Dry January may be over, but more of us than ever are trying to cut back on booze. A recent survey found that four out of 10 UK adults have either stopped drinking alcohol altogether or would like to, and interest in non-alcoholic drinks has never been higher. Luckily, the days when non-alcoholic drinks just involved soda and lime are long gone, and today there are all kinds of options available.

Not only are alcohol-free cocktails delicious, but they’re often just as fun, special, and sophisticated as their boozy counterparts. So, whether you’re looking to quit alcohol altogether or just keen to try more non-alcoholic drinks, we’ve got a few great recipes for you to sip on. And you don’t need any expensive alcohol-substitutes for these drinks either!

Here are 10 moreish mocktail recipes to raise your glass to.

1. Nojito


Mojitos are one of the most delicious and refreshing cocktails around. Created in the Cuban capital of Havana, a traditional mojito usually contains white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and mint – and the blend of zingy citrus and fresh mint is incredibly moreish alongside the sugar and white rum. But this is a cocktail that’s just as satisfying without the alcohol, and even more refreshing.

To make a nojito, simply muddle the mint and lime in a tall glass to release the mint oils and lime juice, then add sweetener and more lime. Rather than using plain sugar, why not use a fruit syrup to mix things up? Raspberry goes especially well with mint. Then, fill the class with ice and soda water, stir, and garnish with some extra mint sprigs – and perhaps a raspberry or two.

To make a nojito, try this recipe from Sainsbury’s.

2. Beet tonic spritzer

Beet tonic spritzer

If you’re looking for a classy, sophisticated cocktail that looks beautiful – particularly when garnished with vibrant orange peel – and tastes absolutely delicious, then this beetroot tonic spritzer might be it. Plus, beetroot juice is packed with powerful health benefits.

To make this deep red mocktail, just shake up your beet juice, liquid sweetener (either honey or agave will do), lemon juice, and ice. Then strain it into your favourite drinking glass, top it with ginger beer and tonic water, give it a quick stir, and garnish with some orange peel.

To make beet tonic spritzer, try this recipe by Food 52.

3. Virgin piña colada

Virgin piña colada

The piña colada is the classic holiday drink – a cocktail that evokes sun, sea, and sand, and lazy afternoons on the beach. Originating in Puerto Rico, traditional piña coladas are made with white rum, coconut cream, and pineapple juice, and while virgin piña coladas are rum-free, they’re just as refreshing and rich – and each sip will transport you to a tropical paradise.

There are many variations of piña colada, so you can adapt your recipe to whatever’s easiest for you to get hold of. You can swap coconut cream for coconut milk, for example, or swap out pineapple juice for frozen pineapple junks. Just blend all your ingredients with ice, and don’t forget the garnishes: a little paper umbrella is a must, as is either a pineapple wedge or a maraschino cherry.

To make a virgin piña colada, try this recipe by House of Nash Eats.

4. Non-alcoholic old fashioned

Non-alcoholic old fashioned

An old-fashioned is one of the most classic and stylish cocktails around – and if you’ve always been a fan, this next drink is for you. Traditionally made with whiskey, bitters, sweetener, and orange peel, an old-fashioned has a wonderful depth of flavour, and luckily, you can still recreate the complex flavours without the booze.

While the ingredient list here is quite long, we promise it’s worth it – and if you’re a keen cook, you’ll probably already have most items. The cayenne pepper, cloves, cinnamon, orange, and bitters go a long way to creating that fabulously deep taste. And, while bitters do contain alcohol, the amount is so negligible it adds no significant alcohol content; it’s comparable to bananas or soy sauce.

To make a non-alcoholic old fashioned, try this recipe by The Guardian.

5. Virgin banana daiquiri

Virgin banana daiquiri

Just like mojitos and piña colada, the classic banana daiquiri is another Caribbean cocktail that can transport you to a tropical beach in just a few sips. While a standard daiquiri contains rum, lime juice, and sugar or other sweetener, there are popular strawberry and banana variations. If you’re looking for a rich, creamy mocktail that’s lower in calories than a piña colada, a banana daiquiri is a good bet.

Just make virgin banana daiquiris, you need to have a couple of ripe bananas – although not too ripe, or your drink may taste a little sickly-sweet! Then, just blitz up the banana with some ice cubes, cold water, and lime juice – and, if you want to make it taste more authentic, some rum extract too. Then simply pour into your favourite cocktail glass and add a slice of lime.

To make virgin banana daiquiris, try this recipe from Strength and Sunshine.

6. Gin-free G&T

Gin-free G&T

If a gin and tonic has always been your tipple of choice, there’s a good chance this next recipe might end up being your new favourite drink. This gin-free gin and tonic isn’t just some iced tonic water with an obligatory slice of lemon; it’s actually a divine drink that really does manage to replicate the complex and distinctive botanical flavours of gin.

First, you need to bruise some cardamom pods, then put them in a jug with sliced cucumber, mint leaves, lemon zest, cloves, rosemary, and a chamomile tea bag. Next, add cold water, mix well, and put it in the fridge to infuse for two to four hours. After, strain the water into your glass, add some ice, top up with tonic water, and garnish with extra mint leaves. Then, prepare to be wowed.

To make a gin-free G&T, try this recipe by BBC Good Food.

7. Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary

For millions of people all around the world, a bloody Mary is the best hangover cure – and while not having to deal with hangovers is one of the many perks of not drinking, you might still have a craving for this classic cocktail. Luckily, making a virgin Mary is as easy as removing the vodka – and another big bonus is that this moreish mocktail contains one of your five a day.

Thanks to tangy tomato juice, zingy lime, spicy hot sauce, and umami-rich savoury Worcestershire sauce, the virgin Mary is one of the most flavoursome non-alcoholic drinks around – and you can adapt it to your taste preferences, making it as mild or as spicy as you like. Part of the fun is also the garnishings, and celery, gherkins, lemon wedges and olives all go really well.

To make a virgin mary, try this recipe from SkinnyTaste.

8. Virgin margarita

Virgin margarita

A classic margarita is one of the most popular cocktails in the world. Sweet agave nectar, tart lime, and punchy tequila can be a dangerously moreish combination…so why not play it safe and make a batch of virgin margaritas? Refreshing, fun, and delicious, these mocktails are perfect for sipping on a warm summer’s day – but they’re also a great way to brighten up a cold, drab evening.

Fresh lime juice is essential for this, and a twist of lemon adds extra brightness. You can always add a splash of orange juice to tone down the tartness, but the agave nectar should also do the trick. Add soda water for some fizz, then make sure the rim of the class has a healthy salt and lime rim. And, if you want to recreate that tequila ‘funk’, a dash of pickled gherkin juice is surprisingly effective!

To make a virgin margarita, try this recipe from A Couple Cooks.

9. Non-alcoholic dirty martini

Non-alcoholic dirty martini

A dirty martini is one of the strongest-tasting cocktails around – and if you’re a fan of these deep, savoury flavours, as well as the satisfyingly salty olive brine, this next recipe will surely pique your interest. Traditionally martinis are made with gin or vodka, and if you’ve ever tried non-alcoholic gin or vodka substitutes, you’ll probably already know that they don’t quite cut it.

But this next recipe has a very interesting ingredient: potato water. While it might sound a little mad, vodka is traditionally made from potatoes, so it makes sense! Next time you’re cooking potatoes, just reserve some water, let it cool, and add it to a shaker with plenty of ice and some olive brine. Shake until chilly, pour into a glass, add olives (one, three, or five – never even numbers!), and enjoy!

To make a non-alcoholic dirty martini, try this recipe by This Vivacious Life.

10. Hot buttered pineapple

hot buttered pineapple

If you’re in the mood for something warmer, sweeter – and less potatoey – this next mocktail might be right up your street. Hot buttered rum is a cocktail that’s made with rum, butter, hot water or cider, sweetener, and spices including cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. Thanks to its heat – and those warming spices – it’s often enjoyed in cold months, but is delicious throughout the year.

While this non-alcoholic version obviously doesn’t contain any rum, it’s just as sweet and delicious. The refreshing flavours of pineapple and orange juice go beautifully with cinnamon, and the butter adds a creamy luxuriousness. Plus, if you’re feeling under the weather, the double dose of vitamin C goes a long way to boosting your immune system – and the warmth is super soothing too.

To make hot buttered pineapple, try this recipe from The Purple Pumpkin.

Final thoughts…

As these recipes show, non-alcoholic cocktails can be just as sophisticated, delicious, and diverse as their traditional counterparts. Plus, while these 10 mocktails are all very moreish, you can drink as many as you like without having to worry about waking up with a sore head.

If you’re a fan of summery cocktails that transport you to more exotic climes, the virgin piña coladas, banana daiquiris, and nojitos will definitely inject some sunshine. Alternatively, if you prefer classic cocktails, you can’t go wrong with a gin-free G&T, alcohol-free old-fashioned, or innovative virgin dirty martini.

Or, for something totally different, why not make a beet tonic spritz, a hot buttered pineapple, or kick off your day with a virgin Mary? These mocktails are as diverse as they are delicious, so hopefully there’s a recipe here to tickle your fancy!

What’s your favourite mocktail? Are you planning to try any of these recipes? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!