

200g castor sugar

For cloudier lemonade, add:

200g icing sugar


1. Using a knife, or peeler, remove the peel from the lemons with as little of the pith as possible.

2. Place the lemon peel in a large jar or bowl, along with the vodka. Seal/cover and leave for as little as four days or up to one month to infuse – the longer you leave it, the stronger the lemon flavour will be.

3. Place the sugar in a pan along with a small amount of water. Bring to the boil until the sugar is dissolved.

4. Decant the vodka through a filter to remove the lemon peel. Add the sugar syrup and mix until incorporated. Store in a sterilised bottle until needed.

Or for cloudier limoncello…

This method will give you a cloudier, more sherbet style Lemoncello.

1. Place the lemon peel, icing sugar, and vodka in a sterilised jar – leave for as little as four days or up to one month to infuse – the longer you use it the stronger the lemon flavour will be.

2. Use a sieve to filter the vodka and remove the lemon peel. Store in the required sterilised bottle until needed.

Storage and serving

Once made the limoncello can be kept chilled for up to one month, or frozen for up to 12 months. Serve chilled.

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