As you enter your 50s and 60s, you’ll be able to take advantage of a whole range of discounts on various services. While more of these are aimed at over-60s than over-50s, it’s still worth knowing what’s out there to look forward to.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best discounts and concessions in areas such as food and leisure, travel, health and fitness, and more. We’ve also thrown in some special offers available for Rest Less members to take advantage of.

Eating out

Plenty of restaurants and pub chains offer discounts to people aged 60 and above. The pub chain Hungry Horse, for example, has a “Golden Years” menu for over-60s between Monday and Friday, which offers two courses for only £4.49. Alternatively, some Greene King pubs offer a ‘senior’ deal of two courses for £4.99.

It’s not age-exclusive, but if you sign up for a free myWaitrose card then you will be entitled to a free coffee for every shopping trip you take to Waitrose (as long as you make a purchase). Bear in mind that your Waitrose may not offer use of a coffee machine at the moment due to the pandemic, however.

Museums, art galleries, theatres and cinemas

Many museums, theatres, cinemas and art galleries across the country offer concession prices for over-60s for general entry or exhibition tickets. These include the Imperial War Museum, the Beamish Open Air Museum and the Tate Modern.

Most major cinemas offer discounted ticket prices for over-60s too. Some also offer exclusive screenings to people in this age group, with free tea and biscuits beforehand. Some examples of this are Odeon’s Silver Cinema and Empire’s Seniors programme.

If you’re over 60 and a fan of the theatre, then the Royal Shakespeare Company offers 20% off on any non-premium seats on Monday and Tuesday evenings, plus any midweek matinees. The National Theatre also offers reduced prices on midweek matinees throughout the year.

Historic houses and gardens

If you are 60 or over and have held a National Trust membership for at least five of the last ten years then you will be eligible for a senior membership. These come at a discounted price of £54 a year (normally £72), or £90 for a joint membership (normally £120). Be aware that this switch doesn’t happen automatically when you turn 60, and you’ll have to call and let them know that you want the senior membership instead.

English Heritage also offers a senior membership programme for people over 65, granting access to more than 400 historic sites across the UK for a discounted price. It’s £57 per year (rather than the usual £64), £99 per year for a joint membership if only one of you is over 65, or £87 per year for if both of you are over 65 (rather than the usual £111). Membership also includes free entry for up to six children.

The Royal Horticultural Society offers a discounted lifetime membership for people over 60, at a cost of £835 (rather than the usual £1,395) or £1,255 for a joint senior lifetime membership (rather than the usual £1,945). This grants unlimited free entry to all RHS gardens and over 200 partner gardens, special access and discounts on tickets to RHS shows, monthly magazines, personal gardening advice and more.

Travel discounts

Rest Less Travel offers

We’re proud to offer some exclusive travel deals to Rest Less members.

Members can save 15% on a range of amazing European adventures with our travel partner Explore. Simply book by the 30th of September using the code RESTLESS.

If you have pets that need looking after while you’re off on holiday, we’ve partnered with TrustedHousesitters to offer you 6 months free membership with the code RESTED50. Membership allows you to access thousands of verified and reviewed sitters to look after your pets while you’re away. The sitters don’t charge, so you get pet-sitting absolutely free for 6 months if you sign up.

We have also teamed up with Fred. Olsen to offer 5% off on all cruises for Rest Less members, which can be stacked on top of any other discounts you may have already. Simply book using the number listed on their website, quoting the code REST5.

Other Travel Discounts

If you are over 60 and travel frequently by train then you may want to consider buying a Senior Railcard, which will save you a third on train fares for a year. This railcard costs £30 for one year and £70 for three years, and includes special offers on holidays and theatre tickets. According to the website, Senior Railcard users save about £98 per year on average.

If you prefer to travel by coach then you might want to think about a National Express Senior Coachcard at a cost of £10 a year (plus £2.50 postage). This will save you a third of the price of any standard fares (whether peak or off-peak), guarantee £15 day-return tickets on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and give you a free journey if your coach is delayed for over an hour.

If you are over 50 and live in Scotland then you could also consider a ScotRail Club 50 Card; for £15 a year you would save 20% on any off-peak train tickets bought online in advance.

If you are over 60 and you live in London then you can apply for a 60+ Oyster Card, which for a one-time payment of £20 will allow you to use all public transport in the city for free.

In England, you will be eligible for an Older Person’s Bus Pass, which entitles you to free bus travel, when you reach the female state pension age, regardless of your gender. If you’re not sure exactly when you’ll reach state pension age, then you can find out with the calculator. In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, you will be eligible for the equivalent bus pass as soon as you turn 60.

If you prefer to drive then ATS Euromaster offers 15% off servicing, brakes, wipers, exhausts and batteries for members of their Club 60 programme.

If you are over 60 and planning an adventure around Europe then you can purchase a Senior Interrail Pass at 10% off the standard price, which covers both 1st and 2nd class trips.

If you prefer to travel by plane, then several airlines offer discounts to people over 60, so it’s always worth double-checking before you book.

Health and fitness discounts

Anyone aged over 60 who holds a Boots Advantage Card can earn extra points on purchases of Boots products (you’ll receive eight points per £1 spent, as opposed to the usual four), and receive discounts on glasses.

Specsavers offer free eye tests for people over 60, plus 20% off any pair of glasses over £69.

Your local gym or leisure centre may offer a senior discount or special classes. Better leisure centres, for example, offer discounted senior memberships with unlimited off-peak access to gyms, swimming pools and fitness classes. The age requirement for this will depend on your local centre.

If you are over 60 and live in Wales then you can also swim for free at local, authority-owned swimming pools, except during school holidays.

The Ramblers Association offers a concessionary price on life membership for over-60s, at a cost of £485, or £610 for a joint membership. This will give you access to hundreds of group-led walks and a searchable online library full of potential routes. You will also receive a quarterly magazine and access to the Ramblers app, containing special offers and news.

Discounts for your home and pets

Many local councils offer free handyperson services to people over 60 for small repairs and installing basic home security. These will vary according to where you live, but it’s always worth looking into. People over 60 on low incomes are also eligible for Age UK’s handyperson scheme, which includes free or discounted repairs, smoke alarms, lock installation and other minor services.

BT currently offers a Home Essentials package, which reduces broadband and phone costs for those claiming certain benefits. This deal offers fibre broadband and 700 minutes of calls at less than half price to any households claiming Universal Credit, the guarantee credit element of Pension Credit, Jobseeker’s Allowance, Income Support, or Employment and Support Allowance.

If you or someone in your household was born on or before 26 September 1955, then you might be eligible for the government’s Winter Fuel Payment to help you pay your heating bills in the winter. This is typically between £100 and £300.

You might also be eligible for the Warm Home Discount scheme, a one-off £140 discount on your electricity bill, between this October and next March. This is offered to households who receive the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit; in other words, people in the “core group”.

Some companies, such as E.ON, offer free or discounted prices on home insulation and boiler installation if you receive the State Pension Credit or are on a low income. You will normally be eligible for this even if the company you apply with is not your usual energy supplier.

The Fire Safety services offer free home fire-risk assessments, and may also offer you a free smoke alarm if you are 60. Contact your local fire services for more information.

If you share your home with a pet, trips to the vet can be very expensive, but some practices offer discounts for over-60s. It never hurts to ask! Dogs Trust offers 50% off on membership for over-60s too, for an overall cost of only £12.50 a year. This includes a professional 24-hour advice service and public liability insurance for your dog, among other benefits.

More Rest Less offers

We offer a wide range of discounts on a number of lifestyle products, food and drink packages and more. Have a browse on our discounts page to see what savings you could be making.


Rest Less has partnered with a range of well-respected and trusted companies and academies to offer our members access to several exclusive deals and offers.

For example, if you’re interested in picking up a new skill, we’ve teamed up with the New Skills Academy, International Open Academy and the Lead Academy to offer substantial discounts on their courses. These academies offer hundreds of online courses to choose from, on subjects as diverse as growing your own food, boosting your business skills, improving your assertiveness, learning expert make-up techniques and many others.

You can access New Skills Academy courses at a discount of 69% off usual prices, courses from the International Open Academy at an 85% discount, and courses from the Lead Academy at a 95% discount.

Money offers

Rest Less also offers a range of money deals, if you’re thinking about sorting out your finances. For example, if you are interested in investing, we’ve joined forces with online investment company Nutmeg. Rest Less members pay no fees to use their platform for a whole year.

If you want to transfer or consolidate your pensions, doing so for the first time with PensionBee using our exclusive link will earn you a £50 Amazon voucher.

Bear in mind though that although transferring your pensions can be extremely helpful, it shouldn’t be entered into lightly and it definitely won’t be the right option for everyone. If in doubt, you’ll need to seek professional financial advice. You can find a local financial advisor on VouchedFor or Unbiased, or for more information, check out our guides on How to find the right financial advisor for you or How to get advice on your pension.

If you think you might be interested in speaking with a pensions expert, Rest Less Financial Services is now offering our members a free Pension Health Check with a Rest Less Pensions Expert.

If you want advice on your finances more generally, VouchedFor and Unbiased also offer Rest Less members a free financial health check with a trusted, well-rated advisor so you can see if you think advice might be for you.

And if you are thinking of writing your will, then we have teamed up with FareWill to offer Rest Less members a 20% discount off the cost of writing one if you use the code ‘restless21’ at the online checkout. The normal cost of writing a will online (before the discount is applied) with FareWill is £90 for a single will or £140 for a couples will. If you want to make your will over the phone this rises to £120 for a single will, or £190 for couples.


Some of the savings you’ll make may seem insignificant, but they can add up very quickly. The most important thing to remember is that it never hurts to ask if you’re entitled to a discount, as sometimes it’s not always obvious that concessions are available.

Do you know of any great discounts for people over 50 or 60 that you’d be willing to share? We’d love to hear from you. You can join the money conversation on the Rest Less community or leave a comment below.


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