Between January 2021 and January 2022, the number of social media users across the world grew by 10% to 4.62 billion. And today, more than 50 million people worldwide consider themselves to be social media influencers or creators.

So far, research shows that, when looking at social media usage by age, younger generations are the most active – especially the 16-24 age group. However, more and more people in their 50s, 60s, and beyond are thriving on social media.

According to Ofcom’s 2020 report, 82% of 45-54s; 58% of 55-64s; and 39% of 65-74s have a social media profile. Among those are a growing number of social media influencers such as Frank Hackett, Paula Sutton, and Jacqueline Hooton, who’re using their knowledge and experience to create inspiring content on topics such as fashion, beauty, fitness, and having fun.

With that said, we’ve pulled together a list of 12 of our favourite 50+ influencers working on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube – some of whom have millions of followers across all age groups.

1. Paula Sutton (Instagram: @hillhousevintage)

Ten years ago, 50-year-old Paula Sutton said goodbye to her glamorous life in London, where she worked as a fashion publisher, to move to the Norfolk countryside. She and her family, including her chocolate Labrador cross named Coco, now live in a beautiful 19th-century Georgian home.

After the move, Paula found herself in an “accidental social media influencer role” after she began posting details of her daily life – including her home interiors, eclectic style, and country lifestyle – on Instagram.

Today, in addition to her Instagram page, she also has a blog called Hill House Vintage, which offers interior design inspiration for all budgets. Here Paula shows us her vintage finds, and explains how she mixes old with new to create a unique and timeless interior style.

Something that people love about following Paula is that her aesthetically pleasing content promises uplifting, feel-good vibes. In fact, in 2020, she was named by British Vogue as the ‘Happiest Influencer on Instagram’.

2. The Old Gays (TikTok: @oldgays)

The Old Gays are a group of four friends and LGBTG+ activists – Robert Reeves, Mick Peterson, Bill Lyons, and Jessay Martin – who have taken the TikTok world by storm.

The men, who’re in their mid-60s to late 70s, post short video reels of themselves doing dance challenges and hanging out together; often while wearing flamboyant, eye-catching outfits. They also share their struggles with coming out and ageism, and have become beacons of hope for people across generations who’re battling similar issues.

At the time of writing, The Old Gays – from Cathedral City, California – have 10 million TikTok followers and are regularly praised for their energy, humour, and heart. Although they originally started off creating videos together for fun, they’ve since partnered with brands including Netflix, Oreos, and Lay’s to create comedic ads.

3. Brigitte Marie Foret (Instagram: @brigittemarieforet)

After her children grew up and left home, Louisiana-born Brigitte, who’s now approaching 60, decided to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer.

She’d always designed clothes; first with her grandmother as a young child and then for her own children. But it wasn’t until she found herself with an empty nest at age 50 that she finally felt ready to take the plunge and fashion her career.

This burst of confidence came after she was approached by a fashion buyer when out shopping. She liked her dress and asked if Brigitte could make her one too, and the rest is history!

As well as designing dresses for women aged 30-70+, Brigitte also styles and models outfits on her Instagram page and website, and includes details about where others can shop her looks.

Brigitte’s styles are classic, sophisticated, and fun – and her photos are gorgeous!

4. Jo Moseley (Instagram: @healthyhappy50)

Jo Mosely is a passionate lifestyle enthusiast living on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales – and in the summer of 2019, she became the first woman to stand up paddleboard 162 miles from Liverpool to Goole, coast to coast.

According to Jo’s website, her journey with paddlesports began in May 2013 at age 48, when she found herself sobbing in the biscuit aisle of Tesco. At the time, she was a busy working mum of two boys and her parents were undergoing chemotherapy, so, understandably, she felt completely overwhelmed.

But within two weeks of borrowing a friend’s rowing machine, she felt much happier – and from then on, she began rowing for charity. Over time, she also took up bodyboarding, wild swimming, running, hiking, and paddleboarding.

Wanting to share the benefits of the outdoors for mental and physical health with others, Jo began documenting her activities on Instagram and Twitter. She’s also written a book called Stand-Up Paddle-Boarding In Great Britain: Beautiful Places to Paddleboard in England, Scotland & Wales.

5. Irvin Randle (Instagram: @irvinrandle)

School teacher, Irvin Randle, became an overnight social media star in 2016 after some photos of him wearing a range of stylish outfits went viral. Irvin, who was 54 at the time, only found out that his photos were trending online with the hashtag, ‘Mr Steal Your Grandma’ after his friends, family, and students told him he was all over the internet.

Before long, Irvin, from Houston, Texas, was posting his own photos on his Instagram and Facebook accounts several times a week – and created a website offering tips on fashion, grooming, and fitness.

Alongside teaching, he’s now a model, owns a shoe company, and is the founder of the SilverFox Squad; a group of mature men who aim to motivate and inspire other men through style.

In an interview with Rest Less in 2019, Irvin said, “When my photos were breaking the internet and TV news, I saw that this could be something big for me and my family. But I also realised that this could also be a wake-up call for people over 50 to keep hope alive. I’ve received so many messages telling me that I’m a role model!”

6. Jacqueline Hooton (Instagram: @hergardengym)

Jacqueline Hooton is a personal trainer and social media influencer from Bognor Regis who wants to defy negative stereotypes around ageing, and help women in their 50s and 60s get strong, fit, and healthy.

As well as running her personal training business from her home gym, Jacqueline – who’s almost 60 – keeps her Instagram page up to date with workout tips and routines and motivational messages.

Jacqueline’s daughter, Saffron, 23, also makes frequent appearances on her page. The pair often work out together while offering reminders about the physical and mental benefits of exercise at every stage of life.

Speaking about her Instagram career in an interview with Rest Less in 2021, Jacqueline said, “I’m quite a visual person, so I enjoy amateur photography and love the creative side of Instagram. I started creating short fitness videos to upload to my page, as well as other informative and motivational fitness content.

“This is helpful because people can get a flavour of what you do, and how you might be able to help them reach their fitness goals. It’s about building relationships and trust, which in turn leads to contacts and potential clients.

“The other thing that Instagram has enabled me to do, is to forge relationships with big brands for collaborations. So I’ve delivered and created content for these brands, which has enabled me to reach a wider audience.”

7. Jacky Lee (Instagram: @jackyleenyc)

Also known as Stefanie Blandon, Jacky Lee is based in New York City and plays various roles as an artist, grandmother, and model; and posts snippets of her life on her Instagram page.

In a post that Jacky shared on a website called Dear Adoption, we learnt that she was adopted along with her sister at the age of five by a black military family.

Being of black and Korean heritage and growing up black, for years Jackie struggled to accept her mixed identity. In fact, it wasn’t until well into her adult life that she began to embrace her Korean roots.

Today, 63-year-old Jacky is a powerful role model for people of all ages and backgrounds. Some follow her for fashion and beauty inspiration (she has a bold, beautiful fashion sense and striking, long, curly grey hair), while others follow Jacky for general life updates – including videos of her grandkids and memories of her adoption.

8. Frank Hackett (TikTok: @grandadfrankk)

Social media superstar, Frank Hackett, who goes by the name ‘Grandad Frank’ has danced and lip-synced his way to internet fame on TikTok and Instagram over the last three years.

Seventy-seven-year-old Frank, from Kent, has amassed over seven million followers. In an interview with Express, he said that most of the comments he gets are from teenagers who never knew their own grandparents or whose families had broken up.

Frank’s short videos are generally described as heartwarming and humorous. When he’s not dancing or lip-syncing – sometimes accompanied by his granddaughter Ciara or wife Julie – he can be seen trying out different social media filters or generally joking around.

Frank, who’s a retired environmental health and safety worker, was interviewed on This Morning in 2022, where he said that people had started to recognise him (and ask for photos!) when he was out and about.

9. Judith Boyd (Instagram: @stylecrone)

Judith Boyd, also known as the Style Crone, is a successful model, style influencer, and age diversity advocate living in Denver, Colorado. She began fashion blogging full-time in 2010 as a way to cope with the loss of her husband of 32 years, Nelson. It was Nelson who encouraged Judith to get into blogging – he was her first photographer and she felt this was his parting gift to her.

Although Judith had no previous experience with social media at the time, she now has her own website and a large following of people of all ages across Instagram and Facebook.

In an interview with Rest Less in 2020, she said, “I get plenty of younger people following me on social media and asking for fashion advice. Miley Cyrus followed me for a number of years on Instagram before her account changed.

“I think creating intergenerational relationships is one of the ways to confront ageism because each generation has so much to give. I feel that I learn from all the people that I form relationships with, no matter what age they are.”

Judith, who was then 76, also told us that her bold sense of style and presence on social media has allowed her to stay visible – something that she feels is important in confronting ageism. She loves experimenting with vintage clothing and bold headwear, which for her, is the key accessory in any outfit.

Judith said, “I think that a hat or any kind of headwear really adds to every outfit. It gives me confidence, it’s a conversation starter, it gets me a better seat at a restaurant – and it’s fun!”

10. Mark Lidster (YouTube: @marklidsterfitnessgeezer)

Mark Lidster is a 56-year-old personal trainer from London who strongly believes that age shouldn’t be a barrier when it comes to working out or training.

He’s created his own YouTube channel, which is full of inspiring videos of him working towards or completing various fitness challenges between the ages of 53 and 56 years old. Among them is footage of Mark learning to planche, do handstand pushups, and master muscle-ups on rings.

In the comments sections of his videos, Mark, who goes by the nickname #fitnessgeezer, has been praised for being a ‘legend’ and an ‘inspiration to all’.

Remaining humble about his achievements and responding to viewers in one of his most popular planche videos, Mark said, “Thank you all so much for such a wonderful response and your amazing comments. I am quite blown away by the reaction.

“Truth be told I’m nothing special, just an average guy with no special physical gifts. I just have this voice in my head that keeps telling me to have a go at all kinds of stuff and it doesn’t seem to care that at my age these kinds of things are not supposed to be for people like me.”

11. Ravi Bala Sharma (Instagram: @ravi.bala.sharma)

Sixty-four-year-old Ravi Bala Sharma known as ‘Dancing Dadi’ has been delighting people on social media with her dance moves and energy.

Ravi used to work as a music teacher in a Delhi government school, until she retired and moved to Mumbai in 2019 to be nearer to her actor son, Aekansh. The Covid-19 pandemic hit shortly after her move, and during lockdown, Ravi’s children encouraged her to continue practising music.

Then, in 2020, they made her an Instagram account, and filmed and uploaded a video of her dancing. After receiving a positive reaction, Ravi began posting one video a week and her online following continued to grow. At the time of writing, she has over 251K Instagram followers and 119K followers on Facebook!

Ravi’s video reels are of her showcasing various Bollywood routines, as she lives out her passion for dancing dressed in beautiful sarees – and always wearing a smile.

12. Jean Titus (Instagram: @titusunlimited)

Jean Titus, from Washington DC, became a social media fitness icon at 50 years old. According to Muscle and Fitness, Titus – who’s a former financial advisor – got into social media when his daughter posted a photo online of him shirtless, relaxing on the beach.

After years spent playing basketball in his younger days and working out five days a week, Titus was (and still is) in great shape. His photo received over 30,000 likes, and though he was surprised at the reaction, he decided to post more photos in the hope that he could inspire people. He also posted a motivational video, which received 15 million likes in five days.

A few years later, Titus is the owner of the supplement brand, Titus Unlimited, and has become a social media wellness icon. He has over 400K views across his social media channels (including InstagramFacebook, and YouTube) and posts inspirational videos on everything from cooking and exercise, to taking risks and living life to the fullest.

Final thoughts…

Social media is often seen as a young person’s game, yet there are a growing number of over 50s breaking barriers and redefining what it means to be a social media influencer. And though we could only choose a few of our favourite influencers to share with you, there are plenty more out there.

Despite its popularity, there’s also much debate over whether social media is a valuable resource – but we believe that, when used in the right way, it certainly can be. And one thing we love about these influencers is that their confidence and their passion for what they do is fiercely contagious, making them an inspiration to many.