Podcasts have grown significantly in popularity over recent years. Varied, thought-provoking, and readily available, podcasts allow us to listen and learn about our favourite topics anywhere, at any time.

But with so many podcasts to choose from (currently over 2,000,000 available on Apple Podcasts alone and ever-growing!), it can be tricky to know which are worth listening to.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of 16 interesting podcasts to try. These cover a whole range of topics, from money and science, to history and psychology, so there’s something for every taste.

1. Two Cups of Tea

Two cups of tea

To create Two Cups of Tea, TV Producer, Author, and Podcaster Chris Heath travelled the length and breadth of the country to speak to elderly people living by themselves about their incredible life experiences.

Heath started the podcast in a bid to combat loneliness and to show that everyone has a fascinating story to share. Two Cups of Tea is a truly heart-warming podcast that celebrates human life and individuality. The perfect dose of positivity for any day.

2. All In The Mind

All In The Mind is a fascinating podcast all about the human brain and behaviour. Covering everything from addiction to artificial intelligence, All In The Mind explores the limits and potential of the human mind.

Previous episodes have included the role of kindness in today’s world, how speaking to strangers can boost wellbeing, and the psychology behind courage and bravery. Customer reviews have frequently commented on the podcast’s relevance for those suffering with anxiety or depression.

3. You Must Remember This

If you’re a fan of all things Hollywood, then the You Must Remember This podcast is for you. Dedicated to exploring the secret and forgotten histories of Hollywood’s first century, You Must Remember This has become one of the most popular film podcasts around.

Guest stars on the podcast have included comedians and actors like John Mulaney, Adam Goldberg, Fred Savage, and Patton Oswait. You Must Remember This is a captivating podcast that allows you to get to know your favourite Hollywood icons as they were.

4. TED Podcasts

Many of us are familiar with TED Talks – famous for stirring our thinking with insightful approaches to various issues. And luckily, these fascinating talks are also available in podcast form. There’s so much content to choose from that TED Podcasts are split into different topic sections.

From discussion of current affairs in After Hours, to debunking some of the worst health myths in Body Stuff, and self-improvement ideas in How To Be A Better Human, there’s a TED Podcast for everyone. You can browse the collection to see which topics take your fancy on the TED website.

5. The Climate Question

Climate change is one of the biggest issues we face as humans. Tackling the elephant in the room head on, The Climate Question explores why we find it so hard to change our ways and save our own planet – as well as how we might solve that.

Covering topics like the role of media in climate change and why we’re failing to protect the Amazon rainforest, this fascinating podcast is a must-listen.

6. How to Fail

Failure is something that many people struggle with. However, in her podcast How To Fail, Elizabeth Day explores how we can make the most of our failures and learn from them to do better in the future.

With a new interviewee every week, How To Fail offers an important positive spin on failure and how we can celebrate the things that haven’t always gone right. The perfect listen for anyone who needs some reassurance or confidence boost.

7. The Week Unwrapped

While we catch our daily news stories through mainstream media, there are also thousands of stories that go unreported. This Week Unwrapped takes these important, yet widely unexplored stories and then discusses, digests, and debates them.

Covering all sorts of topics, from pension rules to clinical injustice, This Week Unwrapped will get you thinking about a range of important issues. Who knows, it might even be your next source of conversation or debate around the dinner table.

8. Keen On

If you’re a keen reader and enjoy a good dose of literature, then Keen On might be the podcast for you. Hosted by Andrew Keen, Keen On discusses interesting ideas presented by various books and authors.

Previous guests have included author Kyle Harper who wrote about the global history of infectious diseases, and Robbie Bach, whose novel The Wilkes Insurrection shared interesting insights on revenge and hope.

9. This Is Money

This Is Money is a great podcast to listen to for all of the latest money news – covering important topics like interest rates, mortgages, and how to get better deals for your money. Aiming to explain complex subjects in the simplest terms, This Is Money helps to debunk some of the financial jargon that can make these topics so unappealing.

While it may not sound the most riveting podcast; don’t be fooled. This Is Money is just as funny as it is serious. An easy listen that could potentially put you on the path to a richer life.

10. The Secret History of the Future

The Secret History of the Future is a fascinating podcast that uses historical events and our understanding of modern technology to predict how society might evolve in the future.

Covering events like the world’s first cyber-attack in 1834, through to virtual reality in the 19th century, hosts Tom Standage (The Economist) and Seth Stevenson (Slate) explore what people’s past reactions to innovation can teach us about ourselves.

11. 80,000 Hours

If you enjoy in-depth conversations about some of the world’s most pressing issues, then why not have a listen to the 80,000 hours podcast?

Nothing is off limits here. One episode might explore the issues of nuclear weapons, and the next could discuss how to overcome issues like depression, anxiety, and imposter syndrome in the workplace.

12. No Such Thing As A Fish

If you love a good old fun-fact, then you’ll probably enjoy the award-winning BBC podcast No Such Thing As A Fish. Each week, hosts Dan, James, Anna, and Andy discuss their favourite facts that they’ve found out over the past seven days.

A light, easy, and entertaining listen, No Such Thing As A Fish is great to listen to on-the-go, or when you simply need a bit of a laugh.

13. 99% Invisible

99% Invisible is a weekly podcast exploring the process and power behind design and architecture. While design surrounds us every day, 99% Invisible suggests that we’ve stopped noticing it and instead offers an interesting spin on everyday things that we take for granted.

Hosted by award-winning producer Roman Mars, 99% Invisible covers various topics that we’d otherwise likely never even think about. From the design of different paper currencies, to the lows and highs of high-tech prosthetic limbs, 99% Invisible will leave you pondering a variety of life’s curious questions.

14. Stuff You Missed In History Class

Stuff You Missed In History Class is worth a listen for anyone wishing to branch outside of the conventionally popular history periods. As suggested by the name, the podcast covers a range of history topics that were generally left out of school curriculums.

From the history of gin, through to the truth about figures like Sherlock Holmes and Jack the Ripper, there’s no guessing what topics this podcast could cover next. An educational, yet fun podcast – Stuff You Missed In History Class is perfect for anyone with a genuine interest in history.

15. Hit Parade

Pop-chart analyst and author of Slate’s ‘Why Is This Song No.1?’ Chris Molanphy explores half a century of chart music history in his podcast Hit Parade. Featuring song snippets, storytelling, and trivia, Malanphy analyses how different songs have managed to make their mark in the music industry.

Hit Parade also uncovers a variety of unexpected, yet fascinating connections between songs, artists, and other areas of the music industry. No matter what your taste, Molanphy’s engaging podcast is the perfect listen for any music lover.

16. Eat Sleep Work Repeat

Eat Sleep Work Repeat is a podcast all about making work better. Host Bruce Daisley interviews neuroscientists, psychologists, and workplace experts to understand how we can build positive workplace cultures and improve our working lives.

The Eat Sleep Work Repeat podcast is accompanied by a book version – which is so successful that it’s been named the Sunday Times’ #1 Bestseller. Covering 30 scientifically proven ways to recharge, improve performance, and create a buzzy environment at work, Eat Sleep Work Repeat could be the answer to transforming your professional life.

Final thoughts…

Interesting, thought-provoking, accessible, and entertaining; it’s no surprise that podcasts have grown in such popularity over recent years. Covering everything from science and nature, to psychology and history, our list is just a small window into the thousands of podcasts that are readily available at your fingertips.

Whether you want to sit quietly and listen to something thought-provoking, or tune into something fun and light-hearted while you go about your day, podcasts can make for a flexible alternative to books and TV.