Now that spring has arrived, you might be thinking of ways to make the most of the nicer weather. After a harsh winter, many of us will be more than ready to welcome spring flowers, warmer days, and lighter evenings.

Not only do the signs of spring help to boost our mood in the here and now; but they can also help us feel more positive about the year ahead.

So, from having a spring clean to planning a road trip, here are 22 fun ideas to help you make the most of the new season…

22 fun ideas to help you make the most of spring

22 fun ideas to help you make the most of spring

1. Buy yourself some flowers

Tulips, daffodils, and anemones are just a few of the many spring flowers that you could treat yourself to.

Not only is buying yourself flowers an act of self-care, but it’s also a lovely way to brighten up your living space.

Flowers don’t need to be expensive either; you can pick up a bunch for between £1 and £3 in your local supermarket.

When it comes to arranging your flowers, you might also like to use the tips in our article; 17 of the most popular and classic flower arranging styles.

2. Go for a walk

Spring brings a new appreciation for walks, due to warmer temperatures, lighter days, and new blossoms.

It’s also the time of year when lots of different wildlife begins to emerge from hibernation. When we start to see bees, butterflies, and flies, we’re reminded that sunnier days are ahead!

Check out our article, 12 rewarding activities to do while walking, for ideas on how to make the most of time spent outside.

3. Have a spring clean

After spending the winter cooped up indoors, it can be nice to set aside a day or two to have a big spring clean-up.

This is a great chance to open your windows, dust cobwebs away, and have a thorough declutter and deep clean.

Check out our 24 things to add to your spring cleaning checklist for inspiration.

4. Set yourself new goals for the season

An important part of our personal development involves continually reevaluating our goals and setting ourselves new ones.

What do you want to achieve this spring or summer? Perhaps the lighter, warmer days would offer you the perfect opportunity to take up outdoor activities like running or cycling. Or perhaps you have big plans for your garden over the coming months.

Creating a vision board can be a helpful step in helping you to keep focused on these goals too.

Set yourself new goals for the season

5. Plant some spring or summer flowering bulbs in your garden

After a long, harsh winter, tending to your garden can be even more rewarding and enjoyable.

There’s lots to be done in the garden from March onwards; such as planting summer-flowering bulbs to give them time to become established before June and July (when they’ll hopefully be ready to bloom).

You can also add a splash of colour to your garden by planting some bright bedding plants. Have a read of our garden checklists for March for April for more inspiration.

6. Feel the sun on your face

It’s that time of year when the weather is starting to warm up, and we’re remembering how glorious the feeling of the sun on our skin can be.

After a string of cold weather, each sunny day is a blessing and it can be satisfying to take a moment to stop and appreciate moments that we might have previously taken for granted.

7. Take up birdwatching

During spring, birds will be building their nests, mating, laying eggs, and raising chicks. Some birds will also be migrating to and from other parts of the world.

Between February and April, the UK’s winter visitors return to northern parts of the world, and we’ll see the arrival of many new spring and summer visitors, arriving from Africa and southern Europe.

Our introduction to birdwatching will explain more about bird behaviour from season to season, and show you how to get started on your birdwatching journey.

Try some new sunshine-inspired recipes

8. Try some new sunshine-inspired recipes

There are plenty of meal ideas that can really get you in the mood for spring and summer.

Why not have a look at our list of sizzling barbecue recipes or these sunshine-inspired recipes? Not only are they incredibly nutritious, but they’ll also bring positive vibes to your kitchen!

9. Make your garden, patio, or windowsill more butterfly friendly

Butterfly numbers have declined over the years largely due to habitat loss; so you might have noticed that sightings are becoming rarer.

Butterflies emerge from their winter hibernation as soon as the days get warmer. If you want to lend them a helping hand, you could work on making your green space a place where they can thrive.

To learn more about which butterflies to look out for during spring, including orange-tipped and red admiral butterflies, have a read of this article from Nature’s Calendar.

Or, if you want to learn more about how to attract butterflies and other wildlife to your garden, patio, or window box, take a look at our article; 11 ways to make your garden more wildlife-friendly.

10. Practice photography

A new season brings new photo opportunities. Wildlife, natural light, and spring showers can make for some stunning photographs!

If you’re in need of some inspiration, why not start with our beginner’s guide to photography, or our article; 8 fun photography projects that you can start today?

Practice photography

11. Become a beekeeper

Bees are intriguing, beautiful, and hard-working creatures with a whole world of their own that’s fascinating to dive deeper into.

Whether you want to learn more about bees or how to keep a beehive yourself, our introductory guide to beekeeping will show you how to get started.

12. Treat yourself to a colourful umbrella

Spring showers can be annoying, but we’re far less likely to be bothered by them if we’ve got an umbrella that we like, and that we don’t mind carrying around with us.

If you’re wondering where to find one, check out the umbrellas on the Jollybrolly website.

13. Dry some flowers

Dried, pressed flowers can be used to decorate homemade greetings cards, or popped into vases to add a stylish, elegant flair to your living space.

To find out how to dry flowers, have a read of this article from Flying Flowers – or this article from ProFlowers will show you how to press them.

14. Plan a road trip

As we look forward to summer, now is the perfect time to start planning a road trip.

There are a huge range of beautiful and inspiring places to visit in the UK that are within easy reach by car, for example the Peak District, The Cotswolds, and the Lake District.

The travel section of our website will hopefully give you a few more ideas.

Plan a road trip

15. Add some books to your reading list

If you blitzed through your reading list over winter, now could be the ideal time to add some new books to your list.

For inspiration, head over to the books, literature, and writing section of our website. Here you’ll find everything from must-read novels to recommended crime and mystery books.

16. Practise painting and drawing

There’s something very encouraging about getting creative with pencils and paints when the warmer weather comes around.

It can be nice to sit outside to paint or draw and be inspired by the pretty spring scenes.

Our introductory guides on painting and drawing can help you get started.

17. Wear open-toed shoes once it's warm enough

Spring can be a great time to experiment with new outfits, and something many of us look forward to is the opportunity to start wearing flip-flops, sandals, and open-toed shoes again.

These bring us beachy vibes, let our skin breathe, and allow for opportunities to experiment with pretty nail varnish colours once again.

Check out our article, 10 tips for dressing with colour and confidence, for more ideas.

18. Go stargazing

A new season brings a new regime to the night sky! If you’ve not tried stargazing before, or you’ve been avoiding it because of the cold; perhaps the next few weeks could be a good time to give it a go.

Every month there’s something new to look out for. If you’re interested in stargazing, you might find it useful to read our introduction to stargazing, or our guides on what to look out for in May and June. Alternatively, why not book onto our upcoming event on this month’s Night Sky in May over on Rest Less Events?

go stargazing

19. Clean your BBQ and start using it again

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden with a BBQ, why not start making the most of it again?

For many of us barbequed food is one of the highlights of the warmer months of the year – plus, barbecuing gives you a chance to get outside and start making the most of the lighter evenings.

To get inspired, why not check out our sizzling barbecue recipe ideas? From BBQ pulled jackfruit burgers, to teriyaki salmon and lacquered ribeye steak, hopefully there’s something for everyone.

20. Go geocaching

If you love adventure and spending time outside, geocaching can be a fun way to spend a couple of hours.

There are millions of geocaches (tiny ‘treasure’ boxes) hidden around the world – chances are, there are some not far from you right now!

To get started with geocaching all you need is a GPS signal and the geocaching app, which will help you locate nearby geocaches using maps and coordinates. Head over to the geocaching website to find out more and download the app.

21. Grow your own fruit and veg

As well as being good for the planet – there’s something very satisfying about growing your own fruit and veg.

Whether you have a garden, allotment, patio, or window box, there’ll be food that you can grow. Have a read of our articles; 8 superfoods that you can grow from home and 10 easy-to-grow vegetables to learn more.

22. Make yourself an iced coffee or tea

If you’re a lover of iced coffee or tea, why not try some new flavours this spring?

From mint to Nutella, you could try one of these 15 spring-themed iced coffee recipes from Reviewed.

Or, if you prefer tea, rhubarb iced tea and cranberry zingers are some of the delicious options in this list of 25 refreshing teas for sunny sipping from Brit + Co.

Final thoughts...

The lighter, warmer days of spring, and the flurry of wildlife activity that comes with it, can bring a new outlook on the year ahead.

Taking the time to make the most out of this new season can leave us feeling even more grateful for the feeling of the sun on our skin, the blossom on the trees, and the return of bees, butterflies, and other spring critters.

If you’re looking for fun ways to fill your time this spring, why not check out Rest Less Events? There’s over 100 events each month, with everything from talks and fitness classes to community groups and book clubs.

What do you love most about spring? Is there anything you particularly look forward to? Will you be trying any of the ideas above? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!