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Exoticca logoMere colour can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways”, wrote famous playwright and poet Oscar Wilde. And with a whole world out there just waiting to be explored, how better to awaken the senses than to visit places known for their vibrancy?

Whether you explore colourful stalls heaped with fragrant spices in Turkey, wander through emerald green rainforests in Costa Rica, or marvel at Morocco’s blue city, there are endless awe-inspiring ways to experience our planet’s kaleidoscope of colour.

So to inspire your next bright adventure, we’ve partnered with Exoticca – an affordable online tour operator with a passion for helping travelers worldwide achieve their dreams. 

Exoticca’s in-house experts carefully craft extraordinary tour packages at never-before-seen prices, and thanks to their innovative technology and simple booking process, you can visit the farthest corners of the earth at the click of a button. 

So, without further ado, here are 12 of the most colourful travel destinations in the world.

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1. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey’s enchanting city of Istanbul is home to The Grand Bazaar; one of the oldest and biggest markets in the world, famous for its spectacular displays of colour.

Four thousand shops and stalls are set out across 61 streets, selling various Turkish delights. Leather jackets, jewellery, dried herbs and spices, handmade bowls, and hanging mosaic lights are laid out in every shade imaginable – from deep red to emerald green to turquoise blue. 

Even for those who aren’t into shopping, the aromatic scents and vivid colours of this treasure trove make for an immersive walking experience. 

Plus, just a short trip from the Grand Bazaar is another of Istanbul’s other most vibrant destinations: the delightful coloured houses of the neighbourhood of Balat, painted in pastel shades of yellow, pink, blue, and green. Here, you can snap photos, wander down quirky cobbled streets, and enjoy charming galleries, street art, and coffee shops.

On Exoticca’s 11-day Treasures of Anatolia holiday, you can explore Istanbul and other colourful locations. For example, marvel at white waterfalls and turquoise thermal pools in Pamukkale and visit Bursa’s ‘Green Mosque’, so-called for its magnificent blue-green interior.

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2. Bo-Kaap, South Africa

Bo Kaap South Africa

Bo-Kaap is a compact neighbourhood with a distinct personality, located in the South African city of Cape Town.

Houses here showcase a mix of Cape Dutch and Georgian architecture, and are painted in soulful colours, such as bubblegum pink, canary yellow, lime green, and lavender. 

Bo-Kaap may be visually captivating but it’s also culturally significant because it’s home to the Cape Malay community, who painted the houses after the end of apartheid, as a symbol of freedom and identity. Visitors can discover more about the neighbourhood’s fascinating past in The Bo-Kaap Museum. 

If you’d love to stroll through the streets of Bo-Kaap and make the most of some of South Africa’s other incredible sights, check out Exoticca’s 13-day South Africa and Zimbabwe tour, which includes visits to the fashion-forward city of Johannesburg and the iconic Kruger National Park.

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3. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Galapagos Islands Ecuador

Six hundred miles off Ecuador’s western coast are an archipelago of 13 major islands, which showcase some of nature’s best colour palettes.

On these Galapagos Islands, paradise blue skies meet ethereal aquamarine seas, creating an expanse of blue that seems to stretch on forever. The sand on the islands’ heavenly beaches is also interesting and varied in colour — from moss green to rusty red — due to the region’s volcanic activity. 

But one of the biggest reasons to visit the Galapagos Islands is for their unique and exotic wildlife. Giant Galapagos tortoises roam in lush green highlands, radiant red Sally Lightfoot crabs dance over lava rocks, and blue-footed boobies snap up bugs at the water’s edge. 

These animals, along with many others, like Galapagos penguins and marine iguanas (nicknamed the ‘Christmas iguana’ because it turns bright green and red during breeding season), aren’t found anywhere else in the world. 

For an unforgettable Galapagos experience, it’s worth looking into Exoticca’s 19-day Peru and Ecuador tour. You can spend three nights here, while also getting to venture around the Ecuadorian city of Quito and explore Peru, where exciting visits to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley await.

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4. La Boca, Argentina

La Boca Argentina

Argentina’s passionate capital of Buenos Aires is colourful in many ways – from its flamboyant tango culture to its thriving street art scene. But its biggest explosion of colour can be found in La Boca; a small, humble neighbourhood with a big heart. 

On La Boca’s Caminito walkway, houses made from wood and sheet metal are painted in eclectic shades of watermelon pink, sky blue, butter yellow, and teal green – and these colours tell a story. 

Between 1880 and 1930, six million immigrants from Spain and Italy – many fishermen – arrived at the port of La Boca and lived together in houses known as conventillos (little convents). The area became a melting pot of different cultures, and legend has it that the fisherman used leftover paints from their shipyard to paint the houses.

Today La Boca is a popular tourist destination. Visitors can meander down the Caminito, and admire twirling tango dancers and stunning murals in the surrounding streets. Football lovers can also discover plenty of history at La Bombonera – an imposing blue and yellow stadium, home to the Boca Juniors football team.

To experience La Boca, you might want to consider booking Exoticca’s 15-day Buenos Aires, Iguazu & Amazing Patagonia tour, which also includes a visit to the exceptional Iguazu Falls before crossing the border to Chile!

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5. Chefchaouen, Morocco

Chefchaouen Morocco

Morocco is a wonderful explosion of sensational colours, sounds, smells, and flavours that represent its rich history and culture. 

Every city is painted in a signature colour, with one of the most famous being Chefchaouen – also known as the ‘Blue Pearl of Morocco’. 

Nestled in the Rif Mountains in northern Morocco, Chefchaouen is painted in a catalogue of blue shades, ranging from pastel hues to bright cobalt. Arriving here is like stepping into a serene and tranquil oasis. The blue-washed walls create a sense of calmness and harmony, providing a stark contrast to the bustling medinas of other Moroccan cities. 

There are various different stories about why Chefchaouen was painted blue. Some believe it was for practical reasons, such as to repel mosquitos or keep houses cool. Meanwhile, others say the blue colour reflects the colour of the sea or was painted blue by Jews who escaped there after fleeing Hitler.

This blue world is ideal for a relaxed adventure on foot. Enjoy gorgeous sunsets and sunrises, hunt for souvenirs in eclectic souks, and hike to the top of the Spanish mosque to be rewarded with amazing views. 

On Exoticca’s 10-day Grand Tour & Kasbah Route, you can visit the country’s blue pearl, along with many other alluring destinations, including Casablanca, Fes, and Marrakech.

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6. Tortuguero, Costa Rica

Tortuguero Costa Rica

Tortuguero – in Costa Rica’s Limón Province – might not boast an immediately obvious rainbow of colours in the same way as places like Bo Kaap and Jaipur. But, its intriguing maze of canals, interspersed with dense, emerald jungle, and unspoilt beaches is a haven for some of the most fantastically colourful wildlife on the planet.

Scarlet macaws, rainbow toucans, and hummingbirds with sparkling green plumage can be seen adorning the trees. Meanwhile, radiant butterflies flutter by, flaunting delicate wings in shades of electric blue, fiery orange, and golden yellow.

Colourful iguanas and red-eyed tree frogs also live here – as do the blue jeans poison dart frogs, known for their striking red-orange colour and navy blue legs. 

However, we can’t forget to mention that the beaches in Tortuguero are also an important nesting spot for endangered green turtles, with 22,500 coming ashore every year to lay their eggs!

To marvel at the impressive kaleidoscope of colours that Costa Rica’s nature has to offer, you might want to check out Exoticca’s 15-day Magical Night of the Sea Turtles tour, which includes a stay in this area.

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7. Jaipur, India

Jaipur India

India has long been known as ‘the land of a thousand colours’ and its multicoloured hues can be found lighting up every corner. Locals wear opalescent sarees, turbans, and bangles; temples are decorated with marigolds in vivid shades of orange; and even tuk-tuks, trains, and buses, are bold and bright. 

While India is vast, with so much to see and explore, the pretty pink city of Jaipur is a must-visit for its extraordinary mix of exquisite palaces, bustling bazaars, and luxury hotels. The most famous palace is the intricately designed Hawa Mahal, with over 950 latticework work windows that look like honeycomb! 

Every building in Jaipur is dusty pink and it’s been this way since they were painted to welcome Prince Albert in 1876. But look more closely and you’ll also see a myriad of beautiful shades from reddish browns to pastel pink, which add depth and intrigue.

To visit the fairytale-like city of Jaipur, check out Exoticca’s 13-day Palaces & Deserts of Rajasthan tour, which will take you on a once-in-a-lifetime journey, starting in the multicultural capital of Delhi. Other highlights include the magnificent Taj Mahal and Jaisalmer, which is a dramatically romantic desert fortress made of yellow sandstone.

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8. Bangkok’s Market Ratchada, Thailand

Bangkok Market Ratchada Thailand

Bangkok is generally known for being vibrant, loud, smoky, exciting, and full of life – somewhere you’ll never run out of things to do! It’s like a big tub of colourful jelly beans; where each bean offers something different, making it almost impossible to know what to choose first. 

However, a visit to Bangkok’s famous train night market – Market Ratchada – will offer an experience like no other. Located on Ratchadapisek Road behind the Esplanade Shopping Mall, rows upon rows of tented shops and stalls can be seen glowing in rainbow colours, like a twinkling mosaic. 

You can buy pretty much everything here, from vintage trinkets and handcrafted treasures to authentic Thai dishes, sweet treats, and fresh fruit shakes. There are also several trendy bars, which add to its already lively atmosphere.

On Exoticca’s Southeast Asian Odyssey, you can visit Bangkok and many other bucket list destinations, such as Halong Bay in Vietnam and Siem Reap in Cambodia.

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9. Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar

Ranomafana National Park Madagascar

Ranomafana National Park in Madagascar is an alluring canvas of colours thanks to its rich biodiversity. 

The lush rainforest canopy paints the landscape in countless shades of green, while colourful flowers, such as orchids, add bursts of red, yellow, orange, pink, and purple. 

Rabomafana is home to the rare golden bamboo lemur and the elegant parson’s chameleon – which is known for its large size and can change colour depending on its mood, temperature, and surroundings. The park’s numerous bird species also flaunt an array of striking plumage, from the brilliant blue of the Blue vanga to the blazing orange of the Madagascar red fody. 

Meanwhile, sparkling rivers, cascading waterfalls, and natural pools add shades of blue and turquoise to the landscape, evoking tranquil picturesque scenes.

To take an adventure through Ranomafana National Park, check out Exoticca’s 16-day tour, which also includes highlights such as a stay in the beautiful coastal town of Ifaty and watching a fiery sunset through the ‘window’ of the Isalo Mountains.

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10. Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre Italy

Located on the charming Italian Riviera coastline, Cinque Terre regularly tops lists of the world’s most colourful places. It received UNESCO World Heritage status in 1997 and became a Marine Protected Area in 1999. 

This steep seaside region is home to 4000 residents living across five medieval fishing villages – Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso – each characterised by houses in unique colours, stacked haphazardly on rugged cliffs. 

Shades of pink, yellow, orange, and peach are nestled among fruitful vineyards, creating a delightful, harmonious colour palette against the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea. 

No cars are allowed in Cinque Terre and the relaxed and laid-back atmosphere, coupled with its quaint beauty and breathtaking sea views, attracts visitors from around the world. 

Whether you choose to hike the cobbled trails from one village to another, swim in the clear turquoise waters, savour the local seafood, or simply soak in the area’s charm, Cinque Terre offers a magical experience that captures the essence of the Italian Riviera.

To visit Cinque Terre, check out Exoticca’s eight-day Treasures of Tuscany tour, which also includes stays in Florence and Tuscany.

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11. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Japan

Tokyo is an otherworldly city of intriguing contrasts…

Hundreds of neon signs protrude from buildings, offering visitors a sea of choices when it comes to shops, bars, restaurants, beauty salons, and everything in between. Meanwhile, vending machines glowing in luminescent colours greet visitors on every corner – selling soft drinks, hot coffee, snacks, toys, tobacco, and more!

Modern convenience may be central to Tokyo’s identity, but this intriguing city has also preserved many of its cultural traditions. Visitors can experience authentic tea ceremonies, mesmerising Geisha performances, and detailed origami masterclasses. 

Tokyo is a global fashion capital too, with bold, eye-catching colours running through most of its diverse styles – from high-end luxury to vintage once-of-a-kind outfits and Cosplay (where individuals dress up as characters from anime, manga, and video games).

Exoticca’s 12-day self-guided Japanese Adventure will allow you to explore Tokyo at your own pace, and includes stays in two other captivating cities: traditional Kyoto and futuristic Osaka.

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12. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro is bursting with intense colour and big energy. From its loud street art and lively Samba rhythms to the colourful costumes and floats of its annual Carnival, Rio is a feast for the senses. 

The city is set against a stunning backdrop of azure skies, golden beaches, and majestic mountains – with iconic landmarks such as the Christ the Redeemer statue and Sugarloaf Mountain adding to its charm and character. 

Historic buildings and architecture are painted in playful colours and vivid artwork is incorporated into the city’s infrastructure. One example is the Seralon Steps, designed and created by Chilean-born artist Selarón, as a tribute to the Brazilian people.

Selarón meticulously covered the steps with over 2,000 tiles from more than 60 countries, creating an interesting patchwork of hues, patterns, and designs. The tiles include a mix of ceramic, porcelain, and glass materials, which glimmer in the sunlight. 

On Exoticca’s 14-day tour, Cities, Falls, & Beaches of South America you can visit Rio de Janeiro and the spellbinding Brazilian resort of Buzios – where you’ll find miles of pristine coastline to explore and some of the clearest cerulean waters the country has to offer. The tour includes some of Argentina’s best highlights too!

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Final thoughts…

Our world is big and bright, and travelling to destinations known for their colourful backdrop can offer a rich and rewarding experience. 

From spotting vibrant wildlife on the Galapagos Islands to exploring the rose-pink city of Jaipur in India – we hope there’s something for everyone on this list. 

However, you can browse holidays to other colourful destinations on Exoticca’s website using the button below.

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