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Introduction to Co-op

Co-op is different because we’re owned by 4.5 million members. When we’re successful that creates value for people in our communities, rather than shareholders or wealthy individuals – we exist to meet our members’ needs and stand up for the things they believe in. It’s not a new way of doing business (we’ll be 175 years old next year), but it feels as important now as it ever has done in the past.

Co-op is a recognised leader for its social goals and community-led programmes, but it’s also a highly successful business. As well as having clear financial and operational objectives and employing nearly 65,000 people, we’re the UK’s sixth biggest food retailer with more than 2,500 local, convenience and medium-sized stores.

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Why we’re working with Rest Less

We’re working with Rest Less because we know that for Co-op to be successful, our teams need to represent the diverse communities we serve. That means recruiting colleagues of all ages who’ll be able to relate to our customers and clients, providing them with the great service they’ve come to expect.

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Real-life stories

Co-op Robert Brown

Robert Brown - Co-op’s 1500th funeral care apprentice

The UK’s leading funeral director is on track to welcome 400 new apprentices in 2018. The apprenticeship has attracted a diverse range of applicants over the past five years, drawing in people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Co-op’s 1500th apprentice was 68 year-old Detective Sergeant, Robert Brown. Robert from Canterbury took up the role after a 30 year career in the police force, his most recent role being Detective Sergeant.

Commenting on his role Robert said: “I can honestly say there is no other job I’d rather be doing. After a 30 year stint with the police, I did wonder how I would find working in funerals, but I love it. I only wish I’d done it sooner.”

Karen Seth, Director of HR – Funeral & Life Planning at Co-op added “Our intention has always been to provide people from all walks of life with the opportunity to develop a worthwhile career”.

Co-op Barbara French

Barbara French – ‘Logistics Colleague of the Year’ 2018

Barbara is coming up to 40 years’ service in the Co-op’s Plymouth depot and knows all there is to know about working in a warehouse. Many people talk about the family atmosphere that’s been created there – she’s the centre of it. Her energy, enthusiasm and warmth is clear to see.

“For the first sixteen and a half years I worked in the greengrocery and that was fantastic. The boss was great. He mucked in with everything. It was like home from home. It still is now. The boys are brilliant with me. They’ll not see me struggle, they all respect me,” she says.

“I clean, and I love that because I’m mingling with everybody. Then I go downstairs and work my way through the damages. That always feels like an achievement. I save as much as I can, rack it all up and get it out into stores again so there’s no wastage.

People think I’m mad when I say I love coming to work. I’m going to carry on working for as long as I can. They’ll have to put a chairlift in the warehouse for me!” she laughs.

Co-op Jo Bale

Jo Bale, Co-op store manager and winner of the Co-op ‘Community Star’ award

Jo is a remarkable lady. She’s worked for Co-op for 36 years, and has given her life to helping the community where she lives and works.

Jo said: “We do something nearly every week for the community. I just see it as part of who I am. To me, that’s what working for Co-op is about.”

It’s not just her devotion to supporting individuals who need help, Jo puts her heart and soul into helping her store’s three local causes.

Jo’s colleagues said: “I am so proud, humbled and privileged to know this colleague who is one of the kindest women ever to walk this earth. Without her and Co-op so many families would not have a better quality of life and memories for life!”

“I’ve worked with her for the best part of 19 years and continue to be in awe of her completely selfless hard work and determination in terms of community.”

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Example roles at Co-op

Co-op Customer Team Member

Customer team member

This isn’t your standard food retail job, and no two days will be the same. But the one thing that won’t change is your dedication to providing great service to Co-op’s customers and members.

Funeral arranger

As market leaders Co-op have a reputation for providing a caring, compassionate service when families need it most. In this role you’ll be right at the heart of that service.
Co-op Ceremonial Driver

Ceremonial driver

As a part-time ceremonial driver with Co-op you’ll drive a limo or hearse on the day of the funeral, and possibly help to bear the coffin of a client’s loved one. But this job’s about more than just driving.
member pioneer jobs

Member Pioneer

Could you be the spark that’s needed to create change within a community? Do you want to inspire and motivate others to make a positive difference in their area?
The Coop Logo

Co-op brand values

We’ve developed four simple phrases that describe what being a Co-op colleague is all about. They define what ‘being Co-op’ is – how we behave and how we work for the benefit of our members, customers and communities.

Ways of being Co-op

– Do what matters most

We all focus on doing the right things for our customers, colleagues, members and communities.

– Be yourself always

We bring our best self to work, so we each contribute a bit of our own unique Co-op difference, and we respect others for doing the same.

– Succeed together

Co-operating is what makes us different. We’re better and stronger when we work together.

– Show you care

We care about our Co-op, our colleagues, our members, our customers and communities, now and in the future.

The Co-op was founded on a set of values and principles describing a different, fairer and better way of doing business.

Co-op awards & partnerships

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