7 New Interesting Product Recommendations for you

September 19, 2020

This article was written for Annabel & Grace, which is now part of Rest Less.

As one of our aims in life is to share uplifting, positive and really useful information, here are 7 new interesting product recommendations for you!

First, two from A&G reader Pamela Voice.

Pasta Evangelists

7 New Interesting Product Recommendations for you
Pasta Evangelists
The freshest artisan pasta recipe kits

Pamela was a bit sceptical about ordering meals online but as she spent lockdown in enforced shielding she decided to give Pasta Evangelists a try. “The meal ingredients and the service really are very good. I think that the food critic, William Sitwell, is something to do with it. It’s a weekly treat for us and it might be of appeal to others who don’t want to cook and don’t want to go to a pub or restaurant (where we live social distancing is hit and miss)” Bumble (who often writes for A&G) says “I have a weekly subscription with them that I can ‘pause’ at any time. Utterly delicious.” MORE INFO


7 New Interesting Product Recommendations for you
smol washing tabs
Laundry capsules. Posted. Free trial available.

“I can’t remember how I heard about Smol; it may have been via an online ad. These are eco washing capsules and dishwasher capsules by post. The dishwasher capsules are the best and seem to have rave reviews. I pay about £4 for a supply of each. I’ve since discovered that a couple of chums also use Smol and it does save some hassle and is not expensive.” MORE INFO

Mango drinking bottles

7 New Interesting Product Recommendations for you
Mango water bottles

Annabel likes these as they come in different colours so when you have lots of family #wfh (working from home) I give each person a different colour so that no-one drinks other person’s water (Covid safe). It also means there aren’t a hundred glasses to be washed up (by me!) at the end of the day. MORE INFO

Hibiscus pottery

7 New Interesting Product Recommendations for you
Burleigh pottery

I’ve been a fan of Burleigh pottery ever since I started using one of their pretty and practical butter dishes. I just love the quality this brand offers. Am thinking of treating myself to some of their Hibiscus collection (featured above). Definitely worth a browse on the Burleigh website if, like me, you are also in the market for some beautiful new china. MORE INFO

Nairns Dark Choc Chip Oatcakes

7 New Interesting Product Recommendations for you
Nairns low cal choc oatcakes

Annabel also asked me to tell you about her new house favourite snack – Nairns dark choc chip oatcakes (available at various supermarkets) which only have 45 calories and are as healthy as biscuits can be!

Terrific tomato knife

7 New Interesting Product Recommendations for you
Brilliant tomato knife From Victorinox

Annabel’s third recommendation is her Victorinox tomato slicer knife which she would “take with me to a desert island.” She has used it all summer on endless tomato salads, as it slices tomatoes so easily and neatly. MORE INFO

Wellbeing Sisters’ subscription box

V7 New Interesting Product Recommendations for you
Evolve box from the Wellbeing Sisters

Sisters Natasha and Jessica have set up Wellbeing Sisters, a new health and wellbeing platform for women. They have just launched the first in a series of one-off boxes that contain a selection of clean, conscious beauty and lifestyle products and top-quality nutritional supplements. The Evolve box is tailored for women in midlife and at the various stages of menopause and so I asked my friend Emma to try one out.

7 New Interesting Product Recommendations for you
Evolve box products review by A&G Magazine

Everything is free from chemicals known as endocrine disruptors that interfere  with your body’s hormone system as well as other harmful chemicals. Here’s what Emma reported back about some of the products:

  • Organic soy mascara – I like the fact that the head is bendy and light
  • The Skinirvana Pure Bliss beauty oil – I love the smell and the feeling that it soaks into the skin when you put it on – you think it will be greasy but it’s not and it smells like a spa.
  • The patchouli, lavender and bergamot creamy deodorant is a strange concept but works – I wore it when it was the heatwave and didn’t need to re-apply – again a lovely fresh spa smell.
  • The Hunters Moon candle smells gorgeous

Have a look at the Wellbeing Sisters’ website for MORE INFO

Last but not least, check out our pick of the products at the Early Early Christmas Fair which is a virtual shopping experience you can enjoy between 21 September and 1 October 2020.

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