August is the high point of peak season when millions of people jet off for an overseas adventure, hoping to make the most of the final month of summer. Much of Europe is jam-packed, but there are still places that have mostly slipped under the travel radar. And if you’re considering a staycation, August is undoubtedly the best month to brave the British beaches!

While prices do soar throughout summer, there are still deals to be found. And if you swap the busy, popular resort towns for destinations that are more off the beaten track, you’ll get fewer crowds, as well as significantly lower prices. Plus, you may discover your new favourite place!

So, if you’re thinking about an August break, we’re here to inspire you. Here are 10 of the best travel destinations for August.

1. Slovenia


The time when Slovenia was one of Europe’s best-kept secrets has long gone, and August sees this beautiful country packed with tourists. If you don’t mind crowds, Lake Bled is at its most lovely, and the deep blue waters and soaring mountains will take your breath away. The Julian Alps are home to excellent hiking trails, and if you fancy a challenge, you can climb Triglav, Slovenia’s highest peak.

But if you want to enjoy a sense of peace, there are many lesser-known corners of the country. The Slovenian Riviera rivals Croatia’s Dalmatian coast yet has a fraction of the crowds. If you want to escape the crush, however, it’s best to avoid the coast, and instead, head east. The towns of Ptuj and Maribor are a joy to explore, and you can go wine tasting in the surrounding Styrian vineyards.

2. Sussex, England

Sussex, England

Of all the counties, Sussex might best encapsulate England’s “green and pleasant land”. The rolling hills and towering coastal cliffs of the South Downs are ideal for hiking, and the pretty villages and grand castles that dot the region are perfect for exploring on lazy summer afternoons. And then, of course, there’s Brighton, the quintessential British seaside resort that’s packed with quirky charm.

If you’re passionate about culture, art, and history, you’ll be interested to know that Sussex is home to many of England’s finest country houses. Goodwood House, Firle Place, and Petworth House are all teeming with priceless art, and boast many historic architectural features, while Brighton itself is famously home to the iconic Brighton Pavilion. A fabulous destination for a relaxed cultural break!

3. Sibenik and the Kornati Islands, Croatia

Sibenik and the Kornati Islands, Croatia

August is Croatia’s hottest month – and its busiest. More than 20 million tourists flock to Croatia’s captivating coastline throughout the summer months, so it may not seem like an obvious choice if you want to escape the crowds…but there are still quiet spots. It’s wise to avoid hotspots like Dubrovnik and Split and, instead, head to the historic city of Sibenik.

Made of chalk-white stone, this stunning city offers you a glimpse into local life and culture, and you can spend days losing yourself in its lovely labyrinth of streets. Sibenik is the gateway to the Kornati Islands – unpopulated islands that form part of Kornati National Park. The dazzling blue waters and dreamy coves here are breathtaking, and its off-the-beaten-track location means it’s always quiet.

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4. Colorado, USA

Colorado, USA

If you’re dreaming about an outdoorsy break, and exploring some truly spectacular scenery, why not head to Colorado? The first of August is Colorado Day, and the ensuing festivities mean it’s the ideal time to visit. You can enjoy free entry into the state’s many museums too! But, of course, this state is most famous for its wilderness, so hikers, cyclists, and climbers are spoilt for choice.

Head into the Rocky Mountain National Park for some seriously incredible trekking. While Colorado is only home to a small part of the Rockies, it’s arguably the most impressive, and the soaring summits, foaming rivers, gleaming lakes, and alpine meadows are dazzling. Boulder is a great base, as is Denver. Both cities are heaven for foodies, boasting excellent farm-to-table dining, and delicious craft beers!

5. Yorkshire, England

Yorkshire, England

If you’re thinking about a staycation, Yorkshire is another excellent choice. Known for its idyllic rural beauty – all rolling green valleys, flower-filled meadows, rugged cliffs, and hills criss-crossed with dry-stone walls – it’s one of the most picturesque parts of the UK. And in August, when the weather is (usually!) warm and dry, there’s no better time to explore this beautiful, bucolic region.

While hikers will be in their element, so will culture enthusiasts, as there’s a surprising amount of art, history, and architecture to be found here too. This county is home to some of the finest William Burges Gothic Revival churches in the UK, from Skelton-cum-Newby to Studley Royal, and the stained glass windows in both Bradford Cathedral and Cliffe Castle Museum are genuinely awe-inspiring.

6. Ecuador


If you don’t mind travelling further afield, Ecuador might be the destination for you. This country may be small, but it packs a serious punch, and if you’re looking for adventure, there’s a dizzying array of options: trek up volcanoes, explore the Amazon, zipline through cloud forests, and surf your way through sleepy seaside towns. August might be peak season, but Ecuador never really gets packed.

If you’re fascinated by wildlife, Ecuador is also the gateway to the Galápagos Islands, and visiting this unique archipelago is one of life’s great adventures. But there’s lots to do on the mainland too. Quito is one of South America’s most compelling capitals, and losing yourself in the beautifully preserved, charismatic, 16th-century Old Town is as exciting for history buffs as it is for architecture enthusiasts.

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7. Singapore


Thanks to its position just north of the Equator, Singapore enjoys warm temperatures throughout the year, although, thankfully, August is one of its less humid months. If you’re interested in visiting Asia’s only city-state, then now is a great time to go…because August is festival month! The 9th is National Day when the city erupts with fireworks and lively parades march through the buzzing streets.

The Singapore Night Festival and the Hungry Ghost Festival are almost always held in August too, and these fascinating festivals allow you to see another side of this slick, modern city. Singapore is also known as a stopover city, so if you’re keen to visit other nearby countries, it’s a good time to go. The weather is fine in many other Southeast Asian destinations, from the Malaysian islands to Bali.

8. Suffolk, England

Suffolk, England

August is the best month for a staycation – but if you want to enjoy some peace and quiet, you’re better off avoiding places like Devon, Cornwall, or Pembrokeshire. Instead, venture to one of the lesser-visited counties, like Suffolk. The Suffolk Coast stretches for 50 miles through some of the country’s most spectacular scenery, and unlike other seaside destinations, it’s rarely jam-packed.

The countryside here boasts incredible light as well as diverse landscapes and unique wildlife, and it’s just as popular with photographers and hikers as it is with bird watchers. But Suffolk’s rich heritage is also worth exploring. You can visit the Anglo-Saxon burial site at Sutton Hoo, admire stately castles at Framlingham and Orford, and stroll around the bustling historic market town of Lavenham.

9. Australia


If you’ve always dreamed of visiting Australia, then why not go in August? While this month is peak high season in most of the world, it’s the end of the low season in Australia…which means you can take advantage of fewer tourists, cheaper flights, and decent deals on accommodation. Given that trips Down Under never come cheap, it makes sense from an economic perspective.

Australia in August is also a very different continent compared to Australia in December. The cooler weather creates a more laid back atmosphere – but there’s still plenty of sunshine, and temperatures rarely drop below the high teens. Whether you’re looking to visit cities like Sydney or Melbourne, head into the bush, hike through the jungles, or travel up the coast, August is a great time to do so.

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10. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland

There’s one more UK destination to consider visiting in August…particularly if you’re interested in the arts. Beautiful, historic Edinburgh is a joy at any time of year, but it really comes alive in August. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe sees the medieval streets crammed with buskers, comedians, artists, and actors, and every corner of the city buzzes with life, light, and laughter.

The world’s largest performance arts festival celebrates music, drama, arts, and literature, so there’s something for everyone. You can discover the next comedic genius telling jokes in a local pub, watch famous acts completing residencies in the city’s elegant buildings, browse local arts and crafts market stalls, and feast on delicious street food from the many food trucks that line the streets.

Final thoughts…

Whatever type of holiday you’re dreaming of, it’s still possible in August! If you’re not fussed about peace and tranquillity, much of Europe is at its most beautiful and vibrant – but if you’re hoping to escape the crowds, there are still many lesser-visited destinations on the continent.

From the mountains of Slovenia to Croatia’s compelling Kornati Islands, Europe still has many secrets to discover. And if you’re open to long-haul travel, places like Ecuador, Colorado, and Singapore all offer wonderfully diverse experiences.

And of course, if you’re thinking about a staycation, there are plenty of choices too. For an immersive and creative city break, Edinburgh ticks the box, and if you’re looking to enjoy some rest and relaxation – as well as plenty of culture and history – then Suffolk, Yorkshire, and Sussex are all ideal destinations this August.

Are you planning to travel in August? Where are you thinking of going? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.