If you’re planning to do up your home, or even just dreaming of giving your bedroom or bathroom a smart new look, it can be difficult to know where to start. Imagining how you want your home to look and feel can be challenging, let alone picking out specific colours and pieces.

The good news is that if you’re struggling to find a look that reflects your own taste and style, there are many ways you can find interior design ideas. From scrolling through social media to enrolling on a course, here’s where to look for inspiration…

1. Pinterest

Pinterest has long been considered one of the best places to find inspiration for just about anything – and unsurprisingly, it’s a great source of creative design ideas too.

If you’re planning on giving your home a makeover, one of the best things you can do is head over to Pinterest and make your own Pinterest board, where you can keep all your ideas in one place. 

Using the search facility means you can find pretty much anything you’re looking for, no matter how niche it is. So whether you’re looking for wallpaper adorned with tropical birds or fluffy rugs with geometric patterns, you’re sure to find it here.

Each time you see a style or look you like, you can pin the photo for future reference – and if you follow certain Pinterest accounts, you’ll always be in the loop with the newest interior design looks, trends, and styles.

So what are some of the best accounts to follow?

  • Emily Henderson Design. If you like light, bright aesthetics, have a look at Emily Henderson’s account. Emily is a stylist and designer who puts an enormous amount of effort into creating different looks, and you can view her Pinterest boards by room, products, and vibe.

  • Victoria Home Restoration. If you have a Victorian home and want to design it in a way that’s in keeping with its original style but also adds a unique, modern touch, check out Victoria Home Restoration. From using different wall tiles to jazzing up laundry rooms, there’s lots of inspiration and ideas to be found here.

  • Bigger Than The Three Of Us. After buying a rundown house in Missouri, Ashley and her husband began documenting their experiences of turning a shell into a creative masterpiece. From feature staircases to tiled kitchens, this account showcases their sophisticated style.

  • Caitlin Flemming. If you prefer a clean yet cosy minimalist design with Scandi influences, check out designer Caitlin Flemming’s Pinterest account. A mix of farmhouse style and contemporary cool, it’s great for people who want a clean, decluttered look in their homes.

2. Specialist websites

Whether you prefer shopping online or in person, interior design websites are one of the best ways to get inspired.

With so many websites out there, there’s something for everyone – whether you’re into minimalistic looks, high style, retro-vintage, or shabby-chic. Plus, being able to give your home a makeover without actually leaving the comfort of your sofa is always a plus! 

So what are some of the best websites you can check out?

  • Modsy. Some people struggle to visualise how they want their home to look, and if that sounds like you, be sure to check out Modsy. Merging interior design and art with 3D graphics, this website allows you to see products and designs in the context of your own home.

  • Jessica Helgerson Interior Design (JHID). If you’d like to see what a perfectly designed home could look like, JHID will provide you with bags of inspiration. Known for their clean, modern design and gently playful touch, the interiors here are both traditional and fresh.

  • Houzz. With over 1.5 million images on site, Houzz is a great website to visit when you’re looking for inspiration. There are design ideas for every room of the house, and you can easily save your favourite looks for future reference.

  • Architectural Digest. Though it started out as a magazine in 1920, Architectural Digest is now one of the biggest and most renowned interior design websites in the world. With a focus on minimalist design, innovative architecture, and inspirational luxury homes.

  • The Spruce. If you’re looking forward to getting stuck into a DIY project while doing up your home, check out The Spruce. It offers key insight for people who have no design experience, makes sprucing up your home seem doable, and the fun website is a joy to browse.

  • The Mint List. If you’re interested in vintage furniture, antiques, and upcycled pieces, head over to The Mint List. The owners spend huge amounts of time visiting flea markets, galleries, and independent sellers to put together a collection of items that are truly unique.

  • The Shop Floor Project. Another site for people who like their designs to feel personal is The Shop Floor Project: an online shop that’s laid out like a gallery. This smart website sells unique pieces you won’t find anywhere else – from hand-beaten metal sconces to beautiful ceramics.

  • Anthropologie. If you’re into colourful, bohemian pieces that have a fun and quirky edge, check out Anthropologie. From embroidered bed linen and ceramics to hand-painted tableware and ethnic decorations, everything feels original and authentic.

  • Winter’s Moon. If you’re a fan of mid-20th-century design and furnishings, the Winter’s Moon site is well worth a visit. Based in a studio in West Sussex, the site sells a really wide range of pieces, from vintage lampshades to printed fabrics and retro sofas with new upholstery.

  • Print & Pattern. If you’re into prints and patterns, then why not check out this UK blog? Whether you’re looking for vivid printed wallpaper or patterned textiles and tableware, you’re sure to find some inspiration here. Perfect for brightening up rooms.

3. Instagram

Just like Pinterest, Instagram has become a major source of design inspiration.

But because there are so many interior-focused Instagrammers, wading through all the content can seem overwhelming. You’ll find accounts for everyone from up-and-coming young designers to traditionalist interior veterans, and trying to work out which accounts provide realistic inspiration can be tricky. 

So to make it easier, here are some accounts you might want to follow.

  • No Feature Walls. If you’re a fan of William Morris wallpaper, vintage beds, and statement tiles, you’ll definitely want to check out No Feature Walls. This account details the transformation of a cosy Oxfordshire cottage into a super modern home that also manages to feel quaint and traditional.

  • Ken Fulk. As one of the biggest names in the interior design world, Ken Fulk is famous for his eclectic style and irresistible, dream-like interiors. If you’re looking for design inspiration that’s just as grand and classy as it is unique, be sure to check out his account.

  • The Jungalow. Artist and designer Justine Blakeney created the term ‘jungalow’ (jungle + bungalow) to showcase her colourful and lively aesthetic – as well as how people turn poky spaces into vibrant, plant-filled paradises (with a focus on sustainable, ethical produce).

  • Ashe + Leandro. Founded by Ariel Ashe and Reinaldo Leandro, the Instagram account of Ashe + Leandro beautifully showcases the ‘modern luxury’ aesthetic they’ve become known for. Think clean, comfortable spaces that are just as stylish as they are functional.

  • Zeena Shah Home. As an art director, stylist, author, illustrator, and fashion influencer, Zeena Shah clearly has a good eye for design – and if you love soft pastel colours and homes that feel alive with colour and plants, be sure to check out her account.

  • Mad About The House. If you prefer a more grown-up aesthetic, Mad About The House might be your ideal source of inspiration. Featuring plenty of sumptuously dramatic interior design, this account showcases a slick style that’s all about contrasting light with dark.

4. Magazines

Magazines are a treasure trove of design inspiration, and if you love flicking through glossy pages to find looks and styles you like, picking up a few interior design magazines is a smart idea.

But because interior design trends are constantly evolving and different magazines often tend to focus on different types of styles, knowing which magazine to buy can be tricky. 

So which interior design magazine might be right for you?

  • The World of Interiors. As one of the biggest interior design magazines, The World of Interiors is full of gorgeous homes from all over the world – from cosy cottages to sleek villas and smart apartments.

    Packed with advice from top designers and featuring bags of inspiration, you’re sure to find ideas inside to help brighten up your own home.

  • ELLE Decoration. If you’re a fan of chic, fashion-forward homes, then ELLE Decoration might be your interior design Bible.

    You can learn how to create space in smaller rooms, see how to use light to create the perfect ambience, admire gorgeous art pieces that’ll get people talking, and see which pieces have the power to totally transform your home.

  • Country Homes & Interiors. If you live in a cosy countryside village – or just love the style that comes with country living – then Country Homes & Interiors is pretty much guaranteed to get the inspiration flowing.

    This is a magazine that’s jam-packed with the latest design trends, creative seasonal looks, and fun ways to spruce up your garden.

  • Ideal Home. Ideal Home Magazine is crammed with DIY tips, design advice, and beautiful ideas. Plus, if you like the idea of upcycling items already in your possession, there are loads of great step-by-step guides.

    Whether you’re looking to make a grand statement or hoping to achieve a budget-friendly makeover, you’ll find lots of inspiration here.

  • Good Homes. One of the bestselling interior design magazines in the world, Good Homes is perfect for every budget and style.

    Packed with the newest homeware, furniture, and decor styles, you can see how you can refresh a room in a few simple steps – or start planning for a huge renovation project. The before-and-after transformations are especially inspiring.

5. Courses

If you’re looking to not only get inspired by interior design but also gain an understanding of its principles, you might want to think about doing a course.

Whether you’ve always dabbled with the idea of design or just want to explore a new hobby, interior design lessons and courses can give you both the confidence and knowledge to turn your home into your dream space. And who knows, it could even be the start of a new career or side gig.

If you’re happy to pay a fee to learn about interior design and are serious about progressing, you might want to enrol in the National Design Institute’s Interior Design course. Perfect for beginners, you’ll be taught about the principles of interior design and learn how different colours, patterns, and textures can be used to create vastly different looks.

During this course, you’ll have the opportunity to redesign a room in your own home, and your NDA Tutor will assess your work and give you plenty of feedback and guidance along the way. Plus, you can learn in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.

Alternatively, you might want to enrol on The Interior Design Institute course. Consisting of 12 different modules and 12 corresponding assignments, this course usually takes around four to six hours per week over the space of six months, and along the way, students will learn how to nurture their own individual creativity and turn their design ideas into tangible results.

For something a bit more concise (and considerably cheaper), you might want to check out Knowledge Door’s course, which aims to give you the essential knowledge and skills needed to become an expert interior designer. Or, why not take a look at the other interior design courses we have available on our website?

And finally, if you don’t want to pay for a course or lesson, you might want to think about doing a free one-month trial over on Skillshare. With multiple online courses and classes, you can try as many as you like within that one-month period to see if interior design is something you want to pursue.

Final thoughts…

There are countless websites, magazines, social media profiles, and courses you can check out if you’re looking for interior design inspiration. But sometimes, just going outside and being among nature can be a big help too. Walking on a pebbly beach, sitting under a gnarly tree, admiring a deep orange sunset…nature is bursting with colours and textures that can instantly inspire you.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how you get your interior design inspiration; all that matters is that you’re coming across content that gets your creative juices flowing. Remember that design is all around us – the only trick is knowing where to look and being able to pick out what you like.

For more tips and ideas, you might want to read our article; 10 affordable ways to improve your living space.

Are you thinking about giving your home a new look? Or do you have any of your own suggestions for where to find interior design inspiration? We’d love to hear your ideas! Join the conversation on the Rest Less community forum, or leave a comment below.